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  1. This is fantastic! Well done. I love Australian vehicles and you have done a superb job with this one!
  2. Goody's Headache Powders did just that! (Well, maybe not a '70, but still...)
  3. Yup, that is why I called it a starting point. If anyone can do it, Tim can.
  4. And yet it's the other release that has the pink triangle graphics...not that there is anything wrong with that.
  5. Wasn't this style box exclusive to Walmart? Seems like they are everywhere now, but I thought they were discounted Walmart offerings.
  6. Yes, indeed! Actually got to meet him at Lime Rock. Really nice man. Been wanting to build a couple more of his rides.
  7. Hey...not being a smart-alek...wouldn't you be able to use this as a starting point?
  8. I know that is a NASCAR West competitor, but it almost looks like a Wood Brothers car on the inside. Here's another oddity from this race (but you probably already know this one):
  9. I get that! Howzabout a 4-door '67 Olds? And to think people made a big deal that the NASCAR Taurus was a 4-door!
  10. Ok, last one for today. Hope I didn't get carried away. I think this was built 20 to 25 years ago because we didn't get a kit of this model T-Bird til well after the fact. They are aftermarket decals that were designed for the 1989 and later car, so the sponsor markings aren't quite right but close enough for a shelf-sitter. I just wanted to build a version of this car at the time and I don't recall that the correct decals were done until after this was built. Also amazing to me how much some decals have yellowed over time and some haven't as much. The red and gold side stripes are JNJ decal film cut to shape. I remember that much at least! Cheers!
  11. Not the greatest. Box stock with aftermarket decals. As I recall, I tried to lower the stance which created the issue with the pop-up hood. Maybe it made it more aerodynamic? Thanks for looking!
  12. Box stock with a mixture of aftermarket decals, some of which have yellowed more than others. Gotta love those ShaboTire Markings. Wish they still made them! Thanks for looking!
  13. Hey, as I mentioned in a previous post, I came across a box of NASCAR models I built 25 to 30 years ago. This one was the very first MONOGRAM NASCAR kit I ever built. Not sure why I jacked it up. I must have been migrating from hot rods to NASCAR. Also, I have built a few of these Delta 88s, and the hood pops up on all of them. Anyway, I am home today and figured it would be a good use of my time (ha ha) to post some more of these older builds. (Not sure if we have a daily posting limit?) Thanks for looking!
  14. This is gorgeous! It's been on my build list forever. I'm playing catch up with old NASCAR posts today. Sorry I missed this one! Did you modify the front wheel wells? Those are about as perfect and tight as I've ever seen!
  15. This is a beautiful build of a subtle, but beautiful car. Black is a tough color and you have made it perfect!
  16. This is fantastic! Love the obscure stuff...
  17. That would make sense! I am going to take some pictures of the Pontiac over the weekend and post them on the forum. It's not bad that bad but you'll see what I mean. I have seen some excellent builds of both the flat nose and the 2+2 so it must just be me.
  18. Fantastic! That Plymouth is killer and that 56 is just too cool!
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