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  1. Hey thanks! I wanted to try to match factory appearances as best I could. Paint is Testors, "Go Mango" and "Bright Yellow" from a can, with a coat of clear gloss on each.
  2. Thank you. The mods were actually an outcome of my frustration after purchasing a Fujimi '67 911R kit - and discovering it comes with a body with SC rear wheel arches, not the narrow body that the R used. That's when I discovered the 911 S/T. I got a great deal on a lot of 5 Fujimi porsche models and it's all snowballed from there! I was honestly unaware of how you could basically order a road/race car from Porsche "a la carte" until I started learning more.
  3. This Porsche 911 Carrera RSR is a combination between the Fujimi '73 Carrera RS kit (bumpers, hood and decals) and a Fujimi '85 Turbo wide body. Front oil cooler intake, resin racing seats in Gulf Blue and resin straight headers added. The yellow car is a '72 911 S/T, another combination of Fujimi kits.
  4. Thank you. It looks good on the Mini! It's actually just Rust-Oleum "Cobalt Blue Metallic" with a few clearcoats over it. I was trying to match a Porsche color, this is a bit darker but such a vivid blue I had to try it. IT'll make the chrome pop out a bit more than the lighter shade would have.
  5. Thanks. I'm intrigued by lacquer but tried a Tamiya version and found it went on very thin, now I'm thinking this was an exception. I usually spray my cars in enamel in early summer, so they'll be dry enough to give me something to do in winter!
  6. That's a great kit. I painted mine in rosso corsa and built it last year - still have to clean it up and fix the wipers and mirror. I don't consider myself anything other than an average modeler, but this kit goes together well and it resembles the design and details of the original much better than the AMT version. I'd encourage anyone who likes old Ferraris to pick one up while you can still find them. It looks like you've got a great start and are going to do this kit justice!
  7. Fujimi makes the 911 in all three body styles - narrow, SC flares, and wide body - as well as kits with the newer impact bumpers as well as the original 911. BUT they only sell a few versions or combinations of each. I've always preferred the pre "impact bumper" long-hood 911s but anyone wanting to expand their model range in this direction has to do so by mixing and matching Fujimi kits. The two I have in the works now - just painted- are an orange '73 911 Carrera RSR, and a blue '73 911 Targa, The Carrera RSR combines the long hood, front and rear bumpers of the Fujimi '73 Carrera RS with the wider body, wheels and tires of the '85 911 Turbo. I'm also using the intake from the Fujimi '67 911R, and straight exhaust headers from Scale Production, which makes a number of Porsche 911 resin parts. The Targa combines the long hood, front and rear bumpers of the Fujimi '69 911 with a Fujimi '85 Targa kit. Kit combinations and painted bodies shown.
  8. Very cool! Great custom work.
  9. Good to hear others struggle with the same issues and decisions that I do, but your result looks great!
  10. OK, I'm sold on enamel from a can. Most of the time I can get a workable finish, there are plenty of colors available, and I found a company that will put any color code into a spray can. My question is regarding the finishing. Sometimes I get a light orange-peel texture on the last coat(s). I am left with two choices: 1. Try to rub out the orange peel using rubbing compound. 2. A glosscoat top coat. I'd rather not fuss with glosscoat, but from my understanding it helps to seal in decals (presuming you lay the decals on a smooth finish). So I'm leaning toward (ugh) glosscoating everything once built, but will gladly listen to other voices of reason! Any suggestions?
  11. Very nice. The seats are great!
  12. After a year of building plastic Ferrari kits I've jumped into the Fujimi 911 Enthusiast Series. The interesting thing about the series is that Fujimi could have squeezed out more road/racing versions of the 911 with little die modification, and mixing and matching of parts. So my first Fujimi 911 build is a 911 St, a kit that does not exist. The 911 ST was an options package intended for customer racing in '71 and '72, and featured flared wheel arches to accommodate a wider track. I combined the Fujimi Enthusiast Series 1967 911R bumpers, front headlights, hood, engine and interior with the Fujimi Enthusiast Series 1985 911 Turbo body and glass. The flared wheel arches on the Turbo body were tapered down to fit the smaller bumpers and where they meet the rocker panel. The chamfer was sanded from the flares, pinstriping and 911R decals added to the body, and Scale Production 15" Minilite wheels exchanged or the Fuchs wheels packaged with the kit, all to enhance authenticity. Car is painted Bright Yellow. Far from my best work and I have some touchup to finish, but the build made available what was not in kit form. Stock image of 911 ST : Kit Images
  13. Hi there everyone. I'm a new member just getting back into car modeling, something I did back in college and high school days. I've been reading this forum for a bit and picking up on some helpful info, hope to do more of that and hopefully share some of the same.
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