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  1. So quick update here. I got the cab stripped of paint, and the window post fixed. Got the chassis painted the front axle issue fixed, and the wheels I'm going to us on. Interior is done too. Next update will be after I get the Duel Peterbilt hood. Not building the Duel truck by the way.
  2. Looks really good I like the color. I might use that color on my Marmon 57P when I get it.
  3. You're welcome. You mean two of my 4070s? I have 2 that are red, one white one with blue stripe, one black one, one two tone green one, and one purple with white stripe.
  4. I've used the 5 spoke wheels on all 6 of my 4070s. I either paint them body color or steel. I think my two kits from the actual 1970's the 5 spoke wheels are chrome.
  5. Good evening everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Anyway I got this old buildup in the mail yesterday and planning on restoring it soon. It is the original kit from 1972 molded in gray with green glass. The second cab is the later reissue I think. So is the sleeper. I'm going to get the Dual 361 truck hood from Keystone Aluminum Miniature Models and put on here making it a 1959 Peterbilt. Probably gonna paint it yellow. Changing the wheels too. Anyway here's the truck as she sits at the moment.
  6. Got 4 of these and 2 of the 4070B Transtar IIs. I'm actually doing a rustomod one now. These kits are really great and easy to build and lots of fun. Customizable too. I look forward to seeing yours done. Nice choice of colors.
  7. Yes this is the look I need. I've considered using real mud. This is the truck I'm working I'm not putting it in the WIP because I have about 3 projects in there already. But you see the shiny tires just do not fit the look I'm going for.
  8. I'm working on an old IH 4070 and I'm trying to make it look old and forgotten. I've got the frame and tanks rusted up but it has tires on it that are shiny and new looking. I want to make them look like the truck in the picture. This is the truck I'm trying to replicate.
  9. Looking good so far. I recently built one of these myself.
  10. I may wind up needing a set of those. I'll let you know.
  11. I would like to add TECHMAN to the great traders list.
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