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  1. Now it looks really good.Like the detail u have so far
  2. I own a 2009 Crown Vic, ex police car.And the way the trunk is designed, that’s to be able to carry all the police equipment, they relocated the gas tank further back..So one hit in the wrong place..and BOOOOOMMMMMM💥💥💥💥💥💥💥.!!!!!!!!
  3. Great job....I have a 2000 Cherokee XJ.It has a 6 1/2 inch lift,35 inch tires.Everything heavy duty.Steering,drive train,etc.This little trucks saved Jeep back in the day.
  4. It’s strange, as time goes on,I like this little weird cars more and more.Such as the Pintio,Gremlins,Pacers,Pinto And Pacer wagons.Thats just a few.There are a lot more.Idk,IMO,they’re cool now.I Grew up in the 80s-90s.Not that matters.
  5. Ahhhh,The official Ralph Nader Pinto crash test.
  6. Ah the car is that color.Is this a street outlaw car?I don’t watch the show that much.Its not because the cars.I love the cars.The cars are the only reason I do watch it.No,I just can’t stand that hick good ole boy accent that everyone has.🤮 Yee ha!!!!
  7. Ok I got it.I see the color.The real car is a bit more yellow, but yours still looks really good.👌
  8. Very cool🤣dude😎.No really,the detailing is what makes this car standout.Great job.Is that the color ur going with?
  9. It was a bidding war for lack of a better word.But I was the only idiot who went that high.Whatever, you live and learn.If it was a 1/24th scale,I wouldn’t mind so much.But almost $100 for a 1/32 scale.Its like throwing money in the garbage.I was really hoping someone at the last second would jump in and out bid me, but nope, no such luck.I didn’t even notice the scale, until it was too late.😱🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬.Arrrggggg
  10. Looking for the racing rear wing from the 90 Mustang LX Coupe Thank you
  11. Bye bye Ac Moore.I feel for the employees, but the store just went down hill.And to bring this up.Do people really have the time or the ability to do arts and crafts?I wish I could say yes.But that’s not the reality.As far as stores, for the best crafts thought, It would have to be IMO, HL.
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