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  1. If the car was blue, it would look just like the unmarked car in the French Connection.Great job.
  2. It’s Weird,when I saw The Big Lebowski in the theater,I thought it was stupid.My friends job had extra tickets, he asked me to go, so I went.I sort of Hated it.Then over the next few years, of watching it,I started to really enjoy it.And now IMO it’s an icon of a movie, absolutely completely hilarious.
  3. There was a pretty decent turn out at the morning coffee and cars today.I mean it was still cold though.Never saw the blue convertible 1970 Polara.Owner said there were only 840+ made that year.
  4. Yup,....I didn’t like seeing Donny go,but then again I happen to know that there’s a little Lebowski along the way.
  5. Easy one IMO...”NOOOO!!!!!!You killed us Dave.u killed us.Theres a line u Cross, a point of no return,Dave crossed that line..,I’m going along for the ride,With him,where ever that line ends..“U did steal that Million,$$ didn’t?Yes..U ain’t a lawyer, no more Dave, you a gangster now..A.Whole new ball game..And you cant have a late start.”
  6. Planes Trains and Automobiles. Accchhhhhhh
  7. Found this car in a pile of unbuilt kits. FCC
  8. That chin spoiler,is that a hand made one from styrene?Looks great.
  9. Welp it’s pretty cold up here on Long Island NY.But I showed up at coffee and cars,and grabbed a few more clips before there are no cars left.l..Yea pretty empty hopefully we get a few mild Sunday’s ,.but until then,we’ll just wait
  10. Well it happened the other day.Only about 15 cars showed up at the morning coffee and horsepower show.It was very cold.I won’t deny that..For right now, we now try to meet at the DMV building.However before Covid, everybody went to Jones Beach and a fishing dock Cape Tree.Even Robert Mosses.Great shows.And no matter how cold it got, the place would pack out.Oh well,the seasons definitely over, unless we get a warm day.We will just have to wait. from LI NY
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