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  1. Steve, sorry to be a pest but how did you achieve that fabric top finish on the Chrysler. It’s outstanding.
  2. Clearly I have a lot to learn and I’m quite certain I’ll not reach the level of many of you but I’m having a ball and I really appreciate the help. Never occurred to me to paint foil then wipe it off. Brilliant! Now just to master BMF.
  3. Steve, I would be ecstatic to achieve results anywhere close to yours. Beautiful work. Thanks for the step by step instruction. I am at the point where I can try this now, though I will probably use a homemade foil. Mixed results but still better, and a lot cheaper than BMF. Questions though. Why not do all foil work before the final wet color coat? Also, in past build my paint build up diminished the detail on some insignia/lettering. Is there a method you recommend to restore this detail if it is obscured? This has been enlightening.
  4. 89AKurt, I couldn’t shave anything, I love the stock look. The more stock, the better, factory colors for that era, interiors, etc. Boring to some, but those are the cars I love. Glad to hear I am not the only one. Many great tutorials on this forum and great vids available, but I have yet to find one on this topic. SCRWDRVR, Do you just press down and dispense a small amount of the Molotow or do you empty it into a bottle? If just a small amount, what do you use as a palette? Thanks!
  5. Total newbie here after 58 yrs, allow me to apologize for my inexperience first. Just getting back into the hobby and learning a lot but I am at a loss to figure out how you folks get the body badges, insignias and lettering absolutely perfect. I have been trying the chrome Molotov pen, other craft pens,, foil applications, etc. and I seem to get the best results with a tiny, tiny tip brush using silver metal testors paint. It’s ok, but yours look so, so much better. I want to be able to colorize the Buick emblems on my 62 Electra as well as on my other builds in progress, not just silver paint. Ive tried to search this topic but I must be using the wrong terms. Can you help? Thank You. Curt
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