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  1. Thank you Ace. Will contact Matt from Model Car mountain. Bill: I need glass for both front and back,
  2. Ace That would be very nice of you. Thank you. I will check that out as well. Jim
  3. Looking for interior glass for a 1/25 scale !967-68 Barracuda. Does anyone know where I can find? Thank you Jim Polli
  4. Marlowe: Amazing work. You are truly an artist. I'm blown away how fast you complete your builds.
  5. Mike Kucaba: Thanks for the compliment. The MCW 1966 Chevelle Sedan Resin works very well for building the Chevoom. However, you will need to move back the rear wheel wells. Marlowe Johnson: Thank you for the Kudos! Your 1/18 Chevoom build is the standard! Will be closely following your Jack Christman Roadster build. Joe Goss: Thank you for the compliment: Great Idea about the windshield class number! Will consider putting that on.
  6. After drooling over Marlowe Johnson's tremendous 1:18 die cast Chevoom build, I thought you might enjoy seeing my 1:25 scale resin/styrene Chevoom. This build was a MCW 1966 Chevelle 2dr sedan Resin over the AMT Chezoom Corvair Funny Car chassis, interior tub and engine. The AMT Chezoom Corvair chassis needed to be lengthened. The front suspension was lowered by using the front leaf springs from the Revell SWC kit. The interior tub needed to be widened and lengthened and a new dash board was added from my parts box. The front tires are from the AMT Rat Packer F/C kit. The rear M&H slicks are from Speed City Resin. Cragar wheels are from Speed City Resin along with the driver figurine. Paint is Tamiya T-S 16 Yellow. Decals are from PoleCat Decals. Thanks for looking.
  7. Has anyone on the forum used Gravity Color paint? If so, would like to know your thoughts on it?
  8. Marlow. Tremendous build!!!!! Still working on my 1/25th scale resin/styrene version. Not as fast of a builder as you :).
  9. Thank you. Might you have an e-mail addy or link to Ron Andrews
  10. The rear tires are from the Revell Austin Gasser kit.
  11. Looking for a 1/25 Scale 1966-67 Ford Econoline Pickup in resin or kit. Might anyone know if there is such a thing? Thanks. Jim
  12. Jesse Skip Samples was a credit to our hobby. He is certainly missed.
  13. Lee I did the same thing as you. I placed an order for a Trans Body on May 20th through PAY Pal via their web site. A short time after I placed the order, I saw their web site was closed down. My money was withdrawn from my account. I knew Paul was in bad health however, I thought things were getting better. I wrote to them about my order and the closure of their web site. They did reply and told me about Paul's health and to be patient as they were trying to do their best to fill previous orders. My thoughts go out to Paul. Jim Polli
  14. Mike The kit is the Revell Angila Kit with a modified front and rear suspension. The engine, valve covers, breathers, blower, blower hat, are from my parts box. The headers and front wheels are from the Malco Gasser kit. Rear wheels and front tires are from Speed City Resin. Rear slicks are from the Revell Austin Gasser kit. Rear push bar is from the Revell SWC Willys kit. Wheelie bar is scratch built. Paint is Duplicolor Inferno Red Metallic over a silver base followed by Tamiya clear red. Decals are from PoleCat decals, Joe Curtis and from the Revell Anglia kit. Not sure what what you mean "WIP Pics"? Let me know if you would like more info.
  15. Roger Very Nice Build. Thanks for posting. Jim
  16. Phenomenal Build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Contemplating building a 1/25 scale funny car with the parachute opened out the back. Have the parachute from the AMT Blue Max F/C Mustang kit. However, the parachute in the kit is not opened. Might anyone know if a 1/25 opened resin parachute is available in kit form or from a resin caster? Thanks.
  18. Oh no Joe!!!!! All that work down the drain not including the cost of the resin and paint. However, you are now a better modeler as a result.
  19. I have good news to report that I have remedied my rubbery resin body caused by stripping the paint with Scale Coat. This is how I did it: After washing and cleaning the body with dish soap and water; I put it in a dehydrator for 2 days. I then lightly sanded it Then applied 2 coats of Aluminum plate METALIZER . Then it was put back in the dehydrator overnight. The body now seems usable and is ready for paint.
  20. Interesting Ron. Hoping I get some more feed back.
  21. I put an old painted resin body in Scale Coat to remove the paint. Unfortunately, I left the resin body in too long. The paint did come off. However, the body now has a rubbery pliable texture to it. It seems as if I could use for a build though. Not sure if it will hold paint? And, will the resin body become more rubbery with time? Thought maybe if I shot it with Metalizer it might firm it up a bit? Or, should I just "chuck It"? Any help. Jim
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