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  1. Built this using Splash paints Pearl white and 2K gloss clear. One of my most recent builds IMG_6365.CR2 IMG_6370.CR2
  2. I painted the body with tamiya spray paint. I only used splash paints product for polish on this build.
  3. One of more recent build. I found this kit on eBay for a great price (both rear door panels are missing) but I couldn’t refuse. Its pained model master emeral green metallic spray can with a testors high gloss enamel clear coat spray can. The interior is just flat black and wheels bare metal aluminum spray from Tamiya. Opinions??
  4. Amazing job on the car! I’ve always wanted to get this kit. I didn’t watch with audio, but how are the details on the kit? I know it’s curbside right?
  5. Looks awesome! How well did that kit go together?
  6. So I’m new here, but this is what I currently working on. It’s almost finished but what is everyone’s honest opinions?? Its painted Tamiya light gunmetal spray paint with a testors high gloss enamel clear spray can. I used splash paints polishing compounds on the clear. The interior is painted Tamiya red brown and aluminum. Wheels are gloss black and chrome pen.
  7. I personally haven’t ordered from him yet since I been using spray cans and haven’t really had the tools or skills for spray painting. But I have started getting paints from splash paints.
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