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  1. This looks fantastic! I may be repeating what others have said...this really looks like a concept car FoMoCo would have displayed at one of the auto shows back in the day. Excellent work!
  2. Thank you Alan, and all! The Marlin was actually the second one I built. It was molded in a milky aqua and I was going to do it in aqua and white, but there was just something about the black and yellow image on the box. The first one I had was molded in off white, as I recall. I was only 10 or 11 and I remember being frustrated with the multi piece front suspension, so I never finished it. They are pretty cool vehicles in the "flesh". Could be fun, if a bit expensive now, to create a Rambler Tarpon from various Johan Rambler bits. Anyone tried it?
  3. If I was a dog, my tail would be wagging right now! Thanks for posting this awesome Javelin!
  4. Thanks Steve. That is BEAUTIFUL, and exactly why I said mine are a bit crude. Holy cow is that amazing!
  5. Yes, the Caddy is definitely smaller. I think I read somewhere a while back that Jo Han would sort of scale them to whatever would fit in their standard promo box (like Matchbox cars) . I have no idea if that is true. You'll also notice the Marlin and the DeSoto are a bit larger in scale. Could also just be one of the many quirks that makes Jo Han so endearing.
  6. Thanks all! These are somewhat crude by today's standards. I was a bit hesitant to post, but now I'm glad I did!
  7. I did not build these. I got them in a box lot auction and have been wrestling with whether or not to strip them and restore them, or just leave them be. I can just picture some kid in 1959 or 1960 sitting at the table building these and it kinda stops me in my tracks.
  8. Here's a few Jo Han kits I built probably 30-35 years ago. The pink DeSoto and Dodge are a bit more recent. Those are the green window kits put out by X-El, or Seville, or whoever they were that week. I, truly, miss Jo Han, as I'm sure a lot of us do. Fortunately, I have a bunch more waiting to be built, and I am hoping to do a better job with them than what you see here. But, these sure make me nostalgic, and I hope they bring back some memories for you all, too!
  9. Nicely done! Here's one I just completed.
  10. Maybe not a true NASCAR ride, but here's my Petty Dart built box stock from the recent reissue.
  11. Very cool and kind of a coincidence since I posted a Mustang fastback project in the workbench forum today! That's a great looking ride and I would love to see more pics.
  12. AJ's Valvoline ride is my other choice. Guess I will flip a coin because your Foyt car has inspired me!
  13. A work in progress. Monogram Nascar Buick Regal chassis and body with Revell Olds 442 nose, tail and hood. This is all just glued together at the moment, no putty or anything yet. The Revell pieces fit pretty well, but it will take a bit more work to make it "right". I think this will end up being Cale's Valvoline ride. Thanks for looking!
  14. Hey! This is a work in progress. It's an AMT asphalt modified chassis with an altered wheelbase Mustang body and a bit of scratch building. I know the stance isn't quite right for an asphalt car, but I really like the agressive rake and it's somewhat based on a the dirt track car pictured in the background. It's been a fun project so far. Thanks for looking!
  15. Looks fantastic and I love the color! One naive question that I am sure is covered in other topics...how did you light this for the photos? I've been building forever but only recently have I tried taking pictures, and they are always really dark, no matter the (sometimes hilarious) ligniting setups I try. Your pics are so sharp and bright, I hope you don't mind my asking. Again, though, great build!
  16. I bought 2 of the kits, originally, and am, currently, converting the other to a 70-72 using the nose from a Johan promo. In the late 60s and early 70s, my dad's boss had a brother-in-law who owned an AMC dealership, so, naturally, everyone in dad's company "chose" to buy AMCs and Ramblers. We had them all, except a Gremlin. The brother-in-law was pretty good to me, as I remember him giving me all kinds of promos and even a large, inflatable pink Gremlin character. Wish I had all that stuff now, but I digress. Anyway, my wagon was a 232, but my mother had a Hornet coupe with a 258 and that little car was pretty peppy! Thanks, again, for looking!
  17. Ha! Thanks! I know I posted it under a different topic, as well, but I figured I would try to breathe some new life into these poor old AMC forums (especially since I am so late to the party). Thanks again for looking!
  18. Hi all, I know this is an old post, but figured I would post some pics anyway, in cas people are still looking. (Like me) I finished the model about a year ago. It's based on an actual car I owned back in the day.
  19. It's a one-piece body with the hood molded in, plus a separate hood (if you want to open it up, I guess), interior tub, dash, grille, taillight panel, red taillights, a one-piece/promo-style chassis, and a clear sheet with window template. It's a pretty complete kit. I added a steering wheel, wheels and tires. I bought 2 of the kits and am, currently, working on converting the other to a 70-72 using the nose from a Johan promo.
  20. Hi, I am new to all of this Internet and forums stuff but have been a modeler for years and love all things AMC. Thanks for this opportunity to chat! Here is an rmr Hornet wagon I built. Not the best picture, I know...but I'm a modeler, not a photographer ☺maybe someone can offer photo advice?
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