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  1. How about RC Cola? 🙂 https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/rmx-6668.htm
  2. I was reminded of the Spitfire episode as well. Then there was the one where he attempted to run a model train along a 10-mile rail-trail segment. He failed that attempt, but some time later he did another episode where he tried it again with lessons learned from the previous episode (titled "James May's Great Train Race"). (There was also a completely separate production hosted by someone else that ran a larger live-steam powered locomotive across a 71-mile course tracing the route of a long-gone railway line in the Scottish Highlands. This was a miniseries called The Biggest Little Railway In The World, and aired in 2018 or so.)
  3. A decade ago James May had a series where he profiled popular toys. In the Scalextric episode he recruited townsfolk to recreate the 3-mile track around the Brooklands curcuit using slot car track, racing two 1:32 cars. Since half the Brooklands property had been redeveloped after racing was shut down in the late '30s or so, they had to traverse many obstacles. Hour-long episode split over four parts on Dailymotion. 1. 2.
  4. Tractors https://wisemanmodelservices.com/O-Scale-On3-On30/O-SCALE-CASE-STEAM-TRACTOR-DOZERS-CRAWLERS-TRACTORS
  5. Trucks (mostly Jeffrey Quad and Klieber, along with an early Fruehauf trailer or two.) https://wisemanmodelservices.com/O-Scale-On3-On30/1-48-O-SCALE-TRUCKS-AND-PARTS Cars (mostly Model T) https://wisemanmodelservices.com/O-Scale-On3-On30/O-SCALE-NATIONAL-MOTOR-MODEL-T-FORDS-1-48 Posted for reference. I have not ordered from this website or seen any of the products in person.
  6. FWIW, the official website lists the price at only 1,099 (Brit Pounds) for all the parts at one go in one package, so yeah, this offer would appear to be a little overpriced...
  7. This show aired in the UK, and profiled several different model types. Model cars in this case were represented by R/C racers. Some of the model builders show their techniques. The segment showing figure construction was particularly interesting (first part). The other parts of this video are also on YT.
  8. This series aired on PBS in the 1980s-90s era. The host's dialog style might feel a little forced today, but that's the way it was done then. From what I've read, the host was an accomplished builder. The show was aimed at novices. Other parts of the show are on YT.
  9. Which year Zephyr? Conversion to a '40-'41 Lincoln from the Monogram Continental would be pretty involved. Continental front fenders are longer, the cowl moved towards the back and the hood is lower than a Zephyr. There also is an apron over the running board on the '40s Lincolns. Illustration below is a '40-'41 convertible. IIRC there was a resin kit for a Zephyr coupe.
  10. Here are some nice drawings of a Lincoln Zephyr coupe to compare against the Continental. I'm not fond of the image viewer. You'll have to zoom in to read the details. https://www.thehenryford.org/collections-and-research/digital-collections/artifact/378504/
  11. Raymond Loewy (pictured below) and Frank Lloyd Wright each redesigned their personal Continentals. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2017/08/09/who-built-it-better-loewy-v-stevens-v-wright-on-the-lincoln-continental
  12. The Lincoln Continental by OCee Ritch, published by Floyd Clymer, 1963. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015002060484&view=1up&seq=5
  13. I have always hoped for a '36-'39 Lincoln Zephyr couple plastic kit.
  14. Superior-bodied coaches of the period had flashers with large bullet lenses. Probably closer to what people might associate with a classic ambulance than the ones M-M used. Some coachbuilders used passenger-car taillight lenses.
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