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  1. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    I know,that's the way I used to be,but my girl friend is a sort of slob,for lack of a better word.She (leaves her clothes all over).A typical female,no offense.And after years of living together,I guess I picked up on some of her bad habits.And now my work area looks like a tornado hit it.Not that Im not blaming her.After all,Its my responsibility to keep a clean work environment.
  2. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    Great job.Were some of the parts taken from a diecast prostock/top fuel car?I use parts off of diecast pro stocks all the time.The (Jegs) cars,Greg Anderson's Summit Prostock..It was just that the slicks,and wheels look familiar.But again,the car looks great.And that is some paint job.Congrats on finishing it.
  3. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    That's some large area.Looks like a store.
  4. Weird cars Post em here.

    Ah that thing is scary looking.
  5. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    Yea I just have got to wait for a rainy day,and then do it.I use a L shaped desk,but I cover the wood with extra thick oak tag.
  6. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    I hear ya.Yea me too.Work,and then too many of cruise night car shows.
  7. Amazon is incredible

    Ok that's it,I'm not buying any more diecast.Ive got my Mopar collection.A couple of exotics,81Camaro,and now a Yenko GMP Nova.I sold a ton of these cars years ago,and now I'm collecting some again,it's sort of weird.Although I'am looking for a triple black 69 Dart.I have a dark green 71 Dart,dogdish wheels.Nice kit,But not the 69.
  8. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    I hate this,I let the mess build up way too much,all the while saying,put that back here or there.Throw this or that away..But,Nope.So now I have to clean up a huge mess ...Ah once again,my photos can't be loaded.Whatever.
  9. Amazon is incredible

    Just got another package this past Sunday.Its great,but I'm just not used to seeing a mail truck driving around on a Sunday,or a holiday.
  10. A SPEEDING TICKET!!!!!!!Does that count?Oh yea,I haven't gotten one in over 20 years.Meanwhile Ive got to get an inspection before July.
  11. oldsmobile cutlass

    Both of these are really good kits..Maybe I'll try to build a Warren Johnson Olds pro stock car..I think Slixx carries the correct decals.
  12. Hobby Lobby/ Michaels ?

    Ah,I'll have to give him a call,thanks.
  13. Weird cars Post em here.

    OMG,your right,it looks like an alien space ship..🤢
  14. Hobby Lobby/ Michaels ?

    Yea,no thanks,Who said anything about going to NYC?Everything in Manhattan is 10X more expensve then anywhere else on the planet.A hamburger costs $10...And since I live on LI,NYC is not so local.So no,I don't think I'll be visiting Jan's hobby shop.All I mean is to help the small guys.