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  1. Yes I notice but the dimensions of the front axle must be the same...
  2. Here are a few photos and measurements of the positioning of the front axle.
  3. Terry DM models are completely different model r I will prepare a small folder on the 800 R.
  4. I think that you will have to check the position of the front axle, in my opinion tu is not correct the R800 the axles is not the same position as DM 800.
  5. Wow wow it work I love, beautiful, but I wanted to see it with a painting burnt by the Sun. I find to my taste it is too bright. I am anxious to see finish.
  6. Thank Dennis One can to start many others will be added with my buildings.
  7. Thank you Charles, unlike the accident which destroyed 80% of my collection several years ago I looked at the positive side. Charles is that you still looking for photos of Colman snow plow?
  8. Here the restoration completed. I was lucky because I had to do the four fasteners of the Hood and the front of the right wing. Other parts were broken or removed due to lack of glue. The most difficult was the rear post, it was curved about 5 degree. I am not happy with the weathering on the plates of the harness. I made three tries but I do not like the result. I'll do other tests. Here's my snow plow complete should be painting and the weathering. This parts is in my catalog on my site. I invite you to visit www. papyhobby.com
  9. Wow it is going to be awesome with this black color, you did beautiful work with the cab. Its me please what I see. Bravo Dennis..
  10. Good idea for the deflector, the plumbing is very well done
  11. I am in the opinion of Dave I'd like to see the wip of the construction of this mix ready. No harm there use parts of other scales but it must be specified.
  12. Thank you friends for your good comments. I started the repair. I looked at the positive side of the accident. I'll make some corrections on the job done too quickly.I'm lucky only pieces a redo are the clamches of the Hood. The other major point is the rear column, it is curved. The other parts are breaks
  13. My Advanced on my snow plow. There are days that its going really very wrong. Saturday sa has been very bad. I was taking pictures for my diorama is testing when a gust of wind lifted the cardboard and the truck project into a plate of water. Beautiful result Test photos
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