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  1. Really like the work you did on this. The brick work, rust on the doors, and the pavement look spot on
  2. Looks just like the tv show!
  3. The station itself is very well executed, but now these details are amazing. Fantastic work
  4. Hey nice work, I wish you had more detailed shots of the cars though they look really good
  5. What fantastic work. The copper oil drum metal roof, the details you've done are incredible the picture with the mustang in front looks great!
  6. Fantastic work, I too thought the pics were of the real car on first look. Great job
  7. Thanks for the information Bill and Eric. I do like the link that you sent Bill. I did contact Round 2 and unfortunately they would not sell me a replacement so i had to purchase a new kit. However, since I am doing mods to the kit I think I will use use the moded kit winshield reinforce with the method in the link above to create a few copies. Thanks again for all of the help.
  8. Thanks Skip R, agreed to what you said above. Skip J - thanks for that tip. Thats a great idea.
  9. Hi Skip, yes I believe you are correct. I took what Jeremy was saying above as contact the manufacturer let them know what happend and they can let you know if you can get a replacement or not and whether ther is a cost or not. Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer my question
  10. Hi, What Ace has mentioned above is what I intend to do. that is, say hey i broke this during assembly is it possible to purchase a replacement part.
  11. Thanks Bill, I'm contacting Round 2 and explaining the situation. Hopefully i can get a replacement, other wise I may try the method Bill_rules recommended or pick up another kit. Thank you all for taking the time to read and respond to my question. Best regards, Al
  12. Thanks Steve, I thought some of the masters here may have some other techniques, but I see that's not the case. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Thank you for the link bill_rules that is an awesome tip and will try that if the replacement doesn't pan out.
  14. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the suggestion. I am working on a 1959 cadillac, the ecto-1a reissue from AMT/ Round 2 models. I had not considered that as a possibility. I cracked the windshield while doing a mod to body, but I will contact them and see if I can still get a replacement. I am hoping to enter the car in my first model competition andd I know that there many extremely talented modelers out there so I want it to be as close to perfect as possble.
  15. Hi guys, i am new here so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong area. I have started working on model cars and have been stretching my modeling skills by doing customizations, kitbashing and scratchbuilding. I have encountered a new problem. I was doing a modification to a kit and ended up cracking part of the windshield. There are three cracks. Is there anything I can use to repair the cracks? I tried micro crystal clear and future floor wax but the cracks are still there and quite noticable. Any help you can provide is welcome.
  16. If anyone has sculpted a 1/25 slimer I'd like to buy one too.
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