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  1. Thanks all. I didnt reallize how dirty the window are!
  2. Shot it in white then a verry thin blue pearl. Well the blue was way to thin. So my daughter said, "Let's make it a shop truck." Toothbrush spatter and an eye dropper finished the paint. I custome made the decal.
  3. Eaglemoss Colectors Kits; I will never, never ever subscribe for one of these again!!! It took 18 months and $1200 to get this kit. The instuctions are vague, confusing and jump all over the kit. The fit... you think spending that much money it would be a better fit without mods. I tried watching the vids on YouTube, it didnt help. I had to cut and grind the chassis to get the ejection seat to lock in place.The list of parts not fitting correctly is still growing. I do not and will not recommend subscribing to any of the "Eaglemoss Collection"!!
  4. Thanks Dave for the shout out. It was a great show, over 350 entries, a ton of venders and good people! KC Slammers is working on next years show now, we hope to seen more of you at the 2023 HMCN! These are some great pics and few of them took home trophies.
  5. i was going to add a whip antenna w/tennis balls on it
  6. Love the build! clean. we almost went with the same color on our van build.
  7. Watching YouTube a lot since I retired (for ideas). Came across the funniest videos I've ever seen. So I had to build one. I think it cam out of a "Cartoons Magazine". Enjoy! I had it completed & entered in a show, ill have to find the pics. It has been torn down and paint stripped. Didn't like how it turned out. Trying to figure out a new color.
  8. This is another commission build from the same family member with the 64 Riv. This has been a 2yr build so far (1/1). Im hoping to get it done before he does I havent spliced bodies together before, so this will be a new experence for me. Looking forward to building it! I will keep updates coming as I build.
  9. Very nicely built. Love the flake!
  10. KC FitiWerks


    These are all of the pics I took during the build. They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words, not really good at describing the work Ive done I added a pic of the custom decal sheet I made for the dub.
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