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  1. Thanks, glad you liked it! And thanks again, for reminding me that I forgot to mention the scale, which I just added to the title- it's 1/72. As for the decals- I wasn't sure if it was because they're Hasegawa, or that the kit is old, from the '90s. I tried first the cockpit decals, they disintegrated; so I additionally clear coated the rest of the sheet, they still fell apart. So I ended up using a set of aftermarket decals, same size- they were absolutely wonderful! I just got through buying more of those aftermarket decals for several other Hasegawa kits, just in case- I'd rather have them available, than not.
  2. Fresh out of the paint shop, ready for deployment- no oil stains or paint chips, yet.
  3. I have all the original kits to build the 1:1 Chargers and Challenger Color Me Gone F/Cs, I'll get around to build them all sometime. But I always had in mind a "What If"- ol' Roger had made a '70 'Cuda one of his Color Me Gone F/Cs? This is a Revell stock '70 'Cuda body using the Rally hood; filled in the cut outs for the side mirrors, altered the chassis and tin work from a GTO Judge F/C (my go-to for these period F/C bulds, they're perfect, highly adaptable), parts box engine, tires, and wheels. Decals from Fred Cady, paint is Tamiya Racing Blue and True White. A couple of OOPS! but I like the way it came out.
  4. MAN that is NICE! Great work!
  5. VERY nice! One of the nicest '67s I've ever seen!
  6. Wow! Beautiful build, LOVE the paint!
  7. Really nice, love the paint!
  8. Great job! That's really sharp in the black and gold!
  9. '68-'69 Chargers are one of my favorite body styles, your build is really nice!
  10. Another nice build, Tim! Looks great! I have this kit in my stash, now I know what it should look like...
  11. So nice, really looks great! Keep all those pics coming!
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