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  1. I should point out that Chevy sedan deliveries used the wagon roof panel, so the roof rib pattern engraved in the '60 Chevy kit are incorrect (See ref. picture-car not mine). When I set custom project aside I was wondering just how I was going to replicate the roof. I think I'll try an overlay of scribed sheet.
  2. Some time ago I started a conversion using the roof on a Revell '59 Impala. IIRC the AMT kit body is a little narrower than the Revell one.
  3. Brian Austin


    Anybody remember Photopoint? A paid service that went kaput. I'm in transition from a free Flickr account to a paint Fotki account (eventually) but I seem to remember they had issues themselves some years ago.
  4. For more info see.. http://www.translatoruser-int.com/translate?&to=en&csId=ebb96d3f-7674-4ca0-ba3b-7f4931766838&usId=15dbac7f-5123-422a-8df3-ccd8b34f3da3&dl=en&ac=true&dt=2019%2f9%2f5 3%3a7&h=kldyD5DcXai46MsOgNI37k9aqxMPHZaV&a=http%3a%2f%2fwww.ecodacs2.nerima.tokyo.jp%2frehsi%2fessyasen.html Original Japanese-language page for reference in case the translated page doesn't post properly: http://www.ecodacs2.nerima.tokyo.jp/rehsi/essyasen.html
  5. I saw this as I was returning from a car show. Not bad for a grab shot...
  6. I love these kits. I'm considering building mine as a typical 19th century New England locomotive. They were quite colorful when built, getting more plain later in the decade. The "General" was built by Rogers Locomotive Works in 1855. Note that the kit (and most motorized smaller-scale models) represent the locomotive after restoration, and had been modified numerous times since it ran during the war. As built it ran on 5-foot-gauge track, later rebuilt to standard gauge. Anyway it's a cool build and it's always nice to see these kits built...
  7. Oh I love that! Apparently it's called the Camelot Cruiser, and three were made. I love the use of an extra cab structure for the "bay window" effect at the front. Those Ford cabs sure are versatile. :-)
  8. OK Using Google Street View might be cheating a little, but I saw a Bulldog Mack behind a window at a heavy haulage company's yard garage in Holbrook, MA this afternoon. Their website shows some of their haulage trucks I didn't really get to see as I passed by. https://www.hallamore.com/
  9. This kind of reminds me of the trouble I had cutting and stretching an early issue of Revell's PT Cruiser to make a hearse. I think those bodies of that era were actually ABS, and didn't seem to want to stay glued to regular old polystyene among other issues. That project was a particularly hard-fought battle. The plastic wasn't glass-brittle, but it broke in unexpected ways. IIRC the Revell '56 Chevy 210 bodies were also ABS.
  10. Well, sure...if I was a morning person, I'd be out the door earlier than 10AM. :-)
  11. I drove the 2+ hours to Hillsborough, New Hampshire to attend a truck show. Not far from the state border I came up on the delivery truck at a classic car / used car dealer. After the truck show I wandered around Hillsborough. I visited the spot where the late Richard Kemp had is open-air truck "museum" along the side of a river. I was there a couple of times about a decade ago. This time around, his barns looked largely unchanged, but the property by the river was all overgrown and I couldn't see the river at that spot. I did find a random old tow truck and some tractors. Downtown I came upon trucks from the Granite State show.
  12. I was there, but since I arrived after noon, several trucks had already left. It's particularly disappointing when it's a long drive for me.
  13. The paisley roadster comes from a 1973 issue of Hot Rod, while I've apparently had the little slip of paper with the steam car ad since the '90s but can't recall where I got it. I've been unable to find any info on the car, if any were built.
  14. Interesting...it was I who posted that article on the SMCars site. 🙂 I have now posted the complete article in a new thread. in the 1:1 Reference section of this forum I don't recall seeing the silver/grey RHD car before though, so I find that one of interest. Note that the registrations on the cars shown in the RHD car above, the one reviewed in the article, and a third one in the ad I posted with it are all different. So how many were there?
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