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  1. This might answer some questions regarding how the bed floor might look with these T-Birds... https://www.deadclutch.com/2020/02/12/1961-ford-thunderbird-custom-pickup-ranchero-conversion/
  2. It all depends on how people want to organize their images. Fotki's album organization ability is handy for showing a large number of images. If you only want to show a small number, then using this board's uploading tool may be better.
  3. Portraying Godzilla was amazingly physical work for Haruo Nakajima, the guy in the rubber suit. His costume was heavy and hot inside.
  4. https://www.stlouiscarmuseum.com/vehicl e s/28/1950-ford-f5-tow-truck
  5. Non-round headlights are kind of interesting. American cars sporting CIBIE lights can be interesting. Square lights on a custom van are cool.
  6. Neat idea for a layout. Is he replicating the passenger station? That would make an impressive model.
  7. Juergen, you are very welcome. One thing I forgot to note in my post was that for the frame I'd recommend starting with the one from Revell's '50 Oldsmobile and rear axle from AMT's '62 Pontiac Catalina and a pair of leaf springs from somewhere else. IIRC the '55-'57 Pontiac trunk area is different from Chevrolet.
  8. Since my family had an HO model railroad layout, we had an Atlas hobby saw to cut rail and such. It became my entry into model car hacking (1980s or so). It looked an awful lot like this one currently in production, just in an uglier color. https://www.amazon.com/Atlas-Model-Railroad-Super-Saw/dp/B0006KQI0A (Atlas Tool Co. went on to become a major player in the model railroad field, and magazine ads used to poke fun at their name by listing the various track, rolling stock and other items they produced, and yet they offered only one tool, the hobby saw. Later on they changed their name to better reflect their hobby products.) So, anyway, here's a lesser-known alternative for hobby saws to consider. Do any of you use coping saws?
  9. In the late '70s or early '80s my family toured the Framingham, MA GM plant. Today the property is home to a vehicle auction company.
  10. From Horseless Vehicles And Automobiles by Gardner D. Hiscox, a 1901 volume still in circulation at a local library. (Ignore upper diagram on p.228 and all of p.231.)
  11. Two recent articles: https://driving.ca/chevrolet/auto-news/news/millennials-are-doing-the-opposite-of-killing-the-classic-car-industry-survey https://www.forbes.com/wheels/features/millennials-vintage-car-collecting/
  12. I've read from time to time of a supposed renewed interest in brass-era cars.
  13. With the various 1:1 fiberglass Cobra kit cars produced over the years, I'm a little disappointed there aren't Aceca replicas generally available. A while ago I started a 1:24 Aceca kitbash based around Monogram's 427 Cobra, far from a stock version.
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