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  1. HOOTERS #24 NASCAR Chase Elliott build

    You don't realize how much I appreciate these tutorials. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into them.
  2. First attempt at a slab-side t-bird

    Mark, thank you for taking the time to send the reply. It seems like the sanding block is the big thing I'm missing.
  3. First attempt at a slab-side t-bird

    I have a ways to go, but this is one of my first attempts using putty to fill in the voids, etc. For those of you who have done this before, I think I may have gone too thick with the material used to create the slab-side? Or should I just continue to sand until the body and slab-side addition are flush with each other?
  4. 2015 Phoenix winner

    That thing is super sexy. Excellent job!
  5. 2015 Kyle Larson Axe White Label WIP

    You know it! I have his 2018 Knoxville car on deck.
  6. 2015 Kyle Larson Axe White Label WIP

    I posted previously about Kodiak Supply decal paper here. It's pretty amazing stuff. I'm a career graphic designer who specializes in motorsports design. Specifically dirt oval. That being said, Kyle Larson is my guy. With this being one of my first cars of making my own decals, I wanted it to be fairly simple so I can working out the kinks of the process. You'll be seeing quite a few more of his more specialized cars. I want to tackle the AXE Peace car next. I'll keep you posted on how the build progresses.
  7. 1996 Dave Rezendes QVC F-150 WIP

    As I've said in a few other posts, after 18 years, I've finally got back into building racing models. This is my fourth kit back and I really do need to post my other cars to show and track my progress. I'm a recovering addict and this community immediately welcomed me in . The amount of kindness and knowledge in this forum is amazing and invaluable. For example, I posted a "wanted" ad and was immediately contacted by some great folks who helped me out with no questions asked. Without naming them, they were generous and went out of their way to help me. It means the earth to me and can't wait to pass it on. This is a build that I wanted to get started for a while now. I never built a NASCAR Truck in my teens, so I'm excited to for this. I was a huge fan of Alan Kulwicki, and course I was crushed when he was killed. I had no idea who I wanted to root for post-Kuliwicki, then Bodine purchased the team and that locked me in. I purchased a Slixx set of decals for this kit. It's an outstanding designed sheet, but even after three coats of Microscale decal restorer, they still broke apart pretty easily. That pushed me over the edge to buy some waterslide paper to start creating my own decals. I'm a professional graphic designer who specializes in motorsports design, so all of the design comes aspects of decals comes pretty easy to me. Once a certain amount of decals broke apart, I decided to scrap all of the stripes/sponsors on the truck and create my own. That roached out the truck, I'm glad the new decals helped cover up the bigger blemishes. I was skeptical coming in, but the Kodiak Supply waterslide paper is quite amazing. I used Krylon crystal clear acrylic for the top coat on it and was surprised with every aspect of the paper. I did learn that that I need to add multiple coats of clear to the decals that are thin and long, like the door stripes on this truck. I trashed a set of door stripes because it started to stretch. It's a quite conformable, easy application and has VERY strong adhesive. You'll notice that a Kyle Larson car is on the sheet too. I'll post it next. Sorry for the long winded post, it's a privilege to be part of this community, thank you.
  8. 2005 Greg Biffle Post-It note car

    Here’s the start of the chassis/engine for the Biffle Post-It notes car. I’ve just really got back into building models again after 18 years away. After building a couple cars and now that the rust is knocked off, I’m taking my time with this one.
  9. 2017 Dale Jr Coke 600

    Awesome. I'm going to post photos of this current build. Thank you for the inspiration.
  10. 2017 Dale Jr Coke 600

    Outstanding. I've seen some tutorials on how to lower the car, but I'm still struggling a bit with it. Are there specific parts or locations you can reference on the car to know that you've lowered it properly and sucked the wheels in enough?
  11. Monogram Nascar Windows & hood needed

    Hello, I am looking for the following Set of windows for 93-94 Monogram Lumina Hood for 93-94 Lumina Set of windows for 93-94 Thunderbird Thank you!
  12. Clear coat over decals?

    That was the answer I was looking for. I'm getting back into the hobby after 18 years or so and I always cleared the cars when I was younger. It appears now that it's just personal preference on the finish you're after. I'll tinker with things and see what the best solution is for me. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  13. Clear coat over decals?

    What is the general consensus on clear coat over decals? I've always done it, but it seems as if most of the more established builders do not?
  14. First car back after 18yrs - Harry Gant

    Harry Gant was my late uncle’s favorite driver. That’s what inspired this build. I’ve learned quite a bit on this one. This was my first all airbrush car too. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I’ll continue to post progress pics.
  15. Revell Snap Chevy SS body on Harvick Ford Chassis?

    Good to know, thank you both for the feedback. I'll pick up the Elliott model to start my Larson car.