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  1. I really appreciate the kind comments. Thanks y'all!
  2. Loved this kit. Been waiting since the 90's for someone to make it. Reminds me of my trucking days
  3. Been awhile since a got a build completed. Even longer since I've done a big truck. I did a little scratch building on this, which is a first for me. Stretched the frame, sleeper and tanks. Love these snap kits, for their ease of modification, but I'd like something with a little more detail next time
  4. awesome! I need to build one of these
  5. Thank you Zen . Thank you geemoney, that's not linkage, its NOS lines. Thanks rsxse240 KEN, not sure I'll bring this one. HOWEVER, I was going to see if you were interested in doing a 48 hour build (on a weekend) while I'm there. what says you? Thank you MININORTHFORDMAN! I appreciate that Claude Thibodeau, The color is Ford mineral grey from Duplicolor, with carbon fiber decal in the roof. Thank you Koellefornia Kid, I love this style.
  6. Love this build. I used 3D printed parts to put EFI on, and chopped a AOD4 off of a lightning engine, and a modern accessory drive (can't remember what it was from) to modernize it a bit. Built headers out of solder.
  7. Almost complete on this. Still needs some chassis and engine compartment detailing.
  8. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. New question. I've been thinking of doing side-pipes. Nobody runs them anymore, and I'm kinda digging the old with the new look. The black makes them hard to see, and im not sure if aluminum would fit well with my theme here... what say you's?
  9. Modern take on a classic. Hand painted all stripes. Used various parts from my collection of diecast car parts (seats, steering wheel, infotainment, fire extinguisher) still not sure what im going to do with the suspension. Might use the IRS from a 427 cobra (might as well... already stole the aluminum radiator)
  10. I appreciate it y'all. It is box stock, except I had to lower the suspension (forgot to mention that) and wheels and tires
  11. Fun kit. Color is stainless steel. Box stock except for the wheels.
  12. Howdy everybody. Saw AMT re-released the 94 lightning, and had to grab one up. Me being me, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I decided to use the Roush 427 that came with the Foose truck (I stuck a BOSS 429 in that one). Ordered a 3D printed whipple supercharger from Ron Olsen at 3d-model-specialties to top it off. This has been a fun build. I have to repaint it, then get the bed to sit level, and I'll be done.
  13. I appreciate that Adam. Wish I had the money to make it happen. I better go get some lottery tickets
  14. I use stretchy necklace cord from Michael's. 1mm for the boots and.5mm for the wire. I glue them together, then use paint to make them look joined
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