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In Topic: Fast & Furious Tribute build!

Today, 09:34 AM

Sorry guys the May 1st deadline came and went and I for one was no where to be found... Im going through problems right now and just hadn't had a chance to do anything...


Has everyone finished they'res yet?... If not I believe I will extend the deadline to Jan. 1st but probably wont be around till a few days later. so that way you folks can have the rest of the year if need be to finish it out



In Topic: Revell Peterbilt Tri axle wrecker conversion kit

Today, 08:41 AM

Did Tim A. jump on one of these yet? :blink:


Cool I need to nab me a few since they discontinued em'!

In Topic: What cool trucks (rigs or pick ups) have you seen lately?

Today, 07:56 AM

Cool ill post some PETES up later...

In Topic: Diamond Reo dump truck

Today, 05:42 AM

wow... nice DR... I need to build me a dump truck now with my montone dump body... fyi those bodies can be found in the autocar kits if you can find one...

In Topic: New Pete project

Today, 05:30 AM

cool cant wait to see it... need to get one myself...