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  1. MPC '76 Datsun 620 pickup, mostly out of box. The extra bits are from the parts box and craft stores. a little light weathering... The word on the tailgate is "gone fishing" in Filipino....
  2. The 1957 Ford is my all time favorite car, and this is a gorgous example! Well done!!
  3. (All in 1/24 -1/25 scale) Citroen Ami-6 Citroen Dyan Peugeot 402 (Eclipse) 60's Ford Cortinas (non-Lotus, just your average family knock-about) 50's/60's Ford Zodiac/Zepher BMW 2002 (This one is BEGGING to be tooled!) Triumph Herald 60's Vauxhall Viva 50's/60's Vauxhall Victor ANY Eastern Bloc car, Tatra 603, ZIL 111 etc., etc., etc. Have a plastic toy of a Chiaka Packard knock-off....... I know it's not European, but I for 1 would like to see a '64-'70 Toyota Corona. Highly popular in Japan and here in the States. Surprised none of the Japanese companies haven't jumped on it yet....
  4. Beautifully done! Was it inspired by Scaramanga's car from the James Bond "The Man With The Golden Gun"? Love AMC's work.....
  5. Beautiful! Was there a base model you started with, or just sheet plastic? Fantastic work!
  6. Greetings to all. Never been on a forum before and posted pictures. Was turned on to this by a fellow builder and thought it was time get out there and see beyond the NNLs. Into factory stock 1/20 to 1/32 scale, especially into fins and chrome and 50's thru 70's non-American cars, big into the Japanese stuff. Really curious to see and hear from people who build that kind of stuff. I posted a few pics of a few converted Doyosha Datsuns, a '71 Bluebird 610, and a '70 Sunny Coupe. Here's a Fujimi '73 Toyota Levin modified down to just a standard Corolla.....
  7. 2 Datsuns by Doyosha (formerly Yamada) models. The 1/23 scale blue '71 Bluebird 610 had only a flat chassis plate with battery door and a flat interior plate to make space for motorization. This was replaced with a chassis and suspension from Tamiya's '72 Skyline with many of the interior pieces molded/cast from a 1/20 scale Bluebird kit and modified. The 1/25 Sunny Coupe had the same chassis/interior setup; replaced with Revell Datsun 510 chassis and interior, with the dashboard molded/cast from the Hasegawa Sunny truck kit that just happened to show up. Thanks for looking!
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