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  1. Here are some recently-scanned 35mm color negative images from the 2002 MassCar contest. Can you ID the builders of the '59 Chevy and the wild custom Edsel combo?
  2. There is one Model King box I had. The Hemi Under Glass. One year at NNLEast there was an announcement for people to head to the bleachers outside for a photo session. So I, along with some others from my club are in the background of the boxart, along with other show attendees.
  3. There is good reference available regarding Chevy cars and trucks. https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits.html Yes, the sedan roof was shared between two-door and four-door models, and through the '55-'57 years. Hardtops will be different from the sedans, different windshields.
  4. They're all the same to me. :-P I've had similar conversations in my model club meetings. Most members seem enthusiastic about muscle cars, pony cars, etc., while just a few of us would rather have a nice kit of a Lincoln Zephyr coupe or other Classic. As far as Moebius goes, I've been hoping they'd develop the Pontiac line to other body styles.
  5. That airbrushing is what makes it special to me. :-) A high school friend of mine's parents bought a similar Olds wagon used, in the '80s, that came with airbrushed artwork of its own...a graveyard theme! They got a chuckle out of it, and called it the Deathmobile or some such. I don't have pictures of that one.
  6. Aren't there enough muscle car kits already? :-P
  7. I have only a vague memory of this place. A recollection was the name "Car Palace", and eventually a period newspaper describes a business of that name in Somerset, MA. It's interesting the article mentions the Rolls Royce van, as I have found it online in later years, and IIRC it has been restored. I wonder if the Turbo Tub still exists. (Pictures taken with a 110-cartridge camera.) Newspaper clipping (online) from Lewiston Journal, June 12, 1985
  8. These pictures are from a color negative scan, so the color balance may be a little off. :-)
  9. Twenty years ago I was in Miami for my cousin's wedding. Saw some interesting cars and architecture (and the Everglades as well on the day of the 11th). https://www.flickr.com/photos/brian_w_austin/29681240755/in/album-72157673871741815/
  10. Interesting concept. Running the grooves neatly at that angle on a curved surface will certainly be a challenge...
  11. The Jan-March 1972 issue of Special Interest Autos has an article on Nomads, and it includes the Waldorf Nomad. One lovely illustration compares the show car with the production Nomad and its Pontiac cousin. Note the show car's roof and greenhouse differs from the production models.
  12. Quick history of the Gar Wood company... http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/g/gar_wood/gar_wood.htm
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