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  1. Hey, look what I dug out the closet! Yup, built it back in 1991. Used a Mark Martin Thunderbird. Don't even remember where I got the decals from. Paint is Tru-Color. No internet back then, had to use pictures from "Winston Cup Scene" Magazine and watching the races to get paint scheme .
  2. The Detail Master buckles slots are just too small for anything to fit through. The "added plastic" would resolve the "thin" of the buckles. Just a pain to work with. Would like to hear about alternates to Detail Master that would work
  3. Ok, there's got to be a good way to make seat belts and buckles other than Detail Masters! Help?!
  4. Really? I got all three. Didn't think they could do that good. Looks amazing
  5. #5 got destroyed. Will have to find another "Muscle City" 1070 Firebird.
  6. Great detail, as always with your builds
  7. Nice. How'd you do the re-chroming on the bumpers, if you don't mind me asking
  8. Yup! retired, bored, and slowly going crazy.......
  9. Ok, think I got it this time. Let it gas out a couple of days, apply decals and clear!
  10. Where they post the page numbers at the top, I just click on the double back arrows and it takes you back to the very first page still listed
  11. Love the color
  12. Another option is to "de-can" it and use it in an airbrush. Thinned out it's better than spraying out of a can anyways
  13. Super job. Love the wheels, but then again, I'm older than dirt and still like mag wheels
  14. Nope! Stripped it back down and re-prime it. Gonna lightly sand, wipe off and re-paint again!. Going to get it right!
  15. Didn't notice, but you're right. Hard way to get that look. LOL
  16. Unfortunately , I got trash in the paint, because I'm dumb! Wait a few days for it to gas out and will try to sand it down smooth. (Rats!)
  17. OK. Thanks. Sounds like a pain to get the dash, kick panels, door panels to fit ahead of time.Gonna have to do it.
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