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  1. I thought the Lionel collectors might find this of interest. The store issuing the catalog appears to have been located in NYC. Skip to page 24 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=nnc2.ark:/13960/t3mx2493d&view=thumb&seq=1
  2. I grew up with this album. Listening to it again with a new appreciation for it, it's a fun recording...
  3. See Part 1 of this video. Adam Neely also has discussed various plagiarism cases in other videos.
  4. I thought the JG Thirlwell name sounded familiar. He also composed the soundtrack for the "Venture Brothers" animated series.
  5. Here's a bodystyle not noted in the Land Rover ad. Indeed the kits have creative potential...
  6. I fell into watching a small number of Bad Chad episodes on Motor Trend channel just last week. I don't think I'll be watching any more.
  7. Traveler (foreground) and Smoky (background) in 1987.
  8. Apparently these carnival trucks had the rides built in. https://www.obnoxiousantiques.com/inventory/ferris-wheel-amusement-ride-truck/ https://www.obnoxiousantiques.com/inventory/antique-carnival-whip-ride-amusement-truck/ https://www.obnoxiousantiques.com/inventory/1953-chevrolet-whip-car-carnival-truck/
  9. A complete truck https://www.obnoxiousantiques.com/inventory/1950s-gas-powered-store-promotion-truck/ Fiberglass body shell (made from original mold) https://www.obnoxiousantiques.com/inventory/divco-truck-body/ Aren't they cute?
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