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  1. Thank you all for the help. I’ve seen the 1/20 scale stencils, is there any slim chance they might work?
  2. Lately, I've been seeing folks paint the white goodyear eagle tire markings for the early 90s and below. Are those handcrafted or available to purchase from somewhere? Regards, Seann
  3. Can someone please help me out with MPR's contact information?
  4. Can someone please help me out with MPR's contact information?
  5. I love how that era of cars had crazy chassis colors. Now that I see pics of it, I'm going to get this one.
  6. This is the first of several Geoff Bodine cars I’m working on. He’s my favorite driver, so I’m sure you’ll be sick of them soon ?
  7. I’ve been going through a stage lately of doing cartoonish themed racecars. The hood was actually quite easy. I always use Walthers solvaset for my decals and it works great.
  8. I’m looking for. 2000-2001 Monte Carlo NASCAR glass pieces. thabk you!
  9. The body work is done, I’m going to clear it and start work on the chassis. I designed the decals and had them sent to my printer to produce. This set was laminated, I’m leaving the laminate off next time.
  10. I placed an order on October 17th and still haven't received it. I've got two different emails about shipping my order, but haven't received an update.
  11. That’s kind of amazing/sexy. That metallic blue is ??
  12. Same here. I’m kind of salty about the body too. No one runs that kind of body. I don’t know where the reference came from. i am kind of excited to see how the body turns out since I’m making a lot of it from scratch.
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