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  1. Burwell555 added a post in a topic AMT Open Road Camper   

    I have some of the long bed 72 Chevy truck stuff. Missing the long beds though...would be perfect for that camper! Lol. Did that camper come with the wedge bed car hauler too?
  2. Burwell555 added a post in a topic 1977 Chevy K10   

    Ahhh bummer. Thanks for sharing, looks like a nice piece
  3. Burwell555 added a post in a topic 1977 Chevy K10   

    What tires are those? I'm either being fooled or those are actually rubber mud terrains
  4. Burwell555 added a post in a topic Now it's diesels with those BIG pipes.   

    That I couldnt tell you. My "claim to fame" has never been to know it all. Simply sharing what I know and have learned first hand by being in and around this stuff, unlike most who set on the outside and bash things without really having their facts straight.
  5. Burwell555 added a post in a topic Now it's diesels with those BIG pipes.   

    The excess smoke can be deemed necessary depending on what your doing. Most the time it is excess fuel being sent through the exhaust, but the turbo on these things run off of exhaust flame. NOT the smoke. So add a little more fuel to the mix to help cool EGT on the long grades and hard pulls. Propane or nitrous can also be used but those require filling and in some states illegal. On the extreme end of the spectrum, in he truck and tractor pulling world where "pressurized" fuels are illegal it leaves you stuck with good ole #2 to make power and keep EGTs cool. When your in the throttle for about 30 seconds with your EGT staying upwards of 1600 degrees the raw black through the stacks is simply keeping things from "being to lean" in gas performance terminology, to keep from melting your $200k motor.

    However, a guy can have a totally pumped up truck and if he KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE IT, will have minimal exhaust smoke. But can at will step on it and turn your headlights off in the night. Why pump them up? Fuel mileage believe it or not. I know it's crazy and probably doesn't make sense but pump up a diesel and they get better fuel mileage. If you drive sensibly. If not your mileage suffers. Basic common sense in that aspect. Hopefully that clears something's up.
  6. Burwell555 added a post in a topic 1999 Silverado   

    Ok I managed to get some larger thumbnails uploaded in the original post! Makes me want to go back and fix a couple things already .
    Jeff I sent you a pm about ORM. I'd love to register but having issues!
  7. Burwell555 added a post in a topic 1999 Silverado   

    I didn't realize the pics were small...I will have to do something about that! ORM is in the works. I had trouble trying to register from my phone so I will have to try again from my work computer at lunch lol
    Thanks for the kind words!
  8. Burwell555 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1999 Silverado
    Well after a few years abscence from the hobby, I have gotten back into it! All while still working a bunch, turning wrenches on the side and truck pulling as well as lawn mower racing! Anyways, here is a build I started about 3 years ago and finished the other night. Just wasnt fitting to start something new at a whole new time and not give this one justice. I started with the Revell 99 Silverado kit. Basically the body frame and interior...the rest is scratchbuilt and parts box stuff. It was inspired by the Trucks Gone Wild mega truck scene that has exploded recently.
    Cast iron headed big block, nothing too wild, the undercarriage is all round styrene. When the truck was done it got painted with Kustom Kolors spray can (made by House of Kolors). Let me know what you guys think.

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  9. Burwell555 added a post in a topic mid engine mud ship   

    Nice! Where did you find those tires and wheels?
  10. Burwell555 added a post in a topic kustom bagged s10   

    That's pretty nice. What color green is that?
  11. Burwell555 added a post in a topic 1990 chevy smfwd puller   

    Outkast where are you from and what's the name of your truck?
  12. Burwell555 added a post in a topic GMC dually   

    Nice dually! I did one of these from a snap fast kit once, but it had the '95 up style dash and seats. I see yours has the 88-94 stuff, AND those are the high back style buckets commonly found in the GMC trucks vs the lower back seats of the Chevrolets. Were those in the kit or from something else? If from something else what were they out of? I would like to find a set of front seats and the center console for a stepside I am building to replicate my 1:1 that I sold in the spring. Thanks
  13. Burwell555 added a post in a topic W900 frame stretch an what not   

    I used McDonald's straws on a few of my builds once. I believe they are 7" scale if memory serves correctly. Then wrap with the cheap chrome rocker trim you get at auto zone. Honestly you really can't see the seam where the chrome overlaps on the wrap around!
  14. Burwell555 added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    Has anybody ever heard of/tried castrol super clean degreaser? Before I kinda dwindled out of the hobby for a while it seemed to be great as far as dipping and soaking bodies over night. I know it works well for base clear, model master and the Boyd customs type paints as I had stripped those. But what some if the other 20plus year old paint was I have no idea as I received somebody's old collection and that was all I knew of it lol