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  1. Walton's Mountain

    Now that's talent, well done !!!
  2. Autocar DC7584 twin steer mixer

    Terry, I really like this one hope you stick with it to finish. What mixer is that?
  3. Volvo Autocar

    Would love to have one in my collection, but way out of my price range!!
  4. Mack R895 RSX

    Terry, looking good, . hope you stay with this model and finish it, Are you going to dullcoat the tires? look to shiny to me .Will be looking forward to pictures of finished model.
  5. Mack R895 RSX

    Agree about the tailgate being to heavy duty, otherwise looking good!!. Waterburybob
  6. Mack R895 RSX

    Terry, thanks for the info I just ordered some , can't wait to use it on my next build. I am sure others that are following your build here will find this info useful also. Regards, Waterburybob
  7. Mack R895 RSX

    Terry, I see you have moved the tanks back, looks much better!! I agree duel rams are not easy to scratch build , It would be great to know the product # on the plastruct you used I think it really came out nice on those fenders. Keep up the good work on this monster. Waterburybob
  8. Mack R895 RSX

    Terry , I also like what you are doing here this is a very interesting project !! Just two things I would change, First I think the fuel tanks are too close to the front wheels, on a 1 to 1 scale truck I don't think there is enough clearance for those large wheels to turn left or right . I would move tanks back 1/4 inch or more and second, I would flat clear coat the tires ,to much sheen for me. I like painting my tires with FLOQUIL" Grimy Black" a flat gray black color . This is just my thoughts on your fine model , Now a few questions, how do you plan to raise the dump box? single or double hoist, also what do you use and how do you wrap the edges on the fenders with deck plating. Regards, Waterburybob
  9. Ebay dreamers

    I have been following this topic for a while now and am now adding my two cents worth. I have been both a buyer and a seller on E-bay , I mainly sell now because at my age I know I will never build all the truck models I have and E-bay is a good way for me to reduce the stash . I agree that some items I see listed are high but no one forces anybody to buy, I have had some items sell quickly and others not at all . Let me tell you what goes into selling an item(FOR ME) , first you have to decide what to sell , then I check on E-bay to see if there is one selling, and for what price , Next you have to find a box , next you take pictures of item, then you weigh item and box, write a detailed description, load pictures into computer, find your category, type your info and any other info to help the buyer get the most complete info he can before he decides to bid, Now if you are lucky enough to sell your item you pack it best you can (without adding to much weight) By now I have spent about an hour , then I wait to get paid and then drive to the post office (15 minute ride) hand it to the clerk and hope it gets to where its going in a reasonable amount of time. I do all this for an average of $50 to $60 ) then E-bay takes its percentage and their charge for listing the item!!! . Am I making a great deal of money ? I think not , but I am glad that someone else may build a model that I know I will never get to and I get some satisfaction in that. So when some of you guys think a price on an item is to high think again of what goes into selling an item you see on E-bay. Waterburybob
  10. Current truck aftermarket?

    After the bad experience I had with the guy that was suppose to be selling the 1/25 scale Talbert Trailers (lost my $90.00 deposit) and got several nasty e-mails ,when I tried to get my money back I decided to try GW Wallace , found him to be very slow in filling my order . Don't know what luck other people have had with him but I won't do business with him again!! only AITM has ever given me excellent service and I will use no one else.
  11. Pete single axle dump truck

    The stacks make the truck look more like a toy , my opinion put more realistic looking stacks on and it would look much better.
  12. Mack DM800 concrete truck

    Very nice work , did you make the decals?
  13. Talbert Detachable Lowboy trailer Kit

    When I first saw pictures of this trailer I thought it would be made in piece's like a kit , never thought cast in sections.Trailer's like this are not that difficult to scratch build if you have atleast two views and dimensions. Most contractors in the construction business have a variety of trailer's to move their equip. from job to job. Bob
  14. Talbert Detachable Lowboy trailer Kit

    Yes , this guy is a real piece of work!! I wish I had never ordered trailers (2) been nothing but trouble . Bob
  15. Talbert Detachable Lowboy trailer Kit

    Glad for you,Did you also get a reply from him along with the refund? I last inquired about a refund Monday (OCT.5) and got a very, very nasty reply.To clean up what he said( so I can print it here) he feels what we are posting here is propaganda and we are all out to get him,Fact is I just want my money back. and put this whole miserable experience to rest.Bob