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  1. I placed an order on October 17th and still haven't received it. I've got two different emails about shipping my order, but haven't received an update.
  2. That’s kind of amazing/sexy. That metallic blue is 👌🏻
  3. Same here. I’m kind of salty about the body too. No one runs that kind of body. I don’t know where the reference came from. i am kind of excited to see how the body turns out since I’m making a lot of it from scratch.
  4. Same here. This post is armpit deep in speculation. If they get a car that closely resembles a street car, then that can only help, right? - The Xfinity cars already run composite bodies which are pliable, don’t snap like mentioned and reduce cut tires. Kevlar components will also be a big part of the body. I hope it does help things. As much as we piss and moan about it, great racing will cure a lot of it’s current ills. In the meantime, go support your local dirt track and watch some amazing racing. They need all the help they can get.
  5. I’m sorry if this isn’t supposed to be in this area. If it isn’t please remove. This is one of the new Joey Saldana Revell kits. The bodies are kinda atrocious, so I took the initiative to make my own sides to make sure they are somewhat accurate.
  6. Your cars are so crisp. Cudos 👏🏻
  7. That's sexy. I loved that series of Camel/Winston cars.
  8. I did a Greg Biffle car with JWBTM decals. They're very nice.
  9. These are some decals I designed and printed myself. I’m still learning a lot of the home printed decals. Wearing rubber gloves helps reduce the color rubbing off. I tried to apply acrylic after I cut them out and that sealed it off to the point wear I could get them. I now put two sets on each sheet of paper so I can have extras to fall back on. I still have a lot to go with it. The eagle text tore off the LF, so that's added to the list of things I need to finish. I’m not thrilled with the ride height/stance, so I’m gonna slam it down a little more. I printed off a lot of the Monster Energy green so I can place it on the splitter/valance area and spoiler. I'm getting there. I'll post pics soon of it finished.
  10. I forgot about the Dexter's Lab #9 cars. Thank you for sharing. Very cool.
  11. Noted. I've seen those kits at Hobby Lobby, I'll pick one up the next time I've over there. Thank you Mark.
  12. Thank you for the input. I used one of the small rattle cans. I'm not familiar with the 2k clear cote, but it seems quite popular on here?
  13. I’m having fun playing around with different lighting locations and techniques. - Clint Bowyer: 2018 Darlington throwback Ford Fusionx. Powerslide decals. Wheels are glued to hubs. - Bill Elliott: 1998 McDonald’s Big Mac Taurus. Powerslide decals. Wheels are glued to hubs. (Missing the Eagle on RR tire)
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