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  1. I need a few parts. I have things to trade. See pic. Here's a description of some of the things in the pic I'm trading. The white Chevelle is a 1/24th scale Revell/Monogram kit. It's just the body and custom hood molded in white. The red Chevelle is the AMT kit it's just the body hood and chassis. Here's the list of everything I need. 1/24th scale Monogram/Revell 70 Cuda that came molded in green. I need the back bumper and taillights 1/24th scale Monogram/Revell 69 GTO. I need the back bumper and front suspension. 1/24th Scale Monogram/Revell 70 Chevelle (like the body I'm trading) I need 2 radiator supports, 1 fan shroud, 3 radiator hoses, 12 headlight bezels, and 2 sets of hubs and hub connectors. 1/25th scale AMT 70 Super Bee. Ok I need EVERYTHING for this kit EXCEPT the body and windows. 1/25th scale AMT 66 Ford Fairlane. Complete suspension, back bumper, both taillights. 1/25th scale AMT 68 Roadrunner. Front bumper, and both taillights. 1/25th scale MPC 69 Yenko Camaro. Hood, back bumper, and rear valance panel.
  2. I need a few parts for the MPC/AMT 69 Yenko Camaro. Here's a pic of the car and a list of the parts I need. Hood Wheels and tires Back bumper Rear valance panel
  3. Here's a few more kits for trade. We have a 1979 Firebird, 1982 Corvette, 1982 Camaro, and a 1988 Camaro. I am looking for a 68 and 69 Charger but will be up for other kits.The yellow Corvette is gone!
  4. I need a hood and grill for this.
  5. Got a 70's Bobby Allison Monte Carlo, 66 Nova, and the Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo. First year he was sponsored by Goodwrench edition. There's several parts missing from all three kits. I'm not looking for anything special just mostly muscle cars. I'm partial to AMT 68 Roadrunners, ans Revell 68 and 69 Chargers. See pic PM me if interested.
  6. You are right about the 70 GTX and the 49 Mercury wheels.
  7. I need 1 each of these three wheels.
  8. Yes! That is exactly what I am looking for. I will trade all four of the cars in my offer here for one of those. I have three of them molded in blue and two molded in white. I want the red Malibu. I hope to find one. Thanks for the help.
  9. Got a few cars here I'm looking to trade away see the pics. I thought I'd change things a bit. I will trade all FOUR of these cars for ONE of the Monagram1/24th scale 70 Malibus molded in red. It must be molded in red and be mostly complete. If the wheels and tires are missing that's ok but it must have all of the chrome hood and chassis. I really want one of these kits it's a nostalgia thing one was the very first model I ever built and it was lost many years ago. I would like to have another one. I will even throw in a couple more cars and parts not pictured. I am retiring from modeling at the end of the year and I would like to go full circle and in with the kit I began with. Again I can not ship outside of the US though sorry. MPC 67 Charger, hood and grill AMT 66 Fairlane front and rear suspension and back bumper Revell 1/24th scale front bumperx2 rear bumper Revell 1/24th scale 69 GTO back bumper front suspension. Revell 1/24th scale 70 Dodge Challenger stock hood, stock hood scoop, front valance panel, front bumper, rear pan, stock spoiler General Lee Charger back bumperx2 Revell 68 Charger back bumper and 3 of the chrome tail light bevells and 3 sets of door handles.
  10. James Maynard


    I'm needing the black bumblebee stripe for the Revel 1/24 scale 69 Dodge Super Bee. I need 2 front bumpers and 1 back bumper for the same kit but I need the decal more. It must be black. I really would appreciate one. It's the last thing I need to finish this build.
  11. Hi I've been away for a while and haven't even touched a model car in over a year. But now I want to get back into working on my junkyard diorama and I need a few things here and there. I'm also looking to restore a couple kits. Here's a list of a few things I really need. 69 Ford Shelby GT Mustang Chrome Hood Trim, Taillights, and Rear pan. (Revel Kit) 66 AMT Ford Fairlane complete front and rear suspension, and back bumper 69 AMT Olds 442 complete front and rear suspension, front and rear windows, back bumper 70 Revel Challenger Stock hood, stock hood scoop, front valance panel, front bumper, rear pan, stock spoiler 56 Revel Chevy Hood, complete chassis 70 Revel Boss Mustang Hood, front valance panel front bumper, rear panel, rear bumper dash, and complete front and rear suspension 69 Revel GTO Rear bumper, and front suspension. Plus any old steel wheels and tires like would be on junked cars. Oh and 1 supreme/crager 5 spoke wheel like came on the Revel 70 Plymouth GTX
  12. Thanks lol. I've been collecting games for a long time too.
  13. Thanks guys. And I started building models when I was about 10. So around 1988 or 89 probably. I used to have way more than this. But some got thrown away by accident when we moved.
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