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Snap Pete 349H DONE!

30 August 2014 - 02:36 AM

Here is my rendition of a brochure truck ... some things are not exact but MY RENDITION of what it should look like... :lol:




The rest can be seen:






Snap Pete 349

06 August 2014 - 03:58 AM

Will get pics up later... Copy/Paste is not working right now


Fast & Furious Tribute build!

01 December 2013 - 09:26 AM

First off id like to send my condolences to the family of Paul Walker and his friend he was riding with when the accident happened!


This is a tribute build to Paul and his friend and all there family ...rules are:


1. Build any car from any of the series of F & F... 

2. All cars are eligable if they were on the movie's... You can use the Movie car database to verify.

3. They have to be built as it appeared or as close to you can get em' ... say like some cars you never see engines or anything which is ok to put the kit engine in if you want to do that?

4. If the admin feels this doesnt belong being of what happened then let me know and ill pull it down! ;)

5. All members whom participate will be listed below on whom they are and what there building

6. Deadline Is till May 1st (Which should give everyone 6 months) to finish.

7. There are no prizes or awards... Other than being recognized

8. Voting will be done with all members of the forums and will have a poll up in May (Which will give me time on how to figure it out a bit  better!)



List of Participants as follows:


Bandit1 - Not sure yet?


TFchronos - '72 Skyline, Fast Five


001slick001 - Grand National F&F #4


hgbben - F150 Lighting From F&F #1


chevyfever2009 - ? Probably Yenko


o-man - either black galaxie or Hammer Plymouth RR?


BKcustoms - Green Torino from Fast Five ?


mr.camaro - Supra, Eclipse (Roger Rodas mustang)


carlosmtg - Eclipse, Lightning?


Taiyri - 99 R34 2F&2F


MikeyBO8 - Dom's 1970 Chevelle 454SS; Fast & Furious


Skydime - ???


djmcguire - Supra/ lighting ?


Happykillmore63 - Charger Daytona


geras24 - R34 skyline


Scale trucker - Dom's charger, 2F & 2F Challenger


Brodie_83 - R34 skyline (Prelude edition)


bigempty - Ford Escort RS 1600 F&F 6