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  1. So I finally got back to work on my Snowman truck. The trailer is almost finished. The truck is barely started. I messed the decals on the hood up a bit. Trying to make repairs on that.
  2. Ok guys I just got some Smokey and The Bandit decals for my Snowman truck it the mail. My question is how exactly do I apply them to my truck/trailer. Are they water slide like the regular decals that come with all kits, or do I paste them on? I paid $40 for these and just don't want to mess them up.
  3. Here's a project I'm working on That's nearly done. Trying to make a rusty Chevelle. I used rubber cement to get the took on the body. And salt to get the hood done. I need to fade the doors and fenders but not sure how to go about it. I need a few more parts as well like the stock 454 intake and the master cylinder. I added a pic of the body before paint to show it was molded in white.
  4. I wasn't going to do anything with this old Chevelle body. It's been in a box for years. But I decided to do another rusto mod. Here's what I DO have. I have the body, both front and back bumpers, and an engine. I have the custom hood as you can see in the pic but I want the stock cowl hood. This body is molded in white but parts molded in blue will be just fine. Here's the parts I need. Cowl Hood Complete Interior tub, dash steering wheel and front seats Complete chassis, front and rear suspension, and all four hubs and pins All four headlights and bezels. Windows
  5. I've got 2 parts cars of these. I may have the taillights. The horn should be the same as the ones for the 68 Roadrunner kits. I probably have several horns from those kits. I'll check the parts cars when I can.
  6. It's going to be Snowman's truck. The decals are expensive now though.
  7. Here's my next project. Just got it started. Put on a coat of gray primer then did the black paint. If anyone can guess this is going to be a famous truck. It's alright with Fred. This one has been a long time coming and is dedicated to my older brother that passed away almost 6 years ago. It's from one of his favorite movies. Progress will be slow since specialty parts are pricey. I will post more pics as more progress is made.
  8. You could also try heating it lightly with a cigarette lighter. Then holding it in place. Just be careful and not get it to hot. If you're going to paint it the don't worry about it turning black where you put the flame. This is Risky but it does work. I've done it before many times.
  9. Wow! I mean just wow! That looks amazing.
  10. Here are 4 more cars I will include in the trade from my previous post. As stated I will trade everything for one semi kit it can be a common kit and be built or unopened. I will trade separately too if you want something make an offer. I may even through some other things in. The 65 Malibu is no longer included. 62 Pontiac Catalina 70 Roadrunner 69 Camaro convertible (missing hood and back bumper) 70 Boss 302
  11. I'll participate. I have a trade going to get the parts I need for this, so I guess it with be my project. It's going to be a rusto mod.
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