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  1. WANTED: AMT 1940 Ford Sedan Interior Bucket Only

    Would the interior bucket from this old Ford work? I don't know what year this is. PM me if interested or you think it's what you are looking for. I will trade the whole car.
  2. Finished builds.

    Thanks lol. I've been collecting games for a long time too.
  3. 1970 Roadrunner bench seat interior

    I've got and old junker with the interior in it. It's all there. It's been painted boot leather brown. PM me if you want it.
  4. Finished builds.

    Thanks guys. And I started building models when I was about 10. So around 1988 or 89 probably. I used to have way more than this. But some got thrown away by accident when we moved.
  5. Finished builds.

    Here are most of my builds and some others. I have gotten help (parts) from many of you here and I figured I would show you all what you have helped with. If anyone knows they have helped me or sent me parts take a bow. If a car looks dirty or has bad paint or mix matched parts it is on purpose as I like the junk look.
  6. MPC Mopar chassis.

    Jamie I didn't get your PM. But this request has been filled. Thank you.
  7. MPC Mopar chassis.

    I'm needing an MPC Mopar chassis. It can be from a General Lee kit or anything similar. I need it for the 69 Charger 500 model. That came molded in yellow.
  8. Multiple cars I need parts for. Updated

    Updated again.
  9. Multiple cars I need parts for. Updated

    I have someone that has sent me the parts for the 67 GTX. I still need everything else.
  10. Multiple cars I need parts for. Updated

    Here are some cars I am restoring that I need parts for. I will list the parts needed as some things can't be seen in the pic or weren't included or lost when they were shipped to me. Plus there are 2 cars I am parting out in the pic. The blue 69 Camaro and the purple and red 69 Dodge Super bee are the 2 cars I'm parting out. I will trade parts from them for parts anyone has for the cars I am asking for. Please do not ask me to send money for parts. I ONLY trade. I'm broke for the holidays. Anyhow the parts I need are below look at the pic for further reference. I have the parts for the GTX but I'm adding something new. I need one front wheel and both front tires and one back wheel and one back tire for the 66 Malibu gasser kit that is molded in black. (not in the pic) 65 Chevell hood and chrome hood trim 70 Revell 1/24th scale 3 in one Chevell front suspension and hubs. 67 Mustang Hood and trunk lid.
  11. Revell 59 Impala windshield and soft-top

    Try a Revell online parts request from to Revell site. If they still issue that kit you should be able to get what you need from them.
  12. 74 Dodge charger

    You're welcome Dave. I have ordered from Harts Resin before. They do good work. The back rollpan Valance they have for the 71 Charger will fit the 74 Charger too. However the grille they have for the 71 Charger will not fit it. If the 71 did fit it I have a spare one the you could have. I tried it and it doesn't fit though. You must get the one for the 74 Charger from Modelhaus.
  13. 74 Dodge charger

    Hi. I too am in the middle of restoring one of these. I am the one that tried putting the chassis from the AMT 68 Roadrunner under the body. The interior tub fits with the chassis. You may want to do a little more fitting work to make it look really good. I have no parts left over that you would need but I had 2 cars. All is left of my parts car now is just body and interior tub and the chassis. I can verify that the General Lee chassis will fit this as well. There was a guy here that offered me another interior tub for this. As for the chrome Jesse is right you can get it from Modelhaus. Harts Resin also has a hood I think will fit this.
  14. Very nice Camaro there. I would like to see it when it's finished.
  15. dodge super bee 1970 pro street

    Looking good there. I have one of these I've got to get around to finishing too. Mine is sublime green and with the interior gonna be white seats and door panels with a black dash and carpet.