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  1. A little bit done to this over the last week, I can't really go any further as I'm waiting for the flocking to arrive for the interior, which needs to be fixed to the chassis before the bodyshell can be fixed on, all the little parts were either airbrushed in satin black or Alclad aluminium, the interior seats and dash were airbrushed in Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yellow, the bodyshell was masked off and the bulkhead and inner wings were airbrushed satin black.
  2. Why ?? What did I do ?? here's some photo's taken today, a little bit cluttered than it used to be ...
  3. Primer, followed by a thin coat of flat black, flat it down but don't remove the black, you might want to put a thin coat of primer on after the black, and then put on the top coat, you'll have no bleed through after that.
  4. WOW !! Brilliant model, it's not often I'm lost for words, but can't think of the words needed to praise this model !!
  5. Well if it was, I would be one of the first in the U.K to buy one, the Lonestar is a cracking looking kit (Still haven't built it yet though)
  6. Looking very nice, I like the way you have thinned the plastic around the exhaust tips, looks very realistic, I shall try that technique.
  7. GeeBee

    1956 Nomad

    What a superb build, love the colour combo and the detail you've put into the build, I like it a lot !
  8. Well today I managed to get into the model room, it's the first chance I have had since coming back from the IPMS show in Dublin, the body polished out very nice, and I didn't even need to break out the Minicraft drill and polishing mop, I used meguires NXT tech wax polish on a microfibre cloth, and after letting the filler dry on the seats, I have sanded them flat as well, and they have now had a coat of Tamiya XF-59 Desert yellow to match the interior.
  9. GeeBee

    Ferrari 288 GTO

    Not sure if the 288 GTO was the best model Ferrari ever made, but you have made a cracking job of building it, love the deep shine in the paint !! what kit was this ?? as I have the Fujimi enthusiast kit of this to build one day,
  10. Very nice, looks very realistic !
  11. Front & Rear bumpers fitted, looking on some other modelling forums and build reviews, it seems that the misalignment of the front lamps and bonnet are a common issue with this kit,I managed to get around the lamp issue by removing the fan housing, fixing on the lamps then refitting the fan housing,I am leaving the bonnet as it is, as the only solution is the glue the bonnet shut, which isn't what I wanted to do. There are two decals in the kit that are supposed to be for the black trim on the bumpers, I tried using them but they broke up into pieces, I'm not sure if they were just a bad set, or a common problem, but I got round the problem by simply painting the section needed to be done in black by using Tamiya semi gloss black paint.
  12. I have left the bodyshell and bodyparts to dry out for a few days in a sealed plastic tub, which keeps the dust from settling onto the paintwork, now the smell has gone, the paint has gassed out, I should be able to start the polishing process very soon. The seats are molded in two parts, the seat bucket and the back panel, although the back of the seat won't really been seen once the model is built, I still went to the trouble of making the join as good as I could, and has now had a small coat of Squadron white putty, I will leave this to dry out overnight before sanding smooth
  13. Yes, it's a very nice kit, goes together without any problems, engine detail is lacking full detail, but once it's built, you don't see it anyway, you'll enjoy building this one.
  14. With the Morgan away while the paint dries out on the bodyshell, I did a little more to the 2cv, the Headlamp bowls were stripped of there chrome as I thought the chrome in the kit looked a little bit toy like, so I stripped all the chrome and re-did them using chrome Alclad. The headlamps and lenses were fitted onto the bar, which needed fitting on top of the fan housing, but doing this, the bar didn't line up with the indents in the bonnet, so the fan housing had to be removed, the bar was glued onto the housing, once dried, the fan housing was refitted, doing this casued the housing not to line up with the rest of the engine, the bonnet isn't a great fit, but I'm hoping once the front bumper is fitted it will hold the bonnet in place.
  15. The only Morgan I have ever driven was a 4/4, in bright red, so this model will be done in Ford Radiant red, with a light tan interior, the kit I'm using was bought off ebay, but was missing the clear parts when it came, but I kept the kit and managed to get another built up one to use as a donar car, but that one the front screen was a mess, but I did get the top up option which was as new, so this model will be built with the roof in the up position. Today I built up the parts on the bodyshell that needed to be painted body colour, (Front Grill surround and rear lamp pods), as I am building this kit out of an incomplete kit, I am grabing some parts from the built up model I stripped down for parts, in the kit the front grill surround was broken, I used the one off the donor car, I had to clean off the glue residue, but it turned out o.k, for most of my builds I use good old Cellulose paints, but for this build I decided I would give automotive Acrylics a go, coverage was good and the shine right out of the airbrush was very good.
  16. This is looking real nice, love the work you've done, I do like the 1950's American cars,
  17. Very nice, that paint looks superb, which Novus did you use ?? I have the #1 and #2, but never tried it on paint
  18. Engine bay finished ... I was going to go ahead and start putting the chrome on, but I really didn't like the look of the Tamiya chrome, it would have looked a little bit toy like on the 2cv, so it got stripped and will be re-done using Alclad.
  19. That's a very nice clean build you did there ....
  20. Very nice clean build I have one in the stash, I hope it turns out as good as yours
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