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  1. Bert added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    Received it today, opened it up, its a nice kit. A little simplified for my tastes but it has some nice parts, wheels are very nice, the tires are no names, guess I have to get used to that. suspension is ok, did Foose not put shocks on the front of his truck? The engine is great, I didn't realize he used a big block ford in his truck, I know I'll keep the headers for a ZR1 engine. Since I'm not into Fords,  most of the kit will get resold.
  2. Bert added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    I just ordered the Foose truck off of ebay.
  3. Bert added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    It seems to me, Revell is doing the best they can. The 57 black widow was screwed up by the Chinese, and the mold was broken for the 31 Coupe. I think we need to use as much patience in waiting for those new releases as we use in building them.
  4. Bert added a post in a topic Monogram Classics   

    The Murphy is safe, no Hot Rod parts in 1/10 scale.
  5. Bert added a topic in Under Glass   

    A Differant Deuce Finished
    Comments and Questions always welcome, the rest of the pics are under "on the workbench".

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  6. Bert added a post in a topic Monogram Classics   

    Is it sick that I want to hot rod these?
  7. Bert added a post in a topic A Differant Deuce   

    OK, now I have to remember where the parts came from ,lol.  Wheels, tires, front suspension are from the AMT phantom Vickie. The front suspension was modified so the wheels and brake rotors rotate, and the rack and pinion moves like a real one would. The rotors are Model Car Garage, and the calipers are out of a Corvette C7.The rear end center section is out of a Vette  and the rear cover is out of Revells 55 ford PU. the axes used the u-joints form the Vette, and I drilled threw them so the axles and calipers would rotate. The trailing arms are out of an Accurate Miniatures '63 Corvette Grand Sport. the Shocks were all Scratch built. The engine is the display engine out of the '66 Nova, the oil pan, pipes, fuel pump are out of the Rat Roaster.  The blower case is out of the new '31 Ford Coupe, along with the interior I'm using. The front and back blower covers are parts box, the belt and pulleys are out of a Don Garlit's front engine dragster, or some variation there of. The carbs are out of an old Camaro or mustang racer, I remember it was an MPC kit, and I'd had them for  years. The scoop is scratch built using evergreen plastic and the rear taillights from a Tamiya F-40 I think. The valve covers are out of an old version of the Little Deuce.  I thought about using some looms for the plug wires but I didn't have any in the parts box. No hubcaps for the front wheels, It was my taste. Now I have to get on Painting the body. Your comments are much appreciated.
  8. Bert added a post in a topic 59 Cadallic-Revell: Has anyone built this kit   

    Heres mine

  9. Bert added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    I can see some cool parts I hope, now if they could have made the suburban a 41 that woulda been cool.
  10. Bert added a topic in On The Workbench   

    A Differant Deuce
    Another example of my insanity, comments and questions are always welcome.

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  11. Bert added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    All really good suggestions I vote
    any mid 30s Chevy PPPlllleeeeaaaassseeee
    a rerelease of the Orange blossom special
    a bullet nosed Studebaker
    a rerelease of the 57 Chevy street machine (great Parts)
    and perhaps a brain replacement
  12. Bert added a post in a topic First in-depth look - Revell's new '30 Model A Chopped Five Window Coupe kit...   

    I think this is one of the best kits I've ever seen, even though its a Ford, lots of great parts, really nice. lots of parts for my 32 Chevy Hi-Boy. I wonder if the top would fit on it. I'm sure this has been covered but the instructions show the blower belt being installed upside down. Now if I can find a rat roaster for the pipes.
  13. Bert added a post in a topic 59 Impala   

    This will show you how crazy I am to get the right look. The front half of the frame is AMT's 67 impala Street machine. the rear half is Amt's 57 Chevy Bel Air Street Machine( I love this kit, lots of good parts}. Other part I used were off the Revell Corvette C5-R for the a arms and other cool looking stuff that just fit. I added plastic tubing to the frame to make it look stronger, and scratch built a working rack and pinion steering. the inspiration for this car was the Street Rodder road tour Impala.

  14. Bert added a post in a topic 59 Impala   

    Yes, the wheels and tires are from the Tamiya F50. I contacted the Tamiya America parts ordering # and told them what I needed, and ordered 3 sets of them, and a couple of sets of wheels. it cost me a lot less then the kits are going for.
  15. Bert added a topic in Under Glass   

    59 Impala
    Well from the pics I can see I'm getting old & shaky, I wish I could get better at applying bare metal foil. It is what it is, fun to buld with all the mods I did.

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