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  1. I agree that the MPC kit for the Rubber Duck Mack is just plain terrible. And mine is even worse. It looks more like the truck after it fell from the bridge. I didn't build it, it came second hand to me. But what I did build is a lot lesser known truck from a forgotten movie. I built the KW from Breaker Breaker. Here's a pic of my Rubber Duck Mack and the KW from Breaker Breaker. I also almost have Pig Pins truck built too. I have the right model but the cabs I built is yellow. I built it before I started building the movie trucks. Another one I want to do is the truck from Over The Top.
  2. This is one I will be watching. I have an original Rubber Duck Mack that is from the actual kit that was released by MPC back in 1978. I plan on building the Blue Mule from Whiteline Fever and the truck from Duel soon. I finished my Snowman truck just before the holidays.
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have in the past on cars anyway used the plastic containers that things like sponge cakes come in at the deli at Walmart bakery. That works but doesn't bond well when glued in. These are great ideas and I will try them. I have ordered 2 junk semi build ups from ebay with busted cabs that I will use for donor chassis. Soon as they get here I will order the resin cabs.
  4. Good evening everyone. I posted a question a few days ago about resin semi truck cabs. I am still planning on getting the Mack F 700 cabover, and the Mack Superliner with sleeper resin cabs. They do not come with windows. So my question today is, what are some good things that can be used to make windows out of? The kits I plan to use for donor chassis are the GMC Astro for the F 700, and the AMT Mack Conventional that is green on the box for the Superliner. Will the windows in these kits work, or what can be used to make windows?
  5. Thanks for the replies. What are some good things to use for clear glass to make windows out of?
  6. Good evening everyone. I'm considering doing some conversations of a couple semi truck kits. There is a site that sells cabs made out of resin which I'm sure you all know about. My questions are about the Mack Superliner with sleeper, and the Mack 700 cabover with sleeper. What kits should I use as donors for chassis, and do they have glass (clear plastic) or do I have to come up with my own clear plastic for windows? Has anyone done conversions using either of these 2 cabs If so can you post pics of your completed models?
  7. As stated I'm looking for the smokestacks for this Peterbilt cabover. The ones on it are for a Freightliner and don't look or fit right. I also need one door handle and a complete passenger side mirror and brackets for the Western Star.
  8. So here it is, the rare International Transtar Eagle II cabover truck. Most everything is here. I'm taking a long shot in asking but does anyone out there have the few chrome pieces I need? What's missing are all of the handles, steps, and the parts that go on top of the engine. Plus some chrome parts that are here are in bad shape. You can see from the pics what's needed.
  9. Yeah I had my paint cans stored in my closet, they have been in there for years. I went to go get some out and use them only to find two of them empty with a sticky gum like substance at the bottom of the cans. What happened to cause this?
  10. After months of waiting and a lot of hard work. It's finally finished. The trailer is sensitive so I don't handle it much to take more pics. It was a rebuild of an older trailer I did couple years ago. I still need Trigger now I know.
  11. So I finally got back to work on my Snowman truck. The trailer is almost finished. The truck is barely started. I messed the decals on the hood up a bit. Trying to make repairs on that.
  12. Ok guys I just got some Smokey and The Bandit decals for my Snowman truck it the mail. My question is how exactly do I apply them to my truck/trailer. Are they water slide like the regular decals that come with all kits, or do I paste them on? I paid $40 for these and just don't want to mess them up.
  13. Here's a project I'm working on That's nearly done. Trying to make a rusty Chevelle. I used rubber cement to get the took on the body. And salt to get the hood done. I need to fade the doors and fenders but not sure how to go about it. I need a few more parts as well like the stock 454 intake and the master cylinder. I added a pic of the body before paint to show it was molded in white.
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