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  1. I know a lot of people say this is the ultimate sin but I got the cheap harbor freight airbrush compressor. I picked up a pressure regulator while I was there and a few fittings from Home Depot. It’s been almost two years and it hasn’t failed me yet.
  2. Check your hobby lobby. I just scored a paasche h airbrush set for $25!! Didn’t need it but who could pass that up.
  3. So while carelessly cleaning my airbrush in the bathroom sink I dropped the spring down the drain!! Tried taking it apart and it’s nowhere to be found. Luckily I can now upgrade from the cheap harbor freight airbrush and maybe buy a spring somewhere down the line. Gotta look at the positives right?
  4. How is everybody adding battery posts and clamps to their builds? I have the correct wire now it's just finding out how to attatch them without looking like they're just glued on.
  5. So I wasn't able to fix the problem although I have no clue what it was. I took it completely apart and gave it a good cleaning. I still wasn't getting any spray so I removed all of the teflon tape I put on with the intention on never using it again. I decided to try one more time and was able to spray water. So I hooked up some paint and got a very weak spray. Thinned my paint out a little and it finally worked. I was able to at least finish the body of the current gmc suburban I'm working on. Now it's off to the store tomorrow to get a new regulator so I don't have to spray at 50 psi lol. Thank you all for your help!!
  6. Probably just gonna bite the bullet on this one and get something a little better. Chalking it up as a lesson learned.
  7. I get air coming out no problem but no paint. When I look in the paint cup...it bubbles. No clue if that means anything.
  8. Picked up a cheap harbor freight airbrush kit (I know I know). It's a siphon feed airbrush and I can't get the darn thing to spray. It sprayed a little bit the other night but it will not even spray water. Anybody experience similar issues? I've double checked all the seals and even put teflon tape on to gurantee no leaks. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  9. Finished this one up today. Really had fun with the build and look forward to doing another gasser type car.
  10. First attempt at rusting went ok. Not perfect but I'm happy with the results.
  11. Gonna give weathering a shot on this 53 Ford pickup. It's going to be a work truck and I'll be going with the salting technique over this rust colored primer.
  12. Bottom of the chasis is just about finished. Had some issues with the paint on the interior so had to restart that part.
  13. Final coats of paint finished before the clear coat is applied. Only going to have one bucket seat inside painted to match. Going with a purple and gold theme here. Mocking up the suspension under the frame to familiarize myself with the assembly.
  14. It was a testors one coat lacquer rattle can. I believe the color was called fiery orange.
  15. welp thats embarrassing
  16. Third ever build was a 1970 Plymouth barracuda. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Missed some spots with paint in the engine since I don't have an airburish. There's also a very small gap at the top of the windshield but I'll take it. On to the next one.
  17. I ended up using a heated up xacto knife to cut out the hood vent and to cut the sides of the hood off. It took a little longer by actually worked very well.
  18. Well I decided that the body style for this build wasn't exactly what I was looking for so that will be a later project. This is gonna be just a fun build for me that I'm hoping to enjoy. Decided to go and chop the sides off of the
  19. Well I decided that this was not going to be the body style I was looking for. Rather than go forward and be disappointed, im just going to build a fun gasser and enjoy the build. Today I worked on the body and got it ready to be painted candy purple. Getting dust all over the office. Filling the seams with putty and rounding out the edges. Slowly sanding away the sides of the hood to make it sit level on the body. Since I don't have a dremel tool.....I had to be creative in cutting the hood. I used an old xacto knife and heated it up. I used the hot knife to cut through the plastic. It took a little longer but actually worked very well.
  20. How does everybody's family deal with the hobby? The girlfriend is slowly warming up to it however she is not happy I took up the office desk and tend to cause a mess. Other than that the dog is fully supportive .
  21. Well I picked up this AMT Chevrolet coupe kit at my local hobby lobby for $15. Decided to get working on it while the paint on my Pontiac cuda cures. Decided I'm gonna do this as a gasser style police car. Currently prepping the body which means carving out the rear fenders to fit the drag slicks. This will be my first non box stock build so let's hope it goes well. Lots of sanding ahead of me!
  22. Fairly new to the modeling hobby. Currently working on my third one which is a 1970 Plymouth Cuda which I'm very happy with. The next project is a 37 Chevrolet coupe which I'm gonna do some modifications to turn it into a gasser style police cruiser. Been creeping on the forums for a while so very excited to finally be able to post!
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