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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Man,I might as well have another baby running around my house.But again DOGS ARE GREAT.Just please shut up sometimes.And this is all new to us,cause for about the last 5 years or so,younger couples are moving in,and they got to have the latest dog(s).Oh yea,go to.
  2. "Green stuff World"

    Anybody ever buy any of their diorama detail items?I just bought a leaf puncher maker,I guess you would call it.Pretty cool stuff.
  3. Name that movie quote

    Oh yea I agree.I loved that dusty dirty Cougar taking off down the road.
  4. What Irked You Today?

    Haaa..I love the idea.I mean I'm not at home all day,it's just when my neighbors are out for a long time.And the dog isn't barking,he's crying and howling,which if u ever heard a dog crying,its such a terrible heart breaking sound.And there's another BIG dog that must be let out I guess before the guy goes to work.So sometimes at 6 am,I gotta hear another dog barking.Like I said,I love dogs,but not when they wake me up or howl and cry for hours.
  5. What Irked You Today?

    Oh man here we go again.New neighbors had moved in next door.They had a dog that when left alone,would cry and howl for hours.I felt horrible about it.Well they didn't stay long,sold the house to another couple who also has a dog.And now their dog is howling,moaning and crying almost as bad as the first dog.Now I love animals,especially dogs,but it seems like everyone in my neighborhood has one,or two,even more.And I feel like I live next to a kennel.Bark bark bark !!!!!
  6. Name that movie quote

    I liked about half of From Dusk till Dawn.Everything,up to when they start turning into vampires.It went from a great movie,to one of the worst in a matter of seconds.The special effects looked like they were done by a 5th grader.Sorry to everyone that liked the movie.Actually the best part was Selma Hayek's incredibly sexy dance
  7. Iaconio Camaro

    Looking good so far.I started this model awhile ago,but haven't touched it in weeks.
  8. Name that movie quote

    Jackie Brown was also a great movie.But Pulp Fiction was better,I feel.You have to watch it a few times though,to completely understand the movie.I also always remember people speculating what was in the briefcase.I just think it was gold,but some people said it was Marcellus Wallace's soul.And the band aid on his neck was supposedly where the devil removed his soul.I don't know,I think that's what the Bible says,that the devil removes someone's soul out the back of their heads.Ah who knows.Just a cool movie,which is now 25 years old.Wow
  9. Name that movie quote

    U got it Steve....Don't die on me Mia...Three tomatos walking down the road.Momma father,and baby tomato.Baby tomato starts lagging behind.Father tomato goes back and steps on baby tomato and says ketchup..Ha
  10. Name that movie quote

    Oh man I shot Marvin in the face.Oh man,why you do that?It was an accident,I didn't mean to shoot him.Car must hit a bump or something.
  11. Name that movie quote

    Ha ha,,Cuokoos Nest.The Chief's first words he says it to Jack Nicholson....Oh man you fooled them,you fooled them all.
  12. Name that movie quote

    U got it Steve.It was on last night.
  13. Name that movie quote

    Yea well me and Chez are gonna go down town to any bar,have a beer and watch the game.Anybody else wanna bet.But Mmmmack u caaaant lift that it's too heavy.Stand back Billy my boy,your using up all my oxygen.
  14. Dino 246gt

    Oh I didn't know that Dino was the Enzo's only son.Are you sure.I knew he died,way back in 56,at age 24,from MS.But I always thought there was another brother.Yea Testarossa,oh wait that was the daughters name.No I'm just jokingThe Dino is one of my favorite Ferraris too.
  15. 79 Ford LTD 2 coupe

    Starsky and Hutch,eat your hearts out.Ive never seen one of these in that paint before.