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  1. So I got this far but something isn't right. There is a gap between the dash and the front of the cab. You can see it in the pic. Any ideas why the gap is there? Everything is fitting together right other than than one area.
  2. Stayed up late in the night getting it this far. But she ain't done yet not quite ready to call this one. Still letting things dry so sorry for the one side picks or lack thereof pics.
  3. Got the frame and engine all done on this one. The cab is soaking in a purple bath at the moment.
  4. So I got the painting done on this one. Next I'll start putting it back together.
  5. I'm working on 3 right now myself. 1 cab conversion of a IH 4070 cab going on a Peterbilt Pacemaker frame. I need some missing parts before I finish that one. My other 2 are in the WIP. I just posted one.
  6. So I got this old AMT Peterbilt 359 from ebay a couple weeks ago. It was pretty rough and even sticky. I got it torn down and soaking in a Purple Power bath and finally got the frame almost finished. I put 10 brand new tires on it as well. It already had custom stacks. The first pic is what the truck looked like when I got it. The other 3 are my progress. I only got the hood, fenders, and AC unit painted so far the cab and sleeper are still in the purple bath. I will paint blue where the white is on the hood.
  7. You're welcome. Your terminator truck looks awesome so far by the way.
  8. I just removed the chrome plating from a couple 5th wheels in nothing but Purple Power. The plating was gone entirely in about 5 minutes.
  9. Looking good so far. I look forward to seeing more progress.
  10. So after years of looking for one of these, and the reissued 4070 kit I finally got a Transtar Eagle 2 unbuilt kit. Very reasonably priced from my good friend Mr. Mopar. I'm going to remove the brown paint scheme and do Dark green over Light green. Probably be a Branch Trucking with decals from Jerry at Model Truckin. Gonna take things nice and slow with this vintage kit. Building it alongside of the 4070 reissued projects here.
  11. No problem. And the frame is plated too so yeah soak it in Super Clean a couple days and the plating will be history. It will look much better painted without the plating on it, and be easier to assemble too.
  12. I would soak all of the plated parts of the trailer in something like super clean a couple days and remove the plating. Trust me that kit is tough and goes together much better with the plating gone. I'd paint the tanker silver and the rest gray.
  13. I'll be watching this one. I've always wanted to build that truck. Problem is I could never tell what color the cab was.
  14. Nice. I have one of these broken down now. Not sure what I want to do with it really
  15. Looks good. Can't wait to see it with the trailer.
  16. It was to much trouble and wasn't turning out like I hoped, so this project is scrapped. Saving the frame for a resin conversion when I'm able to buy one. Funds are severely low for me at this time.
  17. Thanks. And you are right about that. I don't have a single space left to put another truck and trailer couple.
  18. Finally more progress on the Blue Mule. Just need a set of mirrors to go on it and it will be done.
  19. Thanks. And no not yet. I need an exhaust hose. I'm thinking a bendy straw might work. The breather tube is a straw.
  20. I want to add Trucker Al to the great traders list.
  21. Thanks. I remember seeing this style on the road as a kid. There's still a couple old trailers sitting around town. I plan on building a Roadway Road Boss single axle in the future.
  22. Yeah it was a leftover decal from something else. The Blue Mule decal is from Model Truckin. The Dodge decals are from there too. The Dodge is completed now in the under glass section.
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