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  1. Pimp daddy,pimp.🤣🤣🤣😎


    I love it, what an excellent idea, and job.
  3. I know you’ve probably been asked in the past of where u get that clear hood scoop.Looks great.
  4. Yea building drag cars is my number one interest in models.I like pro stocks.
  5. Cool thanks, you answered my question on the title of the song, and what it meant.I knew it was someone’s nickname, but now I know who it is.
  6. Vegas Barrett Jackson weekend.😄👍
  7. Great song The Rooster.Alice in Chains was definitely a great group.
  8. Wanted:Looking for a couple,or a few sets of all the windows for the 66 Nova,I’d pay ya.Brand new please. Thanks
  9. Ha ha,You are exactly right....Plant,don’t cut trees.Ah he’ll probably get some bratty kid from the neighborhood to rake his leaves for twenty bucks and a glass of water.
  10. Two words Tree trimmer🤬.Three new neighbors just moved in and they have been cutting all their trees down.We are talking nice big old trees.The trimmers start at 7:30 am🤯They Don’t care,as long as they get paid.All I hear is grinding and sawing.Seems like everyday there’s a tree coming down.Arrgggg.So SICK OF IT.!!!!!! Move away.It was a nice tree lined quiet street,but not anymore.
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