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  1. Sorry for the misspellings....I checked out Fireball models,and I plan to purchase the set of Mopar steel wheels from them.
  2. Need some tires

    Ok great,thanks a lot for the help,and information.
  3. Shapeways Reviews

    I've ordered several pro mod bodies and a couple of chassis/roll cage from them.The detail and quality,to me,are excellent.However you can get the bodies or parts in two different finishes,one being frosted white material.FUD frosted ultra detail,Which is smooth and doesn't require much sanding.And the other finish is rough,Stong flexible plastic.And that requires a lot of sanding and prepping.However,there is a large price difference between the two different finishes.https://www.shapeways.com/forum/t/paint-on-frost-extrem-details-parts.75917/...I just really like their pro mod cars bodies they carry.Ive only ordered the rough material,because like I said there is a big price difference in the two different 3D printed materials,and I can't really afford the difference in prices..All their cars and parts come in several different scales..I really like their parts and bodies..And I don't mind the sanding and prepping.You will save a lot of money going with the rough plastic material..I must say that I have never seen such a great selection of pro mod cars,and drag parts..I hope this helps..Good luck..
  4. Yea Ive been trying to reach them to buy a couple of Mapar steelys and redline tires.To complete a 69 SupeR bee.The wheels are the last think to do to complete the model..Anyway,I can't seem to get in touch with them.Fireballsmodels.Joseph is the owner I believe.
  5. Dam you are going all out with this car...I'm telling you know,that I want one.No I want several of them
  6. Ive been trying to reach them to buy some wheels and tires for a 69 Superbee.However I can't seem to email him (Joseph)..Does anyone know another way to contact them?Any help would be appreciated.Or if anyone has those black Mopar steely wheels and redline tires and want to sell than,I would buy them so I can put them on my 69 Super bee kit.The wheels are the last step,then I'm done. Thank you
  7. Need some tires

    Does anybody know how to reach Joseph from Fireballmodels.I can't seem to send him an email..Ive been trying to reach him,to purchase a couple of sets of his Mopar 69 Superbee wheels and tires,but I haven't heard back from him. Thanks for any help.
  8. Force 440 Police car

    Tough car..
  9. 70 Challenger RT

    Very very nice job..Mopar,or no car..Great work
  10. Fairlady Z

    Gotta go along with Fabbrica,this generation of the 300Z car is my favorite.I also remember when I first saw one of these cars on the road,back then.I actually thought that it was an exotic Italian super car.And they have stood the test of time,because they're still great looking cars.Always wanted one too.Well you did a great job.And I really like the color.
  11. 1969 Dodge Superbee -- photobooth pics added

    Oh man that's so sad seeing a Mopar looking like this.Lol,no actually you did a great job weathering.The car looks great.
  12. HO dio. ((Rough neighborhood ))

    I listed these pics a while back,but I can't remember if I posted them here or on SA..Anyway,Its a rough HO scale neighborhood in the city....Jump jump jump,pic 8..
  13. D-Day diorama

    Great job,what a battle that must have been,pure suicide.
  14. I know I have posted this before about Slixx decals.Well I just ordered a number of decal sheets from Slixx.Not only are their decals very high in quality,but they delivered them so fast.And I think the woman who answers the phone and takes the orders,is named Becky.She is an absolute doll,and easy to work with.If you never used their decals,you won't be disappointed.,and at great prices..
  15. Stephen Hawking has left the building...

    Wow,thats a shocker.That's too bad.He was the 21st century Einstein.A brilliant mind,but in his case,he was trapped in his own body....RIP Prof Hawkings.