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  1. Bert added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    All really good suggestions I vote
    any mid 30s Chevy PPPlllleeeeaaaassseeee
    a rerelease of the Orange blossom special
    a bullet nosed Studebaker
    a rerelease of the 57 Chevy street machine (great Parts)
    and perhaps a brain replacement
  2. Bert added a post in a topic First in-depth look - Revell's new '30 Model A Chopped Five Window Coupe kit...   

    I think this is one of the best kits I've ever seen, even though its a Ford, lots of great parts, really nice. lots of parts for my 32 Chevy Hi-Boy. I wonder if the top would fit on it. I'm sure this has been covered but the instructions show the blower belt being installed upside down. Now if I can find a rat roaster for the pipes.
  3. Bert added a post in a topic 59 Impala   

    This will show you how crazy I am to get the right look. The front half of the frame is AMT's 67 impala Street machine. the rear half is Amt's 57 Chevy Bel Air Street Machine( I love this kit, lots of good parts}. Other part I used were off the Revell Corvette C5-R for the a arms and other cool looking stuff that just fit. I added plastic tubing to the frame to make it look stronger, and scratch built a working rack and pinion steering. the inspiration for this car was the Street Rodder road tour Impala.

  4. Bert added a post in a topic 59 Impala   

    Yes, the wheels and tires are from the Tamiya F50. I contacted the Tamiya America parts ordering # and told them what I needed, and ordered 3 sets of them, and a couple of sets of wheels. it cost me a lot less then the kits are going for.
  5. Bert added a topic in Under Glass   

    59 Impala
    Well from the pics I can see I'm getting old & shaky, I wish I could get better at applying bare metal foil. It is what it is, fun to buld with all the mods I did.

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  6. Bert added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    october show
    No news about the annual hobby show?
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  7. Bert added a post in a topic Revell '29A HIGHBOY Hot Rod Roadster QuickBuild UPDATE #4 - Final Photos of Completed Kit and My Final Thoughts   

    OMG I may have to build a Ford. It aint noise, its alive.
  8. Bert added a post in a topic 2014 IHOBBY Info   

    This is what I've seen that They are going to release, 1934 Chevy 3 window coupe hot rod, 1941 Chevy panel truck, 1951 Studebaker bulletnose, 1951 Pontiac Sedan, and a Hummer walker hunter.

    oh wait this was in a dream I had Sunday night, sorry guys.
  9. Bert added a post in a topic Yet another 57 Chevy done   

    Well the windsheild frame from the revell 57 convertible is a lttle wider then the amt, so here is a pic of it topless
  10. Bert added a topic in General   

    I know there are alot of great kits out, and we usually dont here the news until October, but any hints/rumors?
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  11. Bert added a topic in Under Glass   

    Yet another 57 Chevy done
    She's done, the pics of the chassis are here,

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  12. Bert added a post in a topic AMT 1/25 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Street?   

    I got back into modeling a little while before the kit originally came out. heres the results.

  13. Bert added a post in a topic Revell's New '57 BelAir Convertible: Fixing the Funky Doortops!   

    I aint throwing mine away and starting over

  14. Bert added a post in a topic Yet Another 57 Chevy   

    I think it will sit right once the chassie is glued to the pan, and the bumpers are on it.
  15. Bert added a post in a topic Yet Another 57 Chevy   

    I love Testors Laquers