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  1. "Look it up in the dictionary" was the standard answer whenever anyone would ask the question "How do you spell ......" in school as a kid. Every teacher I ever had would always answer the same way.
  2. I'm not a fan of the AMT re-issues, however, the Ertl kits are a different story. I would really like to see R2 re-issue the IH S Series and if possible the 4270, assuming that it wasn't converted into the 4300. My guess is the 4270 was converted into the 4300, and it is either impossible to revert the tooling back into the 4270 or the cost of doing so is prohibitive. I know they both share many of the same parts and the biggest difference between them is the hood and sleeper, but the 4270 built into a better looking truck than the 4300. The battery box and fuel tank on the drivers side always looked out of place on the 4300, but it fit the 4270 and just looks "right". Maybe the spoke wheels have absolutely nothing to do with it, but I find it quite disappointing that R2 has re-issued many of the AMT classics that were believed to be lost or irreparable, like the 925, and have yet to give the S trucks a shot. Even the Mack DM 600 and dump trailer have re-emerged with the original MPC label and box art but no Ertl originals as of yet.
  3. Like I posted, check out the instructions. You just might see for yourself what the differences are between the two
  4. Maybe you should check out the instruction booklet, 4070A http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truckkit_instructions/ertl/8000_international/ 4070B - Air Ride http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truckkit_instructions/ertl/8017_international/ 4070B - Spring Suspension http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truckkit_instructions/ertl/8017_international-1/
  5. Think about something for a minute here, the Dayton wheels might be the "issue" in all of this. None of the Ertl named issues that originally had spoke wheels have ever been re-issued. The S Series have never been re-issued and all 3 versions had Daytons. The 4270 conventional and 4070A COE both had Daytons as well in their original form but were both re-tooled into the 4300 Eagle and 4070B Transtar II, both have been re-issued since and coincidentally both had/have 10 hole Alcoa front wheels. The 4300 has 10 hole rears, the 4070B has 5 hole Budd rears. As far as the engine is concerned, the 4070A and 4070B both have the same engine, Detroit 8V-71 non turbo. The 4270 had the non turbo Cummins V-903, (not the VT which was a turbo motor) and the 4300 has the turbo IH Boat Anchor V-800. All of the S trucks and Paystars had the V-800 as well.
  6. I personally liked the Air Ride. It fit very well and the forward drive axle didn't need to be adjusted in order to have all of the tires touching.
  7. When the 4070B Transtar II was originally released, it had the IH Air Ride suspension from the 4070A and 4270. At that time Ertl was owned by Victor Comptometer Corporation. Ertl was later acquired by the Kidde Fire Extinguisher Company, thats when things changed. The Air Ride was replaced with the Hendrickson Walking Beam spring suspension that was first used in the Paystar 5000 Dump Truck. The Air Ride was never used again on any of the IH Ertl kits or any of the re-issues of the cabover or 4300.
  8. Such a coincidence! My best friend in high school married my brother in laws ex girlfriend, she wasn't a car guy but boy could she dance
  9. Does anyone else like this song? I think it's very nice...
  10. Plaskit also had the RD conversion hood as well. From what I've seen, I'd say go with Gary's (GW)
  11. The snow mountains we had were awesome for sledding and tobogganing. The younger kids in the neighborhood had a blast for just about a month.
  12. I remember it quite well. I was a sophomore in high school and the schools field house and cafeteria were used for evacuations. We ended up having 3 weeks off from school. Much of the coastal sections of Revere, especially along the beach, got flooded from an astronomical high tide at the peak of the storm. My street had a 6 foot high snow drift that buried cars parked along the street. We eventually got plowed by the National Guard, they came down the middle of the street with a bulldozer and kept pushing the snow down the street into the salt marsh at the end. The worst part was dealing with the old man. It was snowing 3 inches an hour and he was having fits because I couldn't keep up with the snow. Every hour he was like "Get back out there, stay on top of it you won't have as much to shovel when it stops". We still got over 2 feet plus the blowing and drifting. We never got flooded but we sure got buried.
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