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  1. Oh man ,give me us a break here.Do you think you can help us a helping hand with this lighter,it’s really really heavy.But it matches the car .The boss wants a light.....Stop watching TV😤😤🤪🤪🤯
  2. All State Insurance is planning on giving away a $600 million back to its customers.Got an idea,How about just one customer....ME.🤑🤑😎😚🤪?Yea that sounds better.
  3. Well I gotta hit Hobby Lobby and pick up a bunch of glue.I will not run out again.
  4. Not exactly sure.I’ll have to check and then get backbyiuvv
  5. Yup once again,the crew arrives in their stupid glow in the dark,🙄,work vests at 7:15 am,on the dot.I guess they must have had to lay out their work plan(whose doing what,etc) for the day.Then had breakfast..By 8 am,They started warming up the chain saws.Then they began buzzing away.I guess cause it’s Friday,though,it was a shorter day,because they were gone by around 1pm.But they will be back to get the rest of the trees down.And Espo,as far as being friends with the guy and waving back at him,no thanks.I tried that,but I have several other friends up and down my road.However that number is quickly dwindling due to the fact that a lot of them are packing up and moving away...Where there are still nice BIG green trees.Arrrrggggg🤪🤯😤..
  6. I own a 2000 Jeep Cherokee,but I have always wanted a Toyo Land Cruiser like this one.However,once you get bit by the Jeep bug,there’s no turning back.
  7. By far one of my favorite Mopars.As well as the “70” GTX,& Roadrunner.Actually any GTX & any Roadrunner.
  8. Ciao Bella,..However IMO,the F40 is the Holy Grail of Ferrari’s
  9. Great job IMO.Im a police car nut.And I have a huge collection of PO PO cars🤣🚔🚨🚨🥉🥉Which I’ve won several awards,in all different scsles
  10. Yea Burt Reynolds death was hard to swallow.He was an action star who just just happen to be hilarious.Neal Peart was another tough one to grasp.IMO,the Greatest drum player Of all time.One day he is alive and living in the world and the next day, he’s dead...Sucks
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