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  1. I couldn’t get over the price for Risky Business Porsche 928.Almost $2 million bucks,WOW!!!
  2. Watching Barrett Jackson from the Lone Star state.Great coverage for three days.And of course I DVR’ed,ah so no commercials.👍👍
  3. Captain Mauser youser youser.Hey,hey,The shower and glue scene was funny.RIP.
  4. Yes he was,your right.RIP Norm.☹️He was very funny.
  5. Great job,I like anything having to do with police cars.And yes,it certainly has that 70s Kojack look to it.👍👍
  6. When we gonna hear this thing fire up already?LOl,no seriously great job so far.
  7. I gotta say it’s hard to look at that poor thing,but I still love it,very cool bird.👍
  8. I said it before,anything with Steve Magnante is ok with me.I love listening to this guy.To me,IMO,he’s sort of a car genius.Wether it’s at BarrettJackson,his junk yard show,not to mention helping out the guys from Road kill,and now he has a show building models.It’s great watching and listening to him.And he’s a huge Mopar guy,how cool is that.👍👍😁
  9. Some More car cruise pics.The black 66 Nova was bad a**.My dream car for sure.
  10. Flipping Bangers is similar to Wheeler Dealers.Both good shows.KH’s show is pretty good too.Anything to do with cars is ok with me.
  11. I caught part of it.Thought it was ok.
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