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  1. They're from an Italeri Freightliner FLC kit. But Italeri used the basic Freightliner frame in most of their U.S. truck kits.
  2. And in the first pic a Ford pick up in the back ground!
  3. Yes you can build a dm800 mixer with the mixer parts from the paystar kit. I'm in the process of building one myself and so far everything seems to be there. Only thing is you'll have to find the instruction manual from an original dm mixer kit for assembling the frame and rear suspension.
  4. Years ago I had the Canadian version of the groundshaker chevy pickup.
  5. I requested first generation Toyota 4Runner. I don't think a kit was ever made for that truck, or even the corresponding Toyota pickups from that era.
  6. The "Bush Baby" version does have 4x4 parts. I just built the Monroe Handler version a few months ago and I used the 4x4 suspension from the Bush Baby truck to do a stock 4x4 fleetside. I hope the molds for the fleetside bed are still around, I'd like to see this kit get reissued again.
  7. chitownbri


    American Graffiti is one of those movies that most people can relate to. The burger joints, the cruising, the stop-light drag racing was all accurately portrayed in that movie. The F&F franchise is so far fetched you can't relate to it but unfortunately you have all these young kids out there trying to emulate the movie and crashing all over the place. And that is why I have such a dislike for those movies.
  8. chitownbri


    Or The slow and pissed off
  9. I'd love to see an eighties caprice done but without readily available police car decals I don't think they would sell well enough.
  10. So what happened to the scania 6x4 italeri announced last year? was it cancelled?
  11. chitownbri

    Round2 Website.

    The new site sucks for sure, I miss the old site.
  12. Some good news in regards to the '70 f-100 kits; the molds for the body parts have been polished out so no more grainy sand blasted texture. Thank you Moebius!
  13. chitownbri

    New Porsche

    That is just absolutely hideous looking.
  14. Aligning with Roush is a step backwards in my opinion.
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