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  1. I like this but i know what you mean last bike i built was 1:10 scale that's why I had to buy a 1:24 scale finished "toy" to tear down and do how i wanted to so it didn't mess up the look of my 1:24 scale hot rods I love your bike though
  2. Hi this is a my build thread of my WIP 1:24 scale bobber. I started with a 2002 Harley sportster replica, pulled it apart and stared building a custom frame, Im using the same technique I've used in customizing 1:1 scale bobbers just this is trickier because i have to plasti-weld this frame not Tig it LOL, so far i feel like im off to a good start im looking forward to posting more pixs soon but heres what Ive got
  3. Hi my name is Dru Green I'm From Chickamauga GA, and I build 1:1 scale hot rods and customs as my main hobby but in my spare time I love building 1:24 and 1:25 scale model hot rods. my favorite thing to do is think out side of box stock. I enjoy kit bash as well as Diorama... I have yet to build a full on Diorama my only experiences with it is a few trailers made out of scrap polystyrene, wood, and left over wheels and tires, I like swapping engines and once as a kid even built a shade tree style A-Frame for pulling engines and looked like I was swapping the engine out of my 69 Camaro. Good times Im looking to get in to resin casting and model building for some of my rare and hard to find models as well as some of my scratch build stuff Thanks to all on the forum
  4. THANKS For the pix guys... that has been extremely helpful. I think I like the C1152 and C1154 kits that would make for some endless possibilities in rat rod and custom hot rod grill very happy bout that one. I'll say it once again I'm really loving this forum... when i get home tonight ill try to post some pix of past projects as well as current ones in the appropriate threads
  5. check jimmy flintstone studios he might can help you http://jimmyflintstonestudios.com/?s=willys
  6. First, thanks to everyone for the quick reply, so far this has really been a positive and helpful forum. After my research I see that the 49 Mercury kit comes with 3 grill options, but only two of them are on the box does ant one have pix of the 3rd grill? I've found a grill to a '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery not sure the manufacture of the kit but i found this on ebay... it could use a few more teeth IMO to make it look more like a classic custom.
  7. Im looking for Merc. grills for my rat rods... im looking for that old school Desoto / merc. Big tooth grills for my 1/25 rat rods... i love the look of the big teeth in the grill i feel its very aggressive.
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