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  1. Does all your hoods fit like a glove or does some of them have issues
  2. I know for a fact the 69 chassis won't work I bought a junkyard lot off ebay and someone tried making it work with the 69 nova frame and interior they messed up the nova body 76 up buy cutting out the fender wheels
  3. Where not allowed to talk about the s word on here
  4. Does anyone know where to find the wheels off of the daytona
  5. You must have bought the last one I tried finding them for that price and couldn't find them
  6. My local hobby shop caters to more of the ho train stuff he carries a few kits but there older issues and priced kinda high and doesn't order the newer kits I mean there's only so many times u wanna build a 57 chevy or a Ford mustang
  7. You do know it has a chevy motor and trans and the nose is shorter than the original one
  8. You do know them people who put big rims and tire combos on there jacked up trucks also have that problem
  9. Here's my haul for the last week or so is there a aa meetins for modlers
  10. Thats not true I never bought music when I had my iPhone there's ways around that
  11. I have had this happen to me and the fix to it is delete some of you old posted pics
  12. I read that this morning and was like are u serious there's far more worse crimes being commited and your going to arrest the guy for chargin his car so he can get his family home safely
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