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  1. Looks pretty good ,but i dont understand your exhaust set up ,overall nice work!
  2. Decent build,great kit also.
  3. I need to get this kit,looks pretty good but if you zoom in looks like your blower belt broke on the bottom,happy modeling😉
  4. Very nice work buddy,love that engine detail😲.
  5. actually the tires and rims are from the revell 41 willys,gasser kits!
  6. Love the colors and everything, wish you did more engine detail ,but its your build nice work brother!
  7. Yea it has alot of possibilities .
  8. Yea i changed it because i wanted a blower set up ,no room upfront 😉
  9. Done many gassers but never done a truck ,this was just an idea i had in my head turned out pretty decent😉
  10. Beautiful work brother,im glad i bought this kit!
  11. Looks pretty decent ,really good paint.
  12. Im digging it ,nice 2 tone paint job.
  13. Very nice work brother!
  14. Really nice work and great paint job.
  15. Looks good ,but what matters is that your happy with it ,not what the rules are that only applies in 1:1 cars ,build to have fun .But if you claim a car is accurate then you should do so.nice work.
  16. I would have put the ignition box on the firewall,but still great build you should be proud of your work?
  17. Aww I see a ford hemi in a Chevy, cool looking build.
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