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  1. Check one of the truck sites like AIT or SourKrauts. You should be able to buy a set of air bags or complete frame rails and go from there.
  2. dwc43

    62 Dart

    I've been looking for one of those for a long time, myself. Hard top version to build a NASCAR racer out of. Can't seem to win an e bay bid on one though.
  3. That's a great looking DOH Plymouth you have there.
  4. Most run the black wheels, but the green goes with the paint job.
  5. I did one of those some time ago. I did the pie crust slicks and went front down and rear up. lol
  6. Thanks. For some reason I thought they were the same kit. Now I know where to find my stock steering wheel.
  7. Looking good. Your air filter is backwards though. That's a shield to protect the filter from dirt and hot air off the rad and water if it leaks. NASCAR used them that way to take in air off the windshield cause it's a high pressure point on those cars. What I like about it is the drilled grill and the bend on the side skirts like so many of those cars run. I ran dirt for years before going asphalt and road courses.
  8. iceman collection on e bay. Iceman Collections | eBay Stores
  9. Did you find a new steering wheel for it? I think that kit is the same as the camo truck kit that I have. It has a chrome after market steering wheel that I'd like to trade off for a stock wheel for my build. Not sure where to look for that.
  10. More than welcome. Just tryin to help out. Early Mopars used black caps and wires. Then they phased in the tan caps with black wires then they phased in the orange wires later on. Then in the 80's went back to black and black and stayed that way till the end.
  11. Looking good. Get the Alt. from the Revell 68 Charger kit. IT has a bracket on it already. Just dechrome it and paint the bracket black with an aluminum alt. And here's what you want for a dist. 8 Cylinder Tan Cap - Morgan Automotive Detail (madmodeling.com) Tan cap orange wires are factory for that year. After you start using these, you will never drill a dist. again. Only thing you need to add to these are the vacuum advance to it. Model Car Garage has them, but you can cut them off kit dist. if you find a good one like in the Charger kit I mentioned above.
  12. Looks good. Can't wait to see it finished.
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