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  1. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic 67 GTX- Redoing Christine   

    Looks great.Nice job
  2. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic 83 Hurst Olds   

    The car looks great.Again the stance is dead on perfect.The cage is coming along really nice too.Keep the pics coming.
  3. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic I may be nuts,but...   

    I never gave this subject much thought,until now.You guys are right,all the extra plastic trees can and should be re-cycled.I have to admit,I do save some,(ones with small parts still left on them),but the empty ones I generally throw out..Now I'am going to think twice before just tossing the stuff in my garbage.
    Thanks guys,for the insight and ideas.
  4. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic RIP Hugh Hefner   

    Ok....that's just weird.
  5. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic What has this world become?   

    I agree Roadrunner,there is nothing any of us can do to prevent these random shootings.Where ever there is a crowd of people,this can happen.They can take a million guns off the street,and there still a million more.If a person wants to kill,they will kill.Its really frustrating,but pointless trying to figure out why they occur.Its really sad,but that is reality.May all those killed in this senseless slaughter,Rest In Peace.I know one thing for sure,America's "play ground",Las Vegas,will never be the same. 
  6. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic 83 Hurst Olds   

    Looks great.I love the stance of this car.Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  7. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic 1/8 TDR Nova   

    Hey Underdog,just wondering if u have been doing any more work on your Nova.Like I said,I purchased the 1/24th scale version,and trust me,I know how much sanding and filling is needed on the body..So far,your car looks great.Looking forward to seeing it all done.
  8. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic RIP Hugh Hefner   

    Yea I would have to agree,some of the playmates cars were a bit odd.I wonder who decides which car they get,the play mate,or Mr.Hefner.By the way,I believe the Córdoba was a 75-76 Charger.Ha,pretty much the same car though.
  9. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic 83 Hurst Olds   

    Great job so far.Warren Johnson,the professor was a great racer.Battling Bob Glidden through so many years in pro stock.Can't wait to see the finished car.

  10. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic RIP Hugh Hefner   

    Snake,those are some nice rides.Very cool list.I mean what can you say about a pink 71 Pantera,and an all pink Shelby Mustang.I'm curious where some of these cars are now.I mean after all,they can be considered celebrity's cars.And I wonder if any of the playmates still actually own their cars.Hmmmm.
  11. NYLIBUD added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    RIP Hugh Hefner
    Yup,the great Hugh Hefner has died.He was 91.What a great life he led.
    GOD bless u sir,and thanks.
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  12. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic Automotive Car Books? Who Collects?   

    I have my share of automotive books.But my real collection,if you want to call it a collection,are my magazines.Hot Rod,Car Craft,Muscle car Review,Hemmings Muscle car,etc..Just about all Offroad magazines too..And a new magazine I came across at Barnes and Noble,is RPM Magazine..If you are into street drag racing,and pro street cars,this is the magazine for you.Cover to cover of colored pictures of some of the wildest sub 10-7 second drag cars. 

  13. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Pro Sportsman   

    Nice job.The roll cage/chassis looks great.Well done.
  14. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic STUDE SNAFU   

    Interesting build.Great job on the aircraft look.
  15. NYLIBUD added a post in a topic 1969 Crazy Red Larry Charger   

    Isn't this the car and color that was in the movie?You did a great job on your Charger.