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  1. So as of now,we think he died of a stroke.???What a show man.Having the brim of his hat always down,& Always smiling,and playing his tunes.Great rocker and country performer...RIP. Yeee haaaa.
  2. Oh man that sucks.I loved his music.AND especially The Devil went to Down to.Georgia...RIP
  3. That’s a lot,I appreciate it.
  4. Yea they are,this would be a wrap if it was a real car.Thats the new thing.Either the rusty beater look or the murdered out black look.
  5. Been toying with this build for several months.Just a Rusty old Ford pro mod big tire 1/4 mile car.Shes a beater.
  6. 3D,I’m almost sure I got it from Shapeways.com.It’s been awhile.
  7. Well it actually happened yesterday.I saw a new mid engine Vette.I gotta say,I have mixed feelings.IMO,The C7,is the last REAL ALL American Corvette,not a Ferrarivette.Still,I’d love to road test one.I would beat the snot out of it.
  8. Yup Tom same as my neighbor.He ruined a once beautiful and very well maintained home.And as I said,it just makes all the other homes around it look ugly.Again you don’t want trees,go live in the city.Not too mention that the tree trimmers come at 7:30,& cut and grind for hours.Now there are no trees or bushes.Whatever,ill just concentrate on the up keep of my home.I mean I pay enough in taxes to live in my town.
  9. I Couldn't agree with you more.And like I said,wait till the fall when all the leaves from my giant oak(at least I think it’s an oak),on my property,falls all over there front lawn.Have fun raking them up.Morons!!!!
  10. Thanks again Mike,not sure about the motor or even if I am going to wind up finishing it.I have to see.Its a 3D printed car with the cheap crappy finish,so it would need a ton of sanding.But thanks for your compliments.
  11. Yea but there all gone.Like I said,I mean Jeeze,go live in the city if you don’t want trees.But it’s there house,so I guess they can do what they want.Idk,😤
  12. You like the guy in the back with no hands,lol.Like I said my nephew snapped them off.
  13. Thanks Mike.I appreciate it.Actually the red one is just a car I snapped at a local car show recently.But I’m using it for reference pics.That car runs in the low nines.At least that’s what the owner said.Who knows if it’s the truth.But it sure sounded fast.
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