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  1. More than welcome. Just tryin to help out. Early Mopars used black caps and wires. Then they phased in the tan caps with black wires then they phased in the orange wires later on. Then in the 80's went back to black and black and stayed that way till the end.
  2. Looking good. Get the Alt. from the Revell 68 Charger kit. IT has a bracket on it already. Just dechrome it and paint the bracket black with an aluminum alt. And here's what you want for a dist. 8 Cylinder Tan Cap - Morgan Automotive Detail (madmodeling.com) Tan cap orange wires are factory for that year. After you start using these, you will never drill a dist. again. Only thing you need to add to these are the vacuum advance to it. Model Car Garage has them, but you can cut them off kit dist. if you find a good one like in the Charger kit I mentioned above.
  3. Looks good. Can't wait to see it finished.
  4. Try 1634 Duplicolor Low Gloss Black. It's got a good satin finish to it. I use it lot. Use a primer for sure, it's a little on the hot side, but I've never hurt anything with it. I just did a 55 gasser with charged 327 and it turned out good with that black and gold decals. Called it the Rattler. Bad pic, but you get the point. lol
  5. You are correct. The round one is an unsilenced air filter. The base that holds the filter is smaller than the round lid on top. So it sucks all the air from underneath it. That's why there is no snorkel.
  6. That's the one. It used to be red on the box art. It's got a great looking small block 340. Even though you can't tell a 273,318,340 from each other by looking at it. You have to check the block casting numbers on the real thing. 360 has a weighted front balancer, so you can look at it and tell. That small block would be more realistic looking, in your car. The six pack was not available after 71, so if you did the 74 version you would have to do a 400 or 440 or a small block 318 or 340. Only options for that year. If you do research on DOH you will find most all of the cars had small blocks
  7. Yep. I've done it too. At least I know it's there, right. lol
  8. Probably. Similar one was used with two 4 bbls. The carbs should be brass.
  9. I'm sure it will look good no matter which way you go, but just wanted to throw that out there. Lots of people don't know the Mopar world. lol I worked for them, so I have inside info. lol
  10. They would have never used a 6 pack engine with a car that had the flat hood. You can swap the intake for a single 4 though. You can also get the 340 small block from the Duster kit. It has the best looking Carter Thermoquad ever made in that kit. It even looks better than all the holley carbs out there, except for a few resin versions.
  11. dwc43


    This guy has everything you need to build that car and then some. Check him out. | WHEELS & TIRES (roncoon.com)
  12. m.a.d. has them for 4 bucks. Mopar 727 Trans & Pan - Morgan Automotive Detail (madmodeling.com)
  13. I'm glad you bored it out. I would stuck a 360 in it and put 318 decals on it just to cheat. lol Looks good.
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