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  1. AUg. 20th Be there!!!! check facebook page for info
  2. MPC reissued kit. box stock Paint is Testors Inca Gold.
  3. I was there yesterday hadnt been in good while. brought back memories from before. Dale jr was there as grand marshal for race. Glad he did autograph session was really cool showed him pic of me with his dad when i was 5 at North Wilkesboro speedway and he said "Thats D@mn Cool" wanted share couple pics of Jacks cars they had be cool if someone made the decals for pontiac wouldnt mind ol Skoal #11 car too.
  4. One of fav BGN cars from 2000's. Had car practically done execept decals been on backburner for lil bit but finished last week.

    NOS ARCA Car

    All done Just a fantasy car been wanted to do.
  6. im in Clemmons about mile from 421 exit (lewisville-clemmons rd)
  7. MDA show was back in march in Roanoke idk if they are having The Shootout show they do in summer. Simpsonville show was back on may 14th was gonna go but due to gas and having to go to Raliegh the nxt week i didnt go. But yeah CKM show is still on for 8/20/22 in Clemmons
  8. Some pics of Older Nascar cars that were outside track yesterday @ Charlotte Motorspeedway
  9. Been wanting to do a ARCA Series Car. What ive come up with, NOS Energy Drink Fusion, Decals from Powerslide NOS Sprint Car, Arca decals from Danica go daddy Powerslide set, The #15 from Lake Speed Slixx set, Paint is Tamiya Orange & Testors Star Spangle Blue, Still have few things to finish before fully done.
  10. CRANMAN1

    Dave Marcis x2

    Two Dave Marcis builds, had tried to take pics before never got around to em had finished before MDA show. Blue Marcis car- Monogram kit gray chassis, Tamiya French Blue, JNJ decals. Marcis Black car- Wanted to build as car he got from Childress didnt relize got the tire letters wrong i remember he ran car in 92, Monogram kit, Chassis Chevy engine orange paint, Tamiya Black decals are from Powerslide and JNJ.
  11. Just display of what was gonna come out that was it
  12. Which one lol yeah one in small scale was crazy.
  13. Good show great turn out think was best weather for the show in some while. enjoy
  14. Great looking build!!
  15. yes looking to be there hope see everyone there
  16. Yeah check out SCMA facebook can google-south carolina modelers association, post about shows i know couple weeks Hope It dont Snow show coming up and Simpsonville show is good one.
  17. Nice Build!! one of fav Means cars!!
  18. sorry put pinto mod in headline suppose say chevy mod instead
  19. Thought b cool do a wedge for the dirt chevelle car i did make it as Bobby took around to short tracks. Paint is Krylon Banner Red. Decals from Powerslide
  20. Mpc kits Chevy engine orange paint on both. Used Kit decals and few others i had.
  21. Box stock, Painted most of the black parts instead of doing all in the decals provided., Paint Tamiya White and Black,
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