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  1. That’s a good idea about the tire scuffs. It would have saved me a painted body not too little ago.
  2. To all of you who have the full containment seats with foam/decals, etc., I know there is quite a bit of fabricating, but what is the foundation for them? Or are they resin? I attached an example.
  3. Beautiful job on the car. I work in the dirt late model industry and have seen him a race a few times on dirt. He's a colorful individual that the sport needs more of. The wheel lines are quite easy. I was frustrated myself until I was instructed how. Then I felt kinda dumb. It only works if the plastic of the wheels are white. Take the edge of your knife, hold it steady in one hand. In the other hand, take the wheel and rotate it to where the very edge of the rim scrapes the knife. When doing so, be delicate, but make sure that the knife is scraping through the paint/primer. Once you get the paint/primer scraped off, use a red or yellow sharpie and color the white of the wheel. On the attached car, I need to scrape the lines a little more to make the red a little more distinct.
  4. That’s a great idea! Thank you for passing that along.
  5. I've finally got all of the components to create models with the wires, padding, updated the seat, etc. I really do appreciate you showing your work. It's a tremendous resource for greenies like me.
  6. I'm under the impression that they don't allow American Racing wheels anymore either. They were pretty hot in the early-late 90s. I always thought that the holes in the rims were unique compared to what was used in the past. I've always struggled to figure a way to apply those blue/red stripes due to the placement of them in the wheel.
  7. If the printer was $2-$300 used, I’d pull the trigger, but not for $1k. One of these days, there will be a semi-household printer that can do white. BTW Peter, a friend of mine swears by Corel. He’s a full-time shirt designer in the motorsports industry, and is out-freakin-standing. I’d put him up against anyone in the United States 🇺🇸.
  8. This was posted on Twitter earlier today from Kurt’s Car Chief. It has some great imagery to reference for details on the interior of the car.
  9. No question Jim. All motorsports needs major reform. I come from the dirt late model industry. I managed the Georgia Boot program w/Bowyer for three years and worked with Rocket Chassis for nearly 2 years. The cost is driving the weekend warriors out of the sport in droves. Dirt late model fields have dropped on avg by 50% since 2008. I remember car counts of nearly 200 at Eldora for the Dream and World 100. Now it’s usually 65-80.
  10. I do too Mark. I know that some people get caught up in the manufacturers engines, etc. I understand that. Dad was Ford blue 24/7, however I just want to see outstanding racing on shorter tracks. If that includes an engine and other components in spec form, let's do it. I always thought that having different compound tires like F1 would be a fun twist.
  11. This is Hailie's 2nd full year driving stock cars. Like you Mark, she's great for the sport and hopefully introduces more people into it too. She'll be around for some time as long as she keeps on performing as she is right now. Here is a link to her results: https://www.racing-reference.info/driver/Hailie_Deegan The Xfinity series on down is nothing but a rental series. There are still several full-time teams, but a majority of the team owners have gone to a rental model. It's become incredibly hard for the teams to chase down marketing partners. Based on what Corey LaJoie said in his podcast on the Gen7, there is going to be a spending cap of $12-14mil. He said through third party auditors they can control the spending. The bodies will be made of Kevlar, the green houses will be made of carbon fiber. 18 inch aluminum wheels with a wider width to accommodate for the shorter sidewall on the tires. One lug nut wheels is the rumor. Rack and pinion steering. Transaxle rear end with independent rear suspension. Like the dirt track teams, it appears that they are trying to get more of the components from vendors as opposed to doing it in house. Which should save ALOT of money. My biggest concern in that quite a few folks will be losing their jobs through the automation of the components.
  12. I'm looking for a NASCAR glue kit Ford Fusion (from the Danica or Harvick kit) body & hood. Glass would be a plus.
  13. The #24 was attached by accident. I referred to the really fat fluorescent yellow stripe on the #48. In the past, that's where the blue/red stripes on the American Racing wheels were located. I may be late to be party, but is that for the laser testing?
  14. Thanks for all of the great comments. I’m nearly done buttoning up the small things. I’ll have the nicer photos done in the next couple of days.
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