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  1. After 5 months of WIP my latest project is done. And again I wanted to create something unusual and unique which should give me a new challenge to solve. I found a rather cheap Tamiya Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Rally kit and started thinking of what could i make from it. I already knew that in the UK you can buy motorcycle engine conversion kits from Z-Cars for 1:1 Minis. The problem for me was to find a motorcycle engine in scale 1/24. As i found nothing i liked, i decided to use 3D print, a task a good friend of mine took over for me. We managed to get hold of some CAD data f
  2. started with an tamiya RC30 kit, heavily used my parts box and scratch built all the rest. engine was cut into pieces to make slimmer (V4 --> V2) and cylinder angle was reduced from 90 to (almost) 52 degrees. also cylinders were made taller. frame was modified for engine mounting points. rims where cut apart to add different spokes. tank was sectioned to become slimmer. rear cowling was cut apart to make new rear and seat, which was then covered with a piece of leather. front fender is a modified GPZ rear fender. exhaust headers made from RC30, muffler and rear shock are scrat
  3. Why did you stop it? You're almost there. Interesting idea you had with sectioning the roof, completely changes the look!
  4. I attached the sunroof according to the assembly instructions, as you can see below.
  5. Well Mike, at least i tried to make it look like a 356. On the only WIP picture you can see, it was quite a lot to do to make the body look like a 356. And almost even more to make those wheels fit under it to achieve that stance.
  6. I had bought this Posche 911 Cabrio as a donator for engine, wheels and interior for another project (http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/125644-vw-samba-custom-triple-cab-pickup/) The windscreen was messed up and the frame cracked. I had the engine and wheels from the Samba Bus, so i wanted to make something out of that. Without windscreen my only option seemed to make a speedster. 911 and the narrow bus wheels made no good combination, but i discovered that the bodies of 356 and 911 do not have big differences, just a bit wider and longer. decision was made: a 356 speed
  7. Thank you very much for your kind words, Bernard. In fact, those two scratch builds are not that small. The tyres of the boxcart were taken from a 1/24 Gunze Fiat 500 kit and the wheels of the pushbike are from a 1/18 Maisto diecast motorcycle. The idea behind was simple: if you can build it from wood, you can also build it from styrene. The cars are 1/24 or 1/25, the bikes 1/12.
  8. Guys, here's what i finished this year in ascending order by month: January February March May August October currently working on
  9. thank you Jeremy! i am thinking of buying one on ebay just to have it again.
  10. thank you Jon. would be cool if you were right
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