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  1. Ah the great late Bill Hickman.Probably the best stunt driver to ever live.Bullitt,The 7 Ups,and The French Connection.
  2. Smile Mr.Racoon your a candid camera.A smile from the wild.Saw this pic of a raccoon checking out a hidden remote camera someone put there by someone to catch wild animal’s in the woods..
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all.A few laughs.🤣🦃..
  4. Yea,i gotta agree with you,i mean there were some pretty good parts,but over all the movie sucked.But if you want to watch a horrible movie,watch 54’.Oh man,such pure garbage…However after watching that sh**,I caught an Al Pacino mini marathon.It consisted of Serpico,Dog Day Afternoon[Attica,Attica,Attica],GF 1,&2,and finally Carlito’s Way,[Hey remember me,Benny Blanco from the Bronx?].As i mentioned before,I cannot think of one bad movie that Al Pacino has been in.He is,IMO,the best actor of all time.
  5. Oh yea,that’s exactly what was so great about the movie Heat.The shoot out was extremely realistic,and they got the sound of the gun fire perfect.Gun shots are very loud,and Michael Mann got it exactly correct..Plus the way the bullets were tearing through the cars and glass just added to the realism of the scene.Only thing I was bothered by,was when the gate away car slammed into the cars after the driver was shot.,and the air bag didn’t go off,no im just joking.I also remember the real footage of the North Hollywood bank robbery shoot out happened,and the shoot out was very loud.Then some time later,when the movie 44 Minutes came out about the shootout,the sound effects of the gun fire was also very realistic.There are so many movies,including some war movies that were not able to get the sound effects of the gun fire correct.I will have to say though that i thought,that besides being such great movies,Saving Private Ryan and Full Metal Jacket were able to get the gun fire to sound very realistic too.
  6. Just watched Heat again for probably the millionth time..Great movie,Robert DeNiro,and Al Pacino,how can you go wrong?And of course the best shootout after the bank robbery.👍👍
  7. Well there was one scene that i clearly recall,[and i hope the moderators don’t toss me off the website for mentioning it],was how should i say without offending anyone,🙄,lol..was the scene where Clint Eastwood,was in bed with the head mistress of the “school”,shelter,whatever it was,along with another female student.Basically a “threesome”,for lack of a better word,and all i could do was wonder,wow how crazy this was for a movie from 1971.Especially a Clint Eastwood movie.I mean don’t get me wrong,it was a very good scene.I just wasn’t expecting it.And how similar was the 1971 original version,compare to the newer version with Nicole Kidman?Is it worth watching?Cause i’m really not a big fan of Collin Farrell..Idk,I must have just been living under a rock to have never heard of this movie..Ok that’s all I have to say. Thank ya.
  8. I read an article and saw a picture of what was actually the prop for the movie.It made me laugh.Apparently it was actually a gold metal plate with a light bulb inside the case that went on whenever the case was open..But hey it could’ve been anything.
  9. Oh i never knew there was a remake.Gotta check it out.
  10. As far as any kind of decals,tires,sponsor,window numbers,parachute(safety) decals,there’s no better on-line company than Slixx decals.Great stuff,check them out.And they have great service,and very fast delivery.Plus their decals last for years,not like so many other decals,that just disintegrate the moment you put them in water.For larger scale decals,RC Parma decals are great.
  11. I saw this pick on line.It’s a picture of a neighbors cat as the guy peered out his window and saw the cat on his neighbor’s terrace looking right back at him.And I just thought the cat looked a lot like one of my cats that i recently posted.
  12. Oh man i gotta give an honorable mention to a few more great songs I forgot about.First one is Alice in Chains,”[The]..Rooster”,and then Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”,followed by Kiss’s “She”,& “Parasite”.It’s funny,I don’t recall anybody mention any of Kiss’s songs.Great band,saw them twice.
  13. I know this is an old [thread],subject,but yesterday I saw a kind of crazy intense sort of (sexually twisted)1971 movie that i had to mention.It was called “The Beguiled”.Maybe some of you guys saw it,but if not,check it out.It stars Clint Eastwood and Geraldine Page in a tense psychological drama of love and betrayal. During the Civil War a wounded Union soldier is sheltered by the headmistress and students of a girls' academy in the South. As his health returns his desire increases, but can he trust these enemy women not to turn him in? He takes his chances but soon realizes that his benefactress can't be trusted...with his love or with his life! His lustful ambition turns quickly against him and the story follows him through a series of nerve-shattering events, including realistic scenes that are among the boldest,on film for that year.It was directed by Don Siegel..It’s been described as a sultry bittersweet thriller of hidden passions which is set in one of America's romantic eras.Check it out,and I have to say that IMO,it’s one of Clint Eastwood’s best roles.And i’ve got to add that it surprised the heck out of me as the film went on.👍👍Hmmm🤔
  14. Oh yea,The Blues Brothers had some great chase scenes in it.My favorite was the chase through the mall.The French Connection chase was also great.And i heard that the movie directors and producers never got permission to even do the chase,with the exception of some scenes.There was also a great chase in To Live and Die in LA,and another (funny) chase in the movie in Short Time.I also found a behind the scenes of the chase in the 7 Ups.Great car chases,all of them.
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