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  1. I bought my first Black Widow kit at Hobby Lobby sometime around March and it didn’t have a body at all.! They were nice enough to give me the refund even at a different store outlet. I waited a few months and bought another that was just fine.
  2. I like this a lot!! I had planned to start one of the AMT cars pretty soon and can’t decide if I want to do the hardtop or the convertible. I’ve had both kits forever and really never checked them out until I saw a few nice builds recenrly. Your car is very nice looking and I’m keeping it in mind as a possible color combination.
  3. Thanks for the headsup about the body colored splash apron between the grill and bumpers. I’m currently working on both the Revell ‘66 and the MPC ‘67 and didn’t notice it before. I’m also ashamed to say that I owned two real 1966 GTO’s and didn’t know about it because both cars were dark colors. I just assumed it was a gap above the bumper. After reading your post I realized that I can take care of mine pretty easily with brush paint since the ‘66 will be Black and the ‘67 is shot with Model Masters Steel thru my airbrush to create an Argent color.
  4. The A pillars on the kit’s roof look much better than the 1:1 build. Also, the entire roofline of the 1:1 looks too thin above the doors. Cars like this were made with more headroom because people were still wearing hats. Might look at whipping up a flat hood and a simple egg crate grill based on the kit piece
  5. Wow..! Looks like a 1970 Savoy....! I like it a lot.
  6. Why was this kit pulled off the market?
  7. Hopefully you’re back on track to finishing it. Post more progress pic and the final product soon..!
  8. The closeup pics of the front and rear wheels both show that the interior wasn’t in the car but more importantly the both show that you didn’t stretch the body sides to fully seat the chassis into the inside of the body. Re-read my very first post...!
  9. This kit didn’t have the round pegs to locate the interior to the body. It mostly lines up from the dash board and firewall. The chassis aligns with molded pegs that match the alignment holes in the radiator support and rear inner body. Once everything is sandwiched together. The front of the car is supported by radiator support. Believe it or not, I’m currently working on the same exact kit but I’m adapting the excellent Revell engine bay and chassis to this body.. here is a really quick shot of the kit parts to show the fenderwell gaps when properly located. It interior is pretty well positioned by the chassis when assembled. As a side note I need to ask how you do the final assembly..? I normally let the interior of the car free float without trying to glue it to either the chassis or the body...
  10. That body has a lot of under cupping to the complete sides of the car...I don’t see anything wrong or out of the ordinary here. You’ll need to expand the sides of the body while guiding the chassis into the body. Try using a butter knife or other flat wide blade to “ shoe horn” it together...
  11. John, I have a custom ‘62 Impala project to rebuild and I would like to know the name or number of the Tamiya color you posted. It is very close to a color I hand mixed the first time around.
  12. Personally, I like the Tamiya color but if you decide to go with Bob’s paint I’ subsistute acetone for the thinner. It should lay just fine but you’ll need to make sure to use good sandable hard drying automotive primer first.
  13. Where did you get the turquoise engine paint..?
  14. I really like this kit. I built mine to represent the car my dad owned when I first got my drivers license... i sure loved driving it....!
  15. I knew a guy who had to travel a lot for his job and he always had a couple of kits with him at the motels... he did all of his spray painting in the showers. He would wet the walls first to keep overspray from sticking.... lol
  16. Looks really good.! What uptop are you planning to use..?
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