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  1. The prop cars in storage awaiting to be sold: https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/ford-v-ferrari-movie-cars-found-in-southern-california/
  2. A variety of examples from the various coachbuilders making "professional cars' on Cadillac chassis: https://www.newcadillacdatabase.org/static/CDB/Dbas_txt/prof59.htm
  3. I'm not fond of the custom sun visor, but the interior shots might be useful... https://hearseforsale.org/cadillac/1959-cadillac-hearse-meteor/ This one might be a combination ambulance/hearse. Note the linoleum floor with what appear to be casket rollers. http://davidsclassiccars.com/cadillac/69738-1959-cadillac-mm-futura-hearse-ambulance-m-m.html
  4. Well, color me surprised. I was expecting the image to have been colorized, but here's what The Old Motor blog has to say about it (bold added for emphasis): "Today’s lead image of a Fred Harris Inc. cab-over tow truck contains all of the information to identify its location. Who can tell us more about this dealership? The photo was taken with a type of early color film noted for its reddish hue, which can also be more pronounced when caused by degradation." https://theoldmotor.com/?p=182439
  5. I just saw an article today that four new, un-used Vipers sold in 2020, despite the fact they have been out of production for a number of years. Also, when I read "remains" in the title of the post, I was picturing a burned-out shell or a mangled wreck. :-)
  6. I'd recommend the '60 Chevy wagon as well. I could then kitbash it with the '59 El Camino. :-)
  7. I saw this one in the gift shop area of a car museum in Buffalo, NY in 2018.
  8. I think these boxes were designed to appeal to the modeler's mother rather than the kid himself. :-) These were toys, after all. Also, I think some of you are confusing box art with the overall theme of the kit itself, two separate entities.
  9. Too bad Renwall didn't do a Visible Allison engine kit 😛 How about a DeDion or Mercedes? https://www.ministeam.com/acatalog/Classic_Mottors.html You can purchase metal castings to make working steam engines of various kinds. https://www.ministeam.com/acatalog/Casting-Kits.html Here's a fully-functioning miniature V8 https://www.ministeam.com/acatalog/Conley-V8-Stinger-609-Engine-COStinger609.html#SID=327
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