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  1. I wanted to have a large scale model which would hopefully breathe some new excitement into the scale car modeling profession. As a kid in the 1970s and 1980s, scale modeling was quite popular. Video games on a regular television was even a new concept (i.e., Pong, Atari 2600). There were also no iPods or X-Boxes, and both the Apple home computer and cable television industries were then in their infancies. So the kids of the day, myself included, were quite interested in building scale models and slot car racing, and I wanted to bring some of that excitement back into today's interconnected world. I found this forum yesterday, and I think it will become among my favorites to visit! Behold is my partially assembled Monogram Turbo Trans Am model in 1/8 scale. I cannot take credit for this build. My friend Randy is a scale modeler whom I met with on eBay about 14 years ago! I was so impressed with his builds that I had asked him to create this custom build for me. He generously agreed. These are the original photos which Randy emailed me years ago as he was building the model! I'll upload photos of the finished model in a subsequent post!
  2. This is my dads kit that he has neglected for a while, now me and him are going to finish it. Any bad color choices you can blame on him.
  3. Just thought it would be fun to do some what if boxart ideas ..... for starters is the 1971 Challenger R/T kit ..... Could be followed by a convertible .....
  4. I have run out of my Tamiya primer, and was wondering if it is any harm to use standard automotive primer. Im very new to this hobby so please don't kill me. Thanks
  5. Hey guys and gals This is a new as of now online hobby store that I know there seems like a million of them but,he is local to me and although he doesn't offer local pickup I made a purchase and he packed and shipped the same day and his prices are competitive. I talked to him on the phone and he has plans to open a brick and mortar place near me and other than HL and a Scale Reproductions in Louisville Ky, the model pckins round here is kinda slim So, here's a link to the store.Owners name is chris and I wish him the best success. https://upscalehobbies.com/
  6. I'll be moving there soon and would like to know the local action for model car clubs. Thanks
  7. Getting back into some hot rod modeling I am trying to find the best / most accurate parts to build a '50's to early '60's T bucket model in 1/25th scale. I have been out of the hobby for some time, but I have been digging through my stash and I realized I do have a wide selection of parts and kits to work from. In my stash: Revell Vintage Parts Pack T Bucket Chassis - complete Vintage Parts Pack '23 T Bucket body - complete Vintage parts Pack Speed Equipment - complete New Reissuse Roth's Tweedie Pie Butterra Chassis T Sedan and Phaeton - well detailed but too new for my current tastes for a chassis AMT Vintage Street Rod Series '23 T Full Fendered Roadster - complete Vintage Street Rod Series '25 Tall T Coupe - complete Various Double T kit parts and model - built-ups Parts Pack Drag T Chassis MPC Tognotti's T Show Rod - Started but no paint - some sub assemblies BlackJack T Street Rod Any suggestions? I want to do something like Tommy Ivo's T or the Kookie Car to early 50's in style and maybe a Rat Rod. I am impatiently waiting for my local shop to get in the double T kit and the '25T fruit wagon kits. Online dealers maybe cheaper but the shipping makes them more expensive IMO. What do you think of the suspension from the '29 A truck from Revell? Some pics of my sta-a-a-a-sh!
  8. I was thinking after I built my Graffiti cars about Aloha, Bobby and Rose Camaro. I know the car was a 1967 Camaro. I think they had a few 68 pieces added to the front end put on it. I'm trying to find a kit that is pretty similar to this car. I'm finding 1968 kits by AMT, but don't know which one to go with. Plus I know if I can pull this off I still have to fabricate the hood, and the flares above the wheels. So far haven't found to what degree fender flares are sticking out. Same with what kind of motor this car is running in the movie. I know from watching the movie the interior is going to be black, and have a roll cage in it. There's switches on the dash near the shifter. The dash itself looks pretty much stock. The rims might be stock, but not certain. The back tires are going to be wider than the front. Needing advice on this one everything from Colors, Motor, etc. Has anyone ever attempted this build?
  9. Hi all, just made a start on painting some parts tonight - this is my first attempt at properly painting a model and actually taking some care over the end result, unlike my former self Nothing too exciting yet, but hoping to make some more significant progress soon...
  10. Third ever build was a 1970 Plymouth barracuda. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Missed some spots with paint in the engine since I don't have an airburish. There's also a very small gap at the top of the windshield but I'll take it. On to the next one.
  11. Hi all. Well this is been a slow ongoing model build. I finally got the body sprayed and just yesterday I clear coated it. This is the first time I've gone this this level of spraying using a Badger air brush. These pix are before clear coat. The undercarriage is based on some pre undercoated Shelby bodies I've seen on the web. They have that little over spray on them which I thought was cool to try. Next step is wet sanding/compounding the final clear coat. Really want to see if I can make this thing shine!
  12. I need help deciding whether or not I am ready to buy and put together a Tamiya Supra https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B000WN57YE/sr=1-26/qid=1489617191/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1489617191&sr=1-26 Im a girl IN LOVE with cars, and im really interested in buying the Supra model kit and to put it together. Also, can i use real car paint on the model? I sound dumb right now but everyone starts somewhere Do we require alot of knowledge on engines and assembly.. will it be really hard for me to assemble one and paint one?? how much of an expert do you need to be to put one of these models together?
  13. Hi all, My name is Gavin and I'm the organiser of the Alfold Model Show, 2017 will be our 21st year and I'm just introducing myself and the show on the forums as we want to make 2017 the best show ever. Its run entirely to make money for charity so not only is it a great weekend its also a feel good factor! Looking forward to getting to know alot of you over the coming year.
  14. Received an email from Andy's Hobby about a new show "Hi everyone, I will be putting on a model show , contest and vendor expo on Febuary 20, 2016. It is going to include all kinds of catagories including , ARMOR, AIRCRAFT, AUTOMOBILES, SCI FI , SHIPS, DIORAMAS AND MORE. This contest will not have judges rather this will be a builders choice contest. This should be lots of fun and it will be free general admission The contest portion will be only $10 for the first 5 models and $2.00 each additional . We will have lots of fun raffles. We already have some big sponsors, Tamiya USA, Squadron.com, Great planes,Revell and more are sure to follow."
  15. Thinking of taking this Maisto Squareback and making a replica of my poor old '73 :,(
  16. Hello everybody, My name is Matthew Thompson, I am 15 years old and I have had three model car kits sitting in my basement for the last two years that I would love to put together. I have recently built the level one kit (1969 Camaro Z/28 SS) because it was very easy and only took one day, but I would really like to start on the couple of level two kits I have. The first of the two kits is the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR, and the second is the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. I have a perfect spot in my basement for working on the kits (I just need to clean it off), but what I was really wondering was what tools and materials I should get together before I begin this project. At the moment, the materials I have include two Testors liquid cement cartridges (1 Fl. Oz. each) and the Testors Special Value Paint Set that includes 9 bottles of paint (gloss yellow, gold, gloss red, gloss blue, gloss green, silver, gloss black, gloss white and thinner). For tools all I have is the four paint brushes that were included in the paint set. This doesn't seem like enough to me because in all of the model making videos I have watched, they have many tools laid out in front of them and they use all of them in the making of the car. Am I correct in that I need more tools and materials? If I am, what should I purchase before starting this project? Thank you in advance and have a nice day. Thanks again, Matthew Thompson
  17. I bought about 40 bottles of model master paint and I got to say I love how they cover the parts so well and how easy the brush on. And their good air brush paints too. I will post pics of the engine Iam working on today.
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