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  1. “Black and Blue“.Bad cops,good cops,and a police body cam.Good action.Check it out.Not bad.👍
  2. I was cleaning out my storage bin and came across some diecast.
  3. Where exactly did u get that body?And wow,looks like your working in your kitchen,lol.Yea there’s no painting at my place either..But I do like what I see so far though.
  4. Well here we go again.I woke up to about three inches of the white stuff.Its still coming down,and they forecast it to be snowing through all day tomorrow here on LI.Arrrgggg😤🤬😡So sick and tired of this already.Spring can’t come soon enough.
  5. I lost my mother just around 6 years ago to cancer.She only lasted about two months after being diagnosed.She was in hospice already when she passed away.I can’t believe it’s been 6 years.But my condolences to you and your family on your loss.
  6. Ah man that just sucks.Been there,done that.But you seem to be getting a handle on it.Looking good.
  7. Ah,yea great,once again waking up to yet another snow storm.It snows,it melts,then it snows again.Spring can’t come any sooner.I have seriously had enough.Please no more.😤🤯
  8. They look very realistic.Great job.
  9. Ah too bad,she was cute.Any word on exactly how she died so suddenly?
  10. Steve McQueen’s last film before his death in 1980,was The Bounty Hunter.IMO,a verydgood movie And it was actually a comedy/drama.And If anyone saw it,you have to remember a very cool chase scene,but it was mostly by foot,and running.A cool typical chase that McQueen was known for.
  11. Great job,very sharp looking.
  12. Yup,Up on the Palisades parkway in NJ.At least it was made to look like that,after leaving the GW bridge.And it really looked like Roy Scheider might have done a lot of the stunt driving himself,including when he went under the truck.Man that looked so painful.I mean he was flying.I read that he did do many of his own stunts.A great actor.And a great flic.
  13. Thank you for sharing the pics.Really a very cool truck.Question,where did u get all the gauges.I found a very good monster tach on a 1/8th scale Grand National drag car.But it fits great even in a 1/24-5th scale well.Its very realistic,and it’s painted for you,lol
  14. Yes sir,and without a doubt it was one of the best car chases ever.I would definitely put it in the top three chases. .One,of course is Bullitt two is the 7Ups,great movie too. and three is the French Connection. I once read that the film makers filmed about 90 % of the French Connection chase without notifying officials,or getting permission from NYC.And just had Bill Hickman(best stunt driver,in my book),drive all out.He drove a car in all three movies.
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