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  1. Name that movie quote

    Rose,there’s a Messerschmitt in the kitchen,could you clean it up?
  2. 1985 Olds Surpreme Brougham

    I remember when these cars were all over the road.People were buying them left and right.I think my parents had a couple, of them, and their friends, as well.Very popular cars, that’s for sure..And you really did an excellent job.
  3. 1966 AMC Marlin (Jo Han)

    No offense please.I think you did an excellent job on the model.Its just that I always thought the Marlin was one of the strangest (ugliest,sorry),cars that was made.It reminds me sort of like the 66/67 Charger..But the fact that it looks in that great of condition after 10 years, shows how well you built it. Great job.
  4. Post a cool model pic

    The photoshopped pics are great.Excellent job.I had to take a double look on the first picture, it looks that real.I wish I had the skills to do that.
  5. What Irked You Today?

    More trees in my neighborhood, are being chopped for no reason.They are out there right now,cutting perfectly good healthy big trees down...Why??Its starting to look like a slum....STOP CUTTING TREES....GROWN EM....
  6. Volvo 850 Estate Wagon.

    Hang on tight.Yeaaaaaaa
  7. Volvo 850 Estate Wagon.

    Great job, and if I remember, they were pretty fast little wagons.
  8. Ford Torino - Revell 1/25

    I owned a brown 74 4 door Torino that my father gave me as my first car.He was the original owner of the car.It was his business car.All I remember was I wished the car was a 2 door, cause I would’ve definitely would of built a S,&H replica. One of my favorite tv/movie cars, as well.I also always liked the opening credits for the show.
  9. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    Great job,and yes,Mopar should’ve built a few Super birds in black.They would be worth a XXXX A lT of $$..I mean these were obviously custom painted, but man that would one great looking car.
  10. -Happy Caturday !-

    Cats can be very cool pets.I had three black ones and a calico mother.They are all dead,but they were great cats.The mother lived for about 18-19 years.The daughter and the father died kind of young.In fact, the father (A jet black short haired)cat,died very suddenly and we don’t know from what.I thought about doing an autopsy, but instead I buried him.Then mom went from cancer, I had to put her down.And their daughter went a few years later,,cancer too.Not to bum any cat lovers😸I mean I loved them all.They were crazy furry creaturesRIP
  11. Name that movie quote

    Yea i tell ya, my friends looking for a black shirt, Yea you know something he can wear four,five days in a row.Have you tried the Army Navy store? “Easy Money”With the one and only Rodney Dangerfield...”Hey look at us, we’re browsers”
  12. GTX question for the Mopar guys

    The 70 Road Runner And GTX,are my absolute favorite cars.The orange one is gorgeous.As they all are, with that grill..Chrysler always knew how to make great front grills for their cars.
  13. What Irked You Today?

    Didn’t make the big Friday night car cruise again,,cause my BACK is killing me just from waking.Thats two weeks in a row...
  14. 71 duster 340

    U got it.
  15. What Irked You Today?

    My back is out again.Its killing me.I Can’t even go out to get my mail.😓.