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  1. [color=darkblue]Sweet looking ride. I have to echo Mr. Obsessive's opinion of Virgil Exner's Forward Look cars from that era. They're what sent the GM boys back to the studio and tear up all that was planned for '59. Hence, the '59 Caddy and its brethren. Welcome back. Suddenly, it's 1960.
  2. Harold

    '06 Mustang

    Actually, the way the windshield broke was this- I was sitting on the floor leaning against the couch, and watching the tube while I was foiling the dash. I got up to get something out of the fridge, and when I sat back down (I have a bad leg, so my balance is somewhat screwy), I sort of fell and lande on the box. Ooops! Anyway, last night I was trying to figure out what to do with the extra 'Stang, and in a matter of a couple hours, the chassis is now ready to go under Revell's '02 T-Bird (since they both use the Lincoln LS platform). I found some good picks of the rear IRS out of the car, so now I have yet another project going.
  3. That is a nice little project you got going there. You don't see too many Cougars. IMHO, this is one of the best looking ponycars from that era, along with the '68 Javelin. Beautiful- can't wait to see it finished.
  4. Beautiful convertible- you don't see too many Ponchos, let alone the '61. Great build.
  5. Harold


    Cool truck. Bus. Rod. Boondock is probably from the southern hills of the US- when somebody lives in the remotest corner of the woods, they're referred to as 'living in the boondocks'.
  6. Harold

    '06 Mustang

    Here's my Revell Mustang that I finished earlier this year. It would have been finished sooner, but I cracked the windshield and had to buy another kit. This was actually a blessing in disguise, as the extra decal sheet allowed me to add stripes to the lower chin, rear spoiler and the shadow box for the license plate. The color is Dupli-Color metallic blue, and the interior color is a mix of complements- dark blue and orange (both Polly-S acrylics-my choice for brush painting). Aside from the flocking and the aforementioned decals, it's box stock.
  7. The '53 Ford is another of my all time favorite kits. It practically builds itself, and the decal sheet is downright impressive. Enjoy.
  8. This is one of my favorite kits- sorry about the primer, but hopefully it was a small annoyance. I have one box stock, and another where I'm using the bed from AMT's snap 4X4. The parts count may seem daunting, but these are very enjoyable builds. Good luck.
  9. Well, Mr. Obsessive, that is one fine looking Turbine you've got there. I really like the job you did on the 'Service Module'. Beats the heck out of the chrome that was in the kit! I can't wait to see 'er complete. Incredible work.
  10. Man, that really jars the old memory bank. My Dad bought a Monza coupe in '63, brand new. It was silver with a dark blue interior and a 4 speed. We lived in the country, and you could literally hear him 2 miles away rowing through the gears and having a grand old time. Nice resto on yours.
  11. Love them Studes! That teardrop on the hood really gives it an 'I'm gonna stomp you into the dirt when the light turns green' attitude.
  12. Wow, Mr. Obsessive, that is one energetic build you have there. I have the kit, and I have the engine built up. By doing Google and Yahoo image searches, I came across tons of photos, including people's personal pics from museums where there are engines out of the car on stands. I also found (and downloaded) the entire Turbine Car owner's manual that was in the glove box of each one. Hope you get 'er finished soon....
  13. 1984-86 Thunderbird- the base or Elan version with the V8 and eight-hole aluminum wheels. 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 1956 Packard Carribean 1956 Packard Predictor show car And that's just a start.....
  14. I really like the stance and proportion of your rod. The no overhang thing on the front, and the long cowl-to-axle centerline distance really gives the car an aggressive, powerful look. As for the Flattie, it's a nice change from the old small block Chevy. Sweet.
  15. Prep work is probably the most important step. There's no point doing all that work and having things like mold seams and sanding scratches all over the place.
  16. Harold

    New Guy

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, thanks for having me. I've been whacking away at plastic for about twenty years now. Anyway, here's one I've got on the front burner. Its the Model King Imperial. Sort of. I opened the hood, and pirated the engine compartment, chassis and floorpan from the AMT '57 300C (stretched 5mm). The engine is from the Lindberg '64 Belvedere and the trans is from the 300 as well. My final hurdle is going to be reworking the 300 interior to mimic the Imp, but I've got the front seat figured out. Hope you like it.
  17. That's one nice little Ford you have there. Is that the regular F100 or the flipnose? Great chassis work.
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