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  1. Hey Alan,sorry to hear about your father’s situation.I know what you are going through..My father is 84.He’s beginning to suffer from short term memory loss problems..He doesn’t have Alzheimers,but there are times where it seems like he does..He’s on medication,which I have to give to him everyday.He is beginning to forget about plans he makes either with friends or family.He gets lost driving at times.He will also sometimes repeat himself.I moved in with him after my mother passed away back in 2015.I do my best to try and help him but sometimes he just simply forgets things.My sister,and I had to take over paying most of his bills,because he forgets to pay them on time,or pay them at all.His doctor says keeping his brain occupied is extremely important,like watching tv,or reading the newspapers.It can be very frustrating and difficult watching someone you love lose their memory.I mean the medication helps him a little,but again he needs help to remember things.I have to write down messages for him to remember simple things..He has his good days and he his bad days.I have a small family.It’s myself,my brother,and my sister.And we are all trying to help my father,but like i said,It can be difficult.It’s just getting worse and worse everyday,and all i can do is just watch him and make sure he is taking his meds and staying safe.Alan,I wish you and your father the best.
  2. Picked up some PO PO 🚨🚨🚔cars at a show this past weekend.
  3. Did anybody catch the episode of the show “Dirt Every Day”,when they built a rock crawling off road AMC Pacer?Absolutely hilarious.Only problem was that the Pacer suffered from some really bad death wobble.🤪
  4. Great job,and great color
  5. Man it looks real,one of my favorite cars.
  6. Wow that’s nice. Thanks
  7. Saw this at a car show the other day.
  8. Oh man reminds me of my black cat Cole.He just died one day out of no where.He was a great cat,and i’ll always miss him.Sorry for your loss.
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