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  1. I've got a lot of work done finally. Still a ways to go though.
  2. Any idea what trailer you're going to put behind it? I'm thinking of using the Wilson Livestock trailer behind mine. I've got some work done so I'm posting a few new pics.
  3. Just got one of these reissued beauties yesterday. I have 2 of the original issues but decided to build a brand new one. I know the photos quality is bad but I went with a dark metallic purple. I will probably use the factory decals too. The green and white pic was my first choice but that color scheme fell through due to bad paint, so it was to the purple pond then a new color scheme.
  4. Thank you. It took a while to get it completely finished but it paid off. I have several unfinished one can be seen in the pic there. The green Kenworth with the silver trailer. I'm just in a rut right now and my building has came to a grinding halt.
  5. Here she is finished 100% trailer and all. Decided to do the Allied truck and drop the green.
  6. Thanks Gator. I finished the truck. It turned out pretty good. I just need some Purina decals for the trailer. Sadly no one makes them.
  7. Well here is as far as I've gotten on my tribute truck. As I said in the questions section when I asked if anyone knew of resin cabs to these trucks I said this was a tribute the the truck my neighbor drove when I was a kid. I'm not happy with the paint, it ran in several places on the hood. I sanded it down and went over it with brush paint but now it has brush marks. Anyway the frame is from a KW W923 the wheels and tires are from a Freightliner COE. I can't take more pics yet because the cab is bonding to the frame with 5 minute epoxy. Oh the sleeper is from a IH 4300.
  8. I need some of the flat sand shoes like these for the dollys on some of my trailers. I hate the wheels that are forced off on us. I need 3 sets.
  9. I got my IH 9300 cab today. Honestly it's really nice. I have a sleeper for it from the 4300 kit. Soon as the weather clears and I get some black paint, I'll start building it.
  10. Calling this one. Just got it done. The cab is from Dave at AITM the decals are from Jerry at Model Truckin and the chassis is from Sam I am. It was a GMC Astro 95 chassis. Been working on this one in secret.
  11. Thank you Gator. I have about 5 projects going at the moment and put my Duel truck on the back burner. I just got my Mack Superliner in the mail this morning from AITM and put it in primer.
  12. You might just need to contact him and ask him when he thinks the Rubber Duck Mack might be back in stock. Honestly I have never seen it be in stock. I was wanting to ask you. Where did you get your trailer for your Duel truck? There is a place that sells them but it looks like the only thing they have is the body with no wheels.
  13. Cool. Yes I am on Facebook I just don't have it on my phone yet. I go to it on my tablet. Right now I'm working on my Mack Superliner I just got in the mail this morning. I should get the IH 9300 Monday or Tuesday probably.
  14. That's a nice old Ford. Your brother has a real truck like that? What scale is that? It looks bigger than 1/24 1/25. I bought a 9300 today from Dave.
  15. Yes they are. They look so good on this old truck. They are made out of pewter though.
  16. I was going to use an old KW W900 frame but I agree with you the IH 4300 will work better. I'm building the 9300 in honor of my neighbor when I was a kid. He drove a black 9300 up till the day he passed away. I want to build that truck.
  17. Thanks. I know Dave I just ordered the Mack Superliner from him today. I don't think he has added this to his site yet.
  18. Is there anyone who makes resin cabs of this year and body style of the International 9300
  19. Thanks for replying. I got it today. Working on my Duel truck now.
  20. I ordered from these guys and it says my order has shipped but that was Thursday and nothing has arrived yet.
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