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  1. Nice 1:1 Nova. I used to not like that body style, but after I got a '78 two-door as a project car, I've come to like the 74+ body styles.
  2. So it would probably be best just to use future by itself?
  3. I just picked up Revells '10 Shelby GT500 and decided I wanted to paint it Grabber Blue w/ the wite stripe decals. I was wondering if Testors All Purpose Glosscote (1261 Gloss Clear Lacquer) would be usable with Model Master Grabber Blue Enamel. If not what else would work? Or would I just be able to use Future, and would it work with the kit supplied decals if I did use future? What other paints (in a spray can) would be a close color?
  4. Sorry to hear about that. I just had a scoutmaster from my Boy Scout troop pass away last week and he was like family to all of us.
  5. Found out what was wrong with it. I went to the LHS and was told the screws were too long.
  6. I recently got a Tamiya Datsun 240Z rally car kit with the TT-O1E shaft driven chassis. In the process of putting together the front differential cover (A9), the two screws (MA1) that go into the top of the diff. Cover would not go in all the way. I took the screws (MA1) out and noticed that the holes were stripped. I made sure I had used the screws that were listed in the instructions, but it seemed they were not the right screws. Has anyone had or heard of this happening
  7. Been livin in Benld my whole 17 ( almost 18) years of life. It's about an hour east Northeast of ST. Louis.
  8. I believe standard armament was two Browning M2 .50 machine guns and two rocket pods attached to small wings on the side. If I get the chance I'll ask my shop teacher. He flew these for 10 or so years with the army in the late 80s and early 90s
  9. I just watched the season finale. If anybody needs me, I'm going to crawl in a hole and wait to die.
  10. I know how you feel. I have a 98 S10 and people always give me heck about it because they just don't know what it's like to drive a truck half the size of theirs.
  11. I live an hour N. East of St.Louis, so I got to sit thru it. I still wouldn't live anywhere else than the Midwest.
  12. This is why the Japanese dont make electronics for the US anymore.
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