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  1. Thanks! Bills72sj, the whole kit is the Revell F&F ‘70 Charger.
  2. Captain Spaulding and Claude Tibodeau, thanks! This one was in the works for a bit over a year. I’ve got a few other MoPars that might get the same treatment.
  3. Thanks! The V10 fit great! Though if I were to do it again, I’d move it a bit over to the passenger side to center it a bit better. It does sit closer to the rad support then the V8, so I relocated the rad to the grill side of the rad support and added an electric fan. This V10 was from the Revell Viper ACR kit.
  4. Finally finished this one the other day. I bit outside of what I usually build, but was fun modifying the suspension and such! ‘70 F&F Charger with seats, steering wheel and V10 from the ACR Viper, wheels and tires from the Sidewinder Dakota, brakes from MAS (I think? I’ve had them forever just in a pile of other stuff from them). Colour is Dodge Surf Blue Pearl from Galaxy Paints.
  5. It took a while, but I finally got this one finished. Only the second finished Tamiya kit I’ve done, and it went together pretty good. A lot of detail that ends up covered in the end, but I’m pretty happy with it. Painted Tamiya TS-60 Pearl Green. I wanted to get away from red/yellow/black that most Ferrari’s seem to be. Done box stock. I didn’t really enjoy all the masking that comes with this kit, but it worked out. Planning on doing the FXX as well, once I’m back to work and can afford another Tamiya kit!
  6. Thanks! Yeah, I’m a bit of a MoPar nut. I bought my first when I was twentyish, about 17 years ago (a ‘66 Plymouth Sport Fury) and been there ever since. Prior to that I had a few Chevies and Nissans, and Dad was a Ford guy for a long time. But I got so tired of the constant fixing, even on low mileage vehicles. I’ve had Dodges with over 400,000 kms that ran and drove perfectly. So I stick to what works for me!
  7. Thanks everyone! The carbs are from Fireball Modelworks, he makes awesome stuff!
  8. Not a super productive year, but I got some out onto the shelf! ’70 Dodge Super Bee ’69 Dodge Charger ’67 Plymouth GTX ‘09 Dodge Challenger ’70 Plymouth GTX ‘69 Dodge Daytona ‘71 Plymouth Duster ’70 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda
  9. dwc43- I’m not particularly concerned about if I do a non factory colour for the elastomeric bumpers, good info to know, but I tend to just go with whatever strikes me at the time! I’ve heard people talk about using guitar strings for stuff, but I’ve never tried it. I don’t have any, so next time I guess.
  10. Ah, learn things every day! I’m going off a picture I found online, so I guess the car had been updated!
  11. I can’t decide between chrome bumpers/grille or colour. I’m going with bronze exterior. Thoughts? I’ve decided to do a bit more detailing then I generally do, so I scratched a voltage regulator and ballast resistor, and I’m going to try to wire everything up as it should be (charging and ignition systems), as well as brake lines off the booster. Should be a learning experience!
  12. The more I look at what paints I have on hand, the more I like the bronze! Spent some time building an ignition module, tiny bits, and hard to get a good picture with my phone! Ingot some primer down, and found all the spots I need to smooth out, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
  13. One of the few common MoPars I don’t have on the shelf. I figured I’d practice cutting and scratch building on this before I cut up my JoHan ‘66 Fury. I attached the front panel, and had to extend the drivers side a bit to match the fender, and add the chrome strip to both sides. I removed the overflow? tank and battery, and am in the process of filling the holes. I’ll add some detail to the firewall, and call it good for primer. The plan is to stick with the 440 six pac, though I’m not sure if I’ll keep the auto or go with a stick (the ‘70 GTX/Superbird engine fits perfectly). The kit 440 auto was already built and painted, but if I use the stick shift 440, and can use a Fireball Modelworks six pac set up. Big decisions... I don’t know about colours yet, thinking bronze or copper, since I don’t have a build those colours yet.
  14. Thanks! Alas, there’s no sun here this time of year. Slightly less snowy is the best it been so far. Maybe one day.....
  15. Might as well throw some of mine on here.
  16. Thanks everyone! Tommy124- Yes, the blue is very dark, and I don’t have a proper photo booth or anything, just a roll of paper taped to a shelf and my phone camera. There isn’t any exhaust, just open headers! What’s the point in driving a Charger if people can’t hear you coming?
  17. One of my favourite muscle cars, I have a few ‘69-69 Chargers and Daytona’s, but nearly all have 440’s, so I figured I needed a Hemi in the pack. It’s a little off stock, with the Mags and hood, but who could resist hot rodding a Charger, just a little bit? Painted Tamiya Dark Blue (rattle can), the paint laid down amazing right from the can, so a little wet sanding and polishing really brought it to life! White interior and headliner (which I usually don’t bother painting), with foil where it’s needed. The white tail stripe was a bit of a pain. It’s just a wee bit too long, so I had to cut it along the trunk panel lines and trim some out. The Hemi is plumbed and wired, with Fireball Modelworks Carter carbs (love his stuff!). The rims are from the ‘68 Dick Landy Charger (I think). All in all, one of my better builds I think. Looks great sitting on the shelf anyways!
  18. Alright, all finished with this one! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I did miss filling in the holes in the chassis for the exhaust, but I’m fine with that. Final pics over in Under Glass.
  19. Ok, on the home stretch with this one! Just decals, marker lights and a few paint touch ups. It’s incredibly hard to keep shiny paint clean!
  20. Ok, I hit the bench pretty hard these last few days and got some progress done (mostly forward, but a wee bit backwards as well!). As it sits now, the body/chassis/interior are together, had a few parts come off in the process, but nothin major. The worst of it is the firewall come loose, and that’s not a big deal. There are some paint touch ups here and there, and some grinding to do on the front bumper guards. Then just wheels, bumpers and the little exterior bits. I tracked down a second white stripe, so hopefully the blue won’t bleed through them both! If it does, then black stripe it is!
  21. Thanks everyone! Anglia105E- I'm a bit limited to what products are available to me. I live in a small town, and there is only one place that sells car wax and polish. So I got what I could. I'm just glad they had good name brand stuff and not cheap garbage! Seems to work good, I just need to work more on the sanding/wet sanding. espo- yes, Tamiya doesn't mess around with paint names! When they say dark, they mean dark! I got the vinyl sprayed the other day, and that brings out the blue a bit more, but without it, it's very close to black! I've always found the interior on these Chargers and Daytona's to be easy to detail and get to look good! The carbs are from Fireball Modelworks, he makes amazing stuff! mrm- I did a wet sanding with Micro Mesh sanding/polishing cloths, but they're getting some years into them, and need to be replaced soon. I kept burning through the paint along the rear edge of the trunk, and door panel lines, so I called it good before I completely ruined it! Today I should be able to finish the foil trim, and a respray on the upper rad support. Then its onto final assembly! This car has gone really well so far, so I'm sure this is where it'll all go pear shaped!
  22. Thanks! I just realized that the body pictures were taken prior to the sanding and polishing. I picked up some Mothers Brazilian Carnauba Wax and Meguiars Ultimate Polish. I tried out the polish on the truck, haven’t tried the wax yet though. It made a difference in taking out some of the really fine (barely seeable) scratches. It’s not glass smooth, but I’m getting there! Still one of the best paint jobs I’ve managed to knock out!
  23. I figured I’d post this one up. It’s half done, but coming along nicely! Painted Tamiya Dark Blue, with white interior and stripe, black hood, and the venerable Hemi. I’ve done quite a few Chargers over the years, but I usually stick with the 440. I have a Dick Landy Hemi Charger I built when I was a kid, and a ‘70 Hemi Charger, so I figured I’d do up a ‘69. The Hemi is wired and plumbed, I used Fireball Modelworks Carter carbs. I learned a much better way to do fuel filters. I usually use resistors I got from The Source (used to be Radio Shack), painted silver. But they are kind of an hourglass shape. With this one, I cut off a bit of rod (.080”), rounded out the ends a bit, drilled a hole through it for the fuel line, and added bits of wire insulation to either end. Much better I think! I also added throttle linkage and springs. The interior is finished, with woodgrain on the console, dash and steering wheel. A bit of foil finished it off. The wheels are from (I think) the Dick Landy ‘68 Charger. Tires are from the pile. The paint turned out really good, Tamiya rattle cans tend to work well for me these days! It dried nice and smooth (as smooth as it gets considering there are 5 people, two cats and a dog in the house, and the paint booth is right beside the dryer!). I went over it with my good ol’ Micro Mesh sanding/polishing clothes. I ran out of polish, so I need to grab some today (there are some incredibly fine swirling/scratches in the otherwise great paint job). Not sure why this one has turned out so much better then most I do, but it has.
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