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  1. Nice build,good choice of rims
  2. Pretty good build ,but it looks like your front tires arent touching the ground.
  3. Looks like a box stock job, really nice work though.
  4. Wow really digging what im seeing,cant wait to see the finished product.
  5. Looking really good so far weather or not youre going for accuracy is up to you ,if not leave the stance right where you got it its yours to enjoy!😎
  6. Ive been building a long time and i must say thats one of the cleanest cars ive seen ,fantastic job.
  7. Nice work, like the chutes they look realistic.
  8. Very nice build ,are those aftermarket carbs, either way looks great.
  9. I dont like it,i love it fantastic work good to see builders take thier work seriously.
  10. Another thing i discovered is the beadalon products ,which look very good on an engine.check them out you get decent quality and quantity. Thats what i use ,works pretty good
  11. You could use solder ,or really the best to use is pro tech braided line.
  12. For the amount of detail you did its great ,love those stacks killer job ,killer model.
  13. Much better idea to do one at a time ,this way you stay focused and organized on 1 project, its never failed me!
  14. Very nice detail and great choice of color!
  15. Great job ,white paint not the easiest color to work with, but you did a wonderful job,nice work.
  16. Fantastic car ,ive been building 25 years or so ,im totally impressed.
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