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  1. Finished builds.

    Thanks lol. I've been collecting games for a long time too.
  2. Finished builds.

    Thanks guys. And I started building models when I was about 10. So around 1988 or 89 probably. I used to have way more than this. But some got thrown away by accident when we moved.
  3. Finished builds.

    Here are most of my builds and some others. I have gotten help (parts) from many of you here and I figured I would show you all what you have helped with. If anyone knows they have helped me or sent me parts take a bow. If a car looks dirty or has bad paint or mix matched parts it is on purpose as I like the junk look.
  4. Very nice Camaro there. I would like to see it when it's finished.
  5. dodge super bee 1970 pro street

    Looking good there. I have one of these I've got to get around to finishing too. Mine is sublime green and with the interior gonna be white seats and door panels with a black dash and carpet.
  6. Harts Resin

    Update. I got my parts today and I must say I am very pleased. The hood for the Revell 1/24th scale 70 Dodge Challenger that you get from Harts Resin looks so much better than the hoods that actually come with the kit. I HIGHLY suggest them!
  7. Harts Resin

    I got an email for them Saturday saying they shipped out my parts. I just wish they did send order confirmation emails.
  8. Harts Resin

    Okay thanks. I just don't want to have shelled out $25 and not get what I ordered. I've had it happen before. And I'll try that with the decals when I get home.
  9. Harts Resin

    Is there anyone here that has ordered parts from Harts Resin before? I placed an order over a week ago and all I have to show for it is a PALPAY receipt. They never contacted me at all and still haven't heard from them in over a week. I just want to know if this is normal with them. Also what's a good way to remove decals from a body without ruining the paint?
  10. Great Traders List

    These are 2 of the best traders on the site. I was very pleased with our trade. I hope to trade with them again and again. DRIPTROIT 71 JTalmage.
  11. Does anyone here know of a site that sells reproduction windows/glass for model kits? I have a few cars I need glass for and I've checked Modelhaus and Harts resin. Neither of them have what I need. I need the windows for a 69 Dodge Daytona 500 Charger, a 1974 Dodge Charger and the Revell 1969 Dodge Charger. Also the 1974 Roadrunner. If anyone knows of a site or has any of these windows you will part with please let me know.
  12. Revell 70 Chevelle 3 in one

    I sent a PM to both of you.
  13. As the title says this question is about the Revell 1/24th scale 70 Chevelle 3 in 1. I have 4 of these kits 2 molded in blue (2 different shades) and 2 molded in white. I have some pieces that I got from ebay that looks like one that was molded in red. Was this kit ever molded in red? If it was does anyone have a complete or nearly complete one that was molded in red that they would get rid of? Some one please send me a message with any info or possible car. Thanks.
  14. Mysterous hood.

    Thanks for the info. I believe you are right about it being a T-bird hood.
  15. I just got a box of parts and cars from ebay. There are some loose parts that don't go to any of the cars there were in the auction. This weird hood is one of them. It looks like it might go to a Vega. It was molded in red. It's the one in the picture that's bluish grey and has the letters CAF on it. The others I know what they are. If anyone knows what the hood goes to or if you need the hood just let me know.