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  1. thank you very much guys, really appreciated!
  2. when i was a kid i had this toy car which i loved a lot so the plan was to make something similiar with a front flip nose and the carbs poping through the hood. i chose this kit and went for custom options it provides for colour scheme i fell in love with this one. but i decided to replace the red by yellow, which made it look like a bumblebee camaro. as there were no camaros in 1957, i decided it could be his father. thats why i call this build "Pops Bumblebee". the list of modifications i had to make is huge: ENGINE AND BAY: Flowmaster H pipe exhaust side exit exhaust with trim Tunnel ram Velocity stacks & air filter heater hoses and new heater box Ignition wiring in firing order horns drilled open new radiator support battery reloacted into trunk steering gear & idler lever support electric fan conversion 3-pass oil cooler, sandwich adapter oil level gauge Valve Cover T-Bar Wing Bolts INTERIOR: Hurst shifter clutch pedal custom center console with extra gauges custom Steering Wheel rev counter fluffy dice 4" Bench Seat lap belts BODY: Flip nose conversion Deleted wing windows Deleted window trim Deleted door handles Deleted deck lid Deleted hood ornament Deleted rocker trim Deleted louvers out of front fenders Deleted all window stainless Deleted wipers Custom mirrors Installed driving lights in place of front rubber bumper bullets move the plate from the decklid to the bumper CHASSIS: front tyres and wheels narrowed to 8" rear tyres and wheels widened to 11" Rear Leaf Spring Relocation rear axle shortened by 3" each side rear wheel wells widened dual brake master cylinder with booster Stainless steel fuel and brake lines Anti sway bars tubular cross members
  3. thank you Martin. i posted one of the pics on their facebook page, but they did not react on it until now ...
  4. the mustang is a 68 Boss Mustang by Kindig-It Design, just because i choose their design for the bus. and the logo are my initials in the shape of the volkswagen logo, just because KindigIt Design also has their logo on their bus ...
  5. thank you very much mike. overall it took me over a year to finish it. i had to put it aside several times, cause it was so annoying for me to see the same model on my workbench every single day ...
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