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  1. Man, that just grabs ya! NICE build!
  2. Nice work as usual, Bob! Great!
  3. I think I missed this one- nice looking build Bernard!
  4. Yes, and an electric fan. I didn't do details like wiring or hoses.
  5. 5 minutes ago Quote Edit Post by DAVE ARMSTRONG on 5 minutes ago This is NOT meant to be a replica of the Silver Sapphire or Aurora Ram-Rod, though it has some similarities. I saw a 1:1 '32 Ford Hiboy with close fenders, liked it, so I incorporated that with a couple other ideas in this kitbash. I used a resin chopped '32 Ford 3 window coupe body, front grille from the '32 Ford from the AMT '32 Ford/'40 Willys double kit. Fenders from the AMT '25 Ford kit. Resin wheels; engine, headers, tires from the parts box. Paint is a white primer, silver base coat, and Tamiya Light Pearl Blue, Navy Blue fenders. Not perfect but I think it came out ok, and another project checked off the list.
  6. Now THAT is really cool! Super idea and beautifully done! I love scratch building and kitbashing- this what it's all about!
  7. Really nice build, great use of leftovers!
  8. Ya, I loved going to the LHS and going to the ROCO rack, picking out a few. I still have them, and always looked to see if they kept up with advances, and buy the new tanks and other stuff- THOSE are NOT cheap!
  9. I have always collected and built both cars and military aircraft. I have a huge stash of drag and showrods, and a smattering of racing and supercars. I have virtually every military aircraft- planes and helicopters- ever kitted in either injection, resin, or vacuform, in 1/72. I love kitbashing drag and showrods. On the creative side of aircraft, I don't kitbash but I build a lot of X-planes, experimental aircraft, one-of-a-kinds, things that only made it to the drawing boards. This gets me out of the likes of the military sites, where you see the same planes all the time- everyone has a Zero, P-51, F-14, Phantom, etc., etc. pretty common. I love building the uncommon. I love armor, but I always knew that would be one subject too many, so I content myself with my collection of ROCO minitanks. I never got into ships or figures, though I did a couple as a kid. I'm not into most sci-fi subjects, like Star Wars or Star Trek, but I never could resist flying saucers, so I have probably more than a dozen- from Lost In Space, The Invaders, Earth VS. The Flying Saucers, The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Thing, War of The Worlds (ok, not really a saucer, but they ARE really cool!), Flying Sub (ok, also not a saucer), Forbidden Planet, and a few lesser knowns. Most of my friends here locally build models, we all have different tastes; one builds figures, another sci-fi, another big rigs, his brother, large scale dinosaurs and armor. As long as you're having fun, it's all good. The sad thing is, all of us are over 60- and NONE of our kids build models. NONE. And we tried. Video gaming- never could get interested in that. I'm just not a stickler for rivet counting, I'm not aiming for professional replicas. I want a nice, clean build that I'm happy with on my shelf. Building models take me back to being a kid again, having fun; I'm glad I never stopped.
  10. Great movie, even better cars! Nice work on those, they really look good!
  11. That's really nice- sharp!
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