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  1. Looking good there! Curious to see how this turnes out.
  2. Meguiars Polishing compound Meguiars Carnauba wax
  3. Thanks Guys!! Update Time The Video: Sanding all of the orange peel off with 3000 grid sandpaper Meguiars Scratch X Tamiya Course Compound Tamiya Fine Compound Tamiya Finish Compound
  4. I like those wheels man, They'll look good on the model!
  5. This is just awsome! Great progress colors and some amazing paint jobs on those bodies!
  6. Really cool build so far, I dig the color with the stripes!
  7. Tamiya Spray cans: http://youtu.be/SqcPjqC9UL4 For this build i wanted to see which finish i could achieve with some tamiya spray cans Primer Color Clear
  8. A while back i started on this simple build. For the ones who follow me on Youtube or Facebook this won't be a suprise Unboxing: The start:
  9. The Paints and color i used Gey Primer Micro Filler Ford Mustang Grabber Blue 2K Clear
  10. Thanks for Following the WIP guys Its finished: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=94534 http://youtu.be/V1CH5V0nVO0
  11. Its all finished up The Video's can be found here: And This is the WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=93352
  12. Well i had to trim the wheels so much that the tires would be wider then the wheels, so now non of them stick out they both fit eachother. they are the same width now.
  13. I love the 914! Been wanting a kit for a long time now, never came across one. The build is looking supurb keep up all you good work!!
  14. Thanks guys! The last pictures before its completed and also the final build video The wheels i used This is what i cut out of the tires and this is what was removed from the front wheels to make then fit the car. This times 2 is for the rears placed on all fours
  15. Gave the headlights some more life Also did the tail lights And finaly maried the chassis and interior to the body
  16. Thanks guys glad you like it! Part 5 in de video series is online And these are the pictures Painted and placed the window's Detailed and assembled the interior Placed the frond grills Finished the chassis
  17. Very nice, I like the gold roof!
  18. Eventhough this is absolutely not my thing. This is some amazing craftsmanship!
  19. Thanks Niko! Part 4 in the video series is now online The chassis got some more colours added The Window trim and panels lines got some black And the engine got assembled and some detail painted on
  20. If thats true that would be a shame, This color was meant for this car(if you ask me) Another update The body recieved some decals clear and some polish and wax, the interior got some carpet This can all be seen in Part 3 on Youtube Or on these pictures
  21. Thanks guys! Glad you like it! Correct, But its not going to be stock Well i re use them
  22. Painted the interior Gave the remaining parts some color aswell
  23. Part 1 and 2 in the video series are online And these are the pictures Glued the bumpers to the body Primed and painted all the body parts in Mustang Grabber Blue Taped it off Put down some Gun Metal
  24. And offcourse this has been put on video aswell
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