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  1. Possibly one of a kind truck here. This is not a resin cab, it's scratch built for Evergreen I think. I know very little about the cab. I got it from Trucker Al. The majority of the rest of the truck is just a standard GMC Astro 95.
  2. So some of you might remember me asking about cutting a Titan 90 down to a daycab a few months back. Well I did and finally got the little truck finished. The cab is as says. The frame is from the 75th anniversary Freightliner kit the engine is from the AMT International 4070 kit. The wheels are from my parts box. The cab does tilt but it always knocks the front bumper off when it does. This was my first ever attempt at shortening a cab. I made the mirrors from paper clips and scrap plastic.
  3. This request has been filled ignore it.
  4. I need a hood and the chrome trim that goes on the front of the hood for the 1/24th scale Monogram 56 Chevy that came molded in light blue and black. The color doesn't matter it can even have been painted. I'd prefer if it doesn't have the hole cut out in the middle but if it does that will work. The hinge doesn't have to be included either. I don't usually build cars anymore but I found my old 56 in my closet and the hood is gone.
  5. Ok guys thank you this will help hopefully. I think I'll try the evergreen method. I was at a complete stand still on this one. My 57P went on it's frame pretty good I only had to cut two pieces of evergreen to rest the back of the sleeper on but this cabover just didn't look like it would fit at all.
  6. Has anyone here built a Marmon 110 cabover? Please tell me how to mount the cab to the frame. The donor frame is a AMT Freightliner cabover frame. I don't plan on making the cab tilt I just need to now what is the best mounts.
  7. Here's another pic of my Marmon 57P as she sits now. Among some of my other trucks.
  8. Thank you. The color is actually darker than the pic shows. You can see the actual color in the WIP I posted about this truck a while back.
  9. This one was tough. What's even tougher is taking pics of it. It's heavy and hard to pick up. But it's finally finished.
  10. Yes he does have one just like this he named her Betty I think. I watched the first video of him trying to start that truck. I have his KW Aerodyne Marla I'm building too. I heard him tell Hank Hamilton that was his favorite truck. Anyway thanks. I'll post more pics when I get more progress.
  11. Just got this one yesterday and just got her painted. She's going on a AMT KW 925 frame.
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