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  1. Ive got the Iatleri Ford Aeromax120, the red one. But i dont know what to do with it. So I wash thinking of an customized one. Are those Fords being costumized? Greetings Atenzapower
  2. Here 2 links of mine page, from the modelshow First the big rigs https://www.facebook.com/co.grinwis?sk=wall&notif_t=wall#!/media/set/?set=a.668412713264957.1073741884.588960151210214&type=1 The cars, There where to many, so i dont have photos of all the cars. https://www.facebook.com/co.grinwis?sk=wall&notif_t=wall#!/media/set/?set=a.668341079938787.1073741883.588960151210214&type=3
  3. Mine take on the Revell 99 Chevy impala cop car. The box
  4. Wow Well its not mine scale, but i need one of those kits, what an great kit.
  5. This is just an sick mind of me I will do something very diffrent whit this kit. Everyone in the club will bild this kit,but diffrent. So i came up whit an sick idea. And let there be an new Sherrif in town, and he will catch you Wheels from Pegasus wig from Tamyia Nismos set lightbar and decals from the new Revell Imapla police car Hope you guys like it.
  6. You did an very good job on it. love the burn out pic.
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