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  1. Np I am just a big Porsche guy. I own one and worked on then if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. Nice Pcar. Yes those kits are a PITA they also have a fair amount of errors and ommisions never the less it can build into a nice model. Nevermind the case is incorrect for a 3.2 carrera. Which fwiw would have had a black engine shroud. Red would be um early 70s S MFI if I remember correctly. Mostly correct on the underside which would have been base coat all over with a grey fuel tank and black suspension save for the struts bogies black koni red bilstien green. And while the model sits a bit high the real car was also a bit high to meet us bumper specs when they are that low they start getting plus 2 neg camber in the rear. Remember it's a swing arm. I would call it a M491 Turbo Look car as the motor in now way represents the 3.3 turbo cis motor that would have been found in this car. It unfortunate the just didn't do an accurate engine for the late motronic cars. Correct top more or less wrong engine case. And nothing close to a turbo. Good job on the model nonetheless Weird to have phone dials instead of Fuchs
  3. I have not measured them but yeah I think they are 16 inch, but could be 15s. The rims are not the big issue. Its the tires aspect ratio is too sort for vintage Porsches so they don't fill the wheel wells up like they should and some of the bottom detail hangs down too far. Makes the kit a little weird. It looks nice painted up silver, but FWIW most all the suspension parts are black on these cars, and on some cars the cross members were aluminum some where steel. Trans mount sway bars spring plates, and frt control arms are always black. Most likely the rear drop arms would be steel and black. Could be aluminum, they switched around in these 1980s years. Not to be picky or anything. It's fine the way it is.
  4. Yup, I am not bitter about it. doodoo happens. Moving on now. I have a wonderful girl friend (not the reason for the divorce she came along after the drama) and I my other stuff is mostly intact. It was a learning experience for sure, but I am feeling better than ever. I am not even mad she is gone, but why she had to distroy everything. Just no reason for that. I guess I need to get a new camera now too,
  5. Thanks for all your support. I am not crying in my beer anymore. I am better than ever!
  6. Well I know I havn't been around in while. I am getting to the end of my divorce. My X went on a distruction rampage and cleaned out my entire built model collect, every last one... along with small appliances all my clothing etc. I have been on an 8 month nightmare that is nearing the end. But anyway I am thinking about getting something back on the bench soon.
  7. they came with a hemi stock
  8. Hobby Lobby has a limited line up of most likely "A" stock. They may or may not ever carry them. FWIW, I just picked up the 57 Ford Custom at HL tonight, on my way home.
  9. CAL

    Red Bull RB 5

    Seabass is ok, not a fan of RBs though... The model looks great only its not a Ferrari LOL.
  10. wow, that turned out nice, I was thinking about picking up one of those but wasn't sure if it was worth it or not.
  11. I could never quite figure out why the V8 super cars run so much neg camber, much have something to do with the weight of the front end. And track Porsches will run a bit more than other cars. The school of thought has changed on how much... and tires are always getting better so you dont use as much camber as you once did say 10 15 20 years ago where that was the hot setup. In any event nice job on the model.
  12. ...........What a Porsche guy technical..?? haha Nah, we NEVER do that... LOL
  13. None taken, I am just a Porsche guy, Owned 911s, Own a 964 currently, worked on them, raced them, studied and enjoyed them for 45 years.
  14. exactly, and its somewhere around 3 degrees. 1.5 for the street on a 911... And if you get right down to it thats not even a 911.... its a 964, which doesnt even technically exsist as a RSR: Carrera RS, RS America, NGT,
  15. yeah, no, there is a point of dimishing returns, and this is well past that point.
  16. The Revell kit is a EVO, and not a 98. The 98 had a different body, which was different to the original 96 97 cars and the G-99. There was several GT1s: 96/97 GT1, GT1 straßenversion (street car) which was based on the GT1 EVO, GT1 EVO, GT1/98, the canceled 1999, the GT1 G-99, and the GT1 G-99 Spyder.
  17. sure wish they would do a plastic 1/25 kit of the GT1/98. Looks good.
  18. Nice pair of 962s. Still considered superstars, probably on of the all time great sport cars that dominated everthing for more the a decade.
  19. Yeah the Yellow looks good on this car, it would make a great ROHR car, since there was no actual street cars, they didn't come till a few years later and were all based on the EVO body.
  20. They are actually all Marcello Gandinis who designed them under the Bertone design house.
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