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  1. ajulia added a post in a topic Hott Bloxx motor and custom re-opened   

    Here's a couple buildup that weren't added to the thread. first up is the monogram Ferrari.
    Next up is the revell bullit mustang.

  2. ajulia added a post in a topic Hott Bloxx motor and custom re-opened   

    Hey all!! Greetings from the juligan clansmen!! Lol here's the 72' challenger that's been on the work bench some of the bmf came off while polishing so ill have to fix that and begin final assembly. the paint is MM graphite metallic and the side stripes are decals. wheels were taken from the monogram 70 roadrunner and tires were from the kit! For the powerplant kit motor with velocity stacks from the parts box. the kit came with supercharged items so I had to scratch up some pulleys and alternator.. will post up more pics when final assembly is near the end.. see ya round and thanx for stopping

  3. ajulia added a post in a topic Hott Bloxx motor and custom re-opened   

    Finishing up the update with my panther pink Road Runner built up for my wife because " Its time for another pink car honey"... lol

    Last up for now is my recently found love is the amt superwagon 65 chevelle. This kit was purchased three times since my last visit to the lhs. This project will be the stock version and the other two.... Well we will have to wait to see if I can get away wth building them the way I envision them..
    This is my stock turned volunteer emergency vehicle with a lil' bite under the hood..

  4. ajulia added a post in a topic Hott Bloxx motor and custom re-opened   

    Hello all! I hope life finds you in the best of health and the workbench steady!! As for the Juliagans here life is a bit crazy with the school year ending and getting ready for the summer fun! Although I have not been on the board I been hiting the workbench regularly and the update should prove how much of a busy bee Ive been LOL
    First up is the Tony Nancy Ford rail racer. Not much to it but a OOB

    Next up is the Ford pickup! OOB with my first hand at aclad for the exhaut manifolds and exhaust system and a tailgate chain with woodgrain bed

  5. ajulia added a post in a topic Hott Bloxx motor and custom re-opened   

    Hello all! Back at it again! This time just updating the Hott Bloxx thread with one of many that will enter to this years T.A.M.S. contest here in Norfolk this October. For those that may be in the VA beach Va and Norfolk area please stop in on the 22nd of October at
    Venue VFM POST 4809
    5728 Bartee St
    Norfolk, VA 23502

    Heres the Ferrari Testarossa that will be built up for the factory stock 1971 and newer. When I think of the 80's I remember bright colored clothes, big cell phones, and Don Juans''... Heres my interpretation of a ladies man hitting the scene in Miami, Fl on a weedend night..

    Engine bay:

    Interior shot with scratch'd 2 dozen roses

  6. ajulia added a post in a topic P/M 63 Corvette   

    WOW!!! this is so coooool! Keep on wit the keepin on!!
  7. ajulia added a post in a topic fortyniner   

    Hello there friend! Ive seen this car transformed to so many different styles and this has to be the most memorable! This is so cool to see in modern drag style! Two thumbs up and way coooool
  8. ajulia added a post in a topic Swamp Werkes   

    Awesome!! Heres a few pics of the ground coverage. Trial and error plus color washing once the top surface is dried gives it that much more life!

  9. ajulia added a post in a topic Swamp Werkes   

    Hey gator! If yer still looking for chain link and you have a MIcheals art store near ya in the jewelery making section you find it there! I have some myself so if you dont have one near ya! Id be more than happy to send ya some!
    Also the dio is coming along awesome!
    A really neat trick to make worn down asphalt
    1 potting soil filtered to get the fine grains
    2. 3m spray adhesive
    3. section off the area to be paved and then spray a good amount of spray adhesive then go nuts with the soil. even it out and then spary a coat of 3m on top of! Let it dry a bit and then begin to roll over it with a pen. If pot holes is what yer lookin for... leave little mounds scattered so that the rolling begins to remove some of the soil that has spray beneath it and youll eventually start to see holes in the pavement! I spray a little more 3m where the potholes are so that it sinks in and yer not left with loose soil! Whats cool is the 3m gives the soil a hard old ashpalt look to it!
    Keep on wit the keepin on!
  10. ajulia added a post in a topic Revells 485 scale USS Yorktown   

    Thank you Mr.G' you are very correct and Ill have to revise the topic heading. I did in fact use the basswood for the deck which is MID-WEST part 1138 that has a measurement of .0208 x .0833 x 11.. Im also using it for the USS Helena that revell issued in 480 scale. Again thank you for pointing that out with me.
  11. ajulia added a post in a topic Revells 485 scale USS Yorktown   

    No worries here my friend! SO....... I guess you do learn new things everyday! Also many carriers were made by combining a series of hulls to complete the carriers and yes wooden decks seemed to be the least desired route however with availablity and the fact that steels beams would have to be made in several yards resources were scarce and technology primative! Now please dont quote me but this is what I gathered from varied research and information! Also Mr. Holt is correct with weight restrictions! I jus think carriers are awesome and a heck of an accomplishment!! Something about floating cities are soooooo cool!!
  12. ajulia added a post in a topic Revells 485 scale USS Yorktown   

    Hey Mr.Z' I had to pump the brakes on continuing the deck and thank goodness i saw yer post! I was gong to apply it directly on the deck and realized i would need to put a flat clear base on it wash it with a dark hulll gray, then apply the tamiya flat base to start giving it worn down tones. Thanks for the heads up fella!
  13. ajulia added a post in a topic 1962 Ronnie Sox Impala   

    Hello there friend! I can see it already this will be a knock out build and the fact thats its bowtie is always an official stamp!!
    "Keep on wit the keepin on!!
  14. ajulia added a post in a topic 1/24 Revell '70 Plymouth Superbird   

    Hello there fella! A good friend of mine picked it up and came into the shop today to tell me its a really simple kit hence the handfull of parts but a really good kit to put together! Not sure what the release date was but its been in the shop for a week now.
  15. ajulia added a post in a topic Ferrari 458 Italia (Revell)   

    Hello there friend!! Looks really cool! How was the kit assembly portion of the build up? Any hurdles encountered?
    All in all keep on wit the keepin on!!!