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  1. Hi, I see the new amt has reissued the 66 nova prostreet,55 nomad and old tool 57 chevy. All these kits are pretty easy to find a swapmeets in that 5-10.00 range. I read that a lot of the neat parts in the old 57 chevy have been deleted. Greg can you get with the new leader of amt and get him to post a list of the kits he knows the molds are ready to be produced and give the modeling community some input on what he puts out. My 2 cents.......r66m
  2. *******hi, my parts came thursday. I sent the lady that helped me with the parts an email thanking her and her boss(he OK'd sending the parts). Steve
  3. Hi, I want a 32 with a vintage stock type susp.. The idea of a 32 ford pu sounds like a good idea. r66m
  4. Hi, Nice show. 75+ vendor tables. nice contest(avg 90+ models). Held at the Kirkwood community center on geyer road. I will post flyer monday. r66m
  5. Hi, In july a buddy of mine was packing up at the Louisville show. He is loading up his car and he notices that a box of goodies he has just bought at the show was GONE!. I just talked to another friend that lives in NM. He did a toy show there and someone walked off with an old hotwheels and matchbox cases of cars. I know that theft has always been a problem at shows(people stealing models off the contest tables), but could it be that the bad economy is bringing the crooks to model shows? r66m
  6. HI, Glad you got her to give you a clear answer on what to do. You had better luck than me. r66m
  7. HI, There was a club in scott city. I'll try and find the guys address. There are two model show/swaps comming up in st.louis. IPMS is having a show in Erueka MO right next to six flags on sat sept 12 and there is a model swap/contest Oct 25th in kirkwood Mo. Please pm me for details. Thanks r66m
  8. Hi, This is a model contest and swap meet. Vendor tables are $25.00. Email Chris at crm@inlink.com for more info.
  9. HI, I good friend of mine was a dealer and bought direct from both RC2 and revell. At the time revel's min. order was 5,000. I can't remember what RC2's was. He had to pay for shipping. r66m
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