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  1. My 09 Full police package former FBI car.Im gonna be putting on bigger pulleys soon.Had some front end damage,but all better now..Lol
  2. Great job...There’s a car that I see at shows that is almost identical to your model.And it’s loud and fast.
  3. Saw these Sunday at our local coffee and cars show.They counted about 1,500 cars.However in two weeks,the whole lot,which is located in a closed Macy’s parking lot,is being closed off to build a BJs.Oh well.
  4. Yea the Old Pro Nova has been around since I was a kid.
  5. Passed my license renewal eye exam.See u again in 8 years.Haaaaa.Apparently u only need 20/40 vision in one eye in NY.I did get some bad news however after the exam,the doctor confirmed what I already knew,and that is,that I have cataracts in my right eye now.Had it in my left eye and needed surgery about 6-7 years ago.
  6. Looking for a set of Revels 69 Yenko or Super Nova,or COPO Full decal sheet. Thanks I found them in a parts box.So never mind. Thanks
  7. The body is the Revell 69 Yenko Nova.But I got the glass from another re,re,re issue of the Old Pro Nova.Now the model is molded in flat black.Anyway,the side glass fit pretty well.Same with the front and rear.
  8. Oh ok,no I never read his book.I’ll take a look.
  9. Yea that was one extremely nice Caprice.I wanted a Marauder,but couldn’t find one I liked.So instead I found a very clean black 09 P71,full police package Crown Vic,and blacked everything out.Flow masters added too.The car flies,and sounds awesome.It was an ex FBI detectives car.It’s my Blues Mobile.Low Idling hours and pretty low miles for an 09.
  10. Does this count?Poor little deer.Saw it the other night on my way home.Looks like a pretty big buck.Its breeding season here in NY,they’re everywhere.My friend hit one in his once pristine 67 Charger.Dead deer,dead car.☹️😖..
  11. No not Ozzy,but Black Sabbath can.
  12. Oh ok I thought he did..Hmmm,sorry
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