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  1. nice! lets see some more!
  2. More updates. The engine is turning out just as planned. Hopefully I wont have fitment issues later. I decided to not go with a back seat and try to simulate a fabricated aluminum interior as the kit comes with. I wanted to be different so I painted the center console to match, it was originally chrome and just like others I usually use my chrome pieces as is. The dash and gauges could have turned out better but there's no turning back now! Not really wanting to use the steering wheel the kit comes with but I dont really have much of a choice. Ill probably end up using it. It will be black and matching body color The other I had picked out is just way too small
  3. Idk what to paint the starter on this car. I thought about the little half black and the rest silver? I cant find pictures of this starter
  4. Ill honestly prob build another. I'd like to make a dark silver one blacked out with the 396 out of the revell chevelle pro street. Detailing today so little updates. The oil filter was painted and the pulleys have been detailed. Original choice on filter but the pulleys, well.. I know it doesn't make sense but I couldn't find any pictures so I just went with it and hoped for an anodized look. Too late now, no turning back
  5. awesome! very track ready! I like how you didnt use the back seat
  6. very cool. That color looks brilliant!
  8. This looks and was ridiculous. I spent a good 30-45 masking. Having troubles what color to paint the transmission crossmember. Thinking black instead of matching it afraid it will be too much color. also, idk what color to paint the struts,springs,rear end, leaf springs all that
  9. thanks, didnt think about getting rid of the logos ill remember that. That chassis is gonna be a pain masking off and idk how im gonna prep it
  10. thats awsome! I like the te37's the 240 has
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