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  1. NYC humidity, then a couple of mini hurricanes for about 1/2 hour.Finally stopped long enough for me to do an oil change on my Jeep.😀
  2. I found some pics of the Pizza Land restaurant.I’ll Get started soon.Again I never worked with laser cut wood before, only plastic and resin, but never wood.I have a bad feeling already🙄
  3. It seems that all the good ones are are passing away at the same time..RIP....Get your motor runnin.Head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way...
  4. I Can’t remember sorry.It might have been at CVS.I just weathered it, and added the decals.But I haven’t seen one since I bought mine.
  5. More playing in the dirt.I bought the ground covering at AC Moore,and added some more details.Plus I weathered the trucks.

    68 Charger

    Ah,ya gotta just love Mopar.Great job on all your cars.Just a few of my Mopars.
  7. The Satin Dolls, huh?Interesting.
  8. Yea just a bit weird alright.But kinda cool
  9. Well Not really a dream car, cause I already own one.A 2000 Jeep Cherokee/With a,6,1/2 inch lift, sitting on 35x12.5.Working snorkel, everything heavy duty.I just love these trucks.The best vehicle that Jeep ever made,IMO
  10. That’s was very interesting.
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