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  1. Hello all, Finished today my Cargostar Water Delivery project. Based on a Ford C600 Chassis i build the Cargostar scratch. Changed engine to an IH V8. A few Parts from the C600 Cab was used to build the Cargostar Cab, but most is scratch. Greatings from Germany Juergen
  2. I have finished my latest project. ERTL IH 2575 Kit with AMT Transit Mixer Body Will be exhibited at the model exhibition (On the Road) in Jabekke / Belgium. Visit Europe's best model exhibition on March 14th + 15th. http://www.ontheroad-brugge.be Greatings from stormy Germany, Juergen
  3. Yes, I am currently building models I built the International Turbostar last year. Now I've got a trailer ready for it. I refined some things on the trailer ... Add doors on the left side. WIP pictures at the end some WIP Pics:
  4. Have built vigorously in the past weeks Since I want to build all International Cabover Trucks based on the 4070 Transtar, the next one was the 7044a. A relatively unknown version of the 4070. A special feature is the four-wheel drive. The front axle and the one rear axle are driven. The 2nd axle is a dolly that is anchored to the chassis with a fifth wheel via a trailer hitch. My 7044 is based on an ERTL Transtar2 Kit. Since the kit only has rear-wheel drive, the conversion here was complex. Front axle, chassis, dolly, hydraulic brake lines, cabin front, grille, ... Much had to be built by yourself. Greatings from cold Germany,... Juergen The Original:
  5. Here are the Pics (with WIP Pics) from the Caterpilar D8H i build for the Fire Truck in an other post. I spent a lot of time in the Bulldozer for Details. Hope you like it. Greatings from Germany Juergen and now the WIP Pics:
  6. Hello When I saw the photo of the fire truck on the WWW, it was clear that I had to recreate it. Now he's done The tractor is almost unchanged from the box, the trailer is a conversion from the AMT Lowboy. The Catarpilar is elaborately refined and expanded from the AMT kit. For the Caterpilar Pics, I still open an own path. look here: Greatings from Germany
  7. Today i finished my 1/24 International 9670 NASA Tank ( KFS Resine Kit w/ Italeri Tank) Hope you like my NASA Variation Greatings from Germany, Juergen
  8. Hello all Here some pics from the Belgium Model Car + Truck Show 2019 in Jabbeke. Greatest Model Show in Europe
  9. Hello I found Pics of the Truck and engine here: https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/32139-the-turbostar-from-international/ and the Turbostar script is done with this 4mm letters: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Aufkleber-Buchstaben-4mm-Starform-Nr-1000/273129054712?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=572394968576&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Greatings from germany, Juergen
  10. Hello Here is my newest IH Truck. The 1968 TURBOSTAR Gas Turbine Prototype. Here a link to the original Truck: https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/32139-the-turbostar-from-international/ Based on an ERTL International Transtar 2 i build the Turbostar. A lot build scratch: Turbine, Exhaust, Front of Cabine,..... Greatings from Germany, Juergen
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