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  1. Man Darin...I just caught up with this WIP that you're doing here. Awesome craftmanship. This is a GREAT subject to build as it's an ALL time cool car. I'm really enjoying your build.
  2. A Very good job on BOTH builds bitner. That color scheme is really cool and Clean.....
  3. All right Dave, good shots my friend. I also shot a few and I'll add some to yours...If you don't mind....
  4. I agree with you Scoup...knowing the driver(especially when it's family) really makes the build a little more special. This is looking great...keep us posted on you progress.
  5. That's looking very interesting. I really think the chassis color is cool. Can't wait to see the body finished and mounted.
  6. Man Dave...this puppy is REALLY looking cool! You're doing some mighty fine scratch building here bud(as usual). I hope to see this,(I know I will) this weekend in Portland. I guess I'd better finish the three builds I've got going...eh??
  7. Man oh Man.....Cranky....These two Mercs are off the Hook! I've been lookie lou'n from the start of this build and man....you've put a smile on my face every time I look in. Great Job on the paint and the WHOLE build, or should I saw BUILDS
  8. Man Scott....that cobra looks darn right "AWESOME" bud! Your standards are still set up there as usual!! My eyes start crossing just looking at the detail in that scale....much less build in it....
  9. Wow....talk about being TARDY....T.M. Dave told me that these pics where in this post and that they where here since Nov....It was a fun show. Got a few things and meet NEW folks. Annnnd...the photographer wasn't doing a bad job either!!!
  10. Man....that is a great looking paint scheme john! I'm not a big fan of those huge fins...but you make this body look really cool....can't wait to see more on this one... Gary
  11. Does anyone know the Release date on this kit?
  12. Man 13....you did an exellent job with this whole build... I'm a turn left guy for the most part but...this team really looks good.
  13. Man s10....you did a great job on that car bud!! We'll see how Jr. does at indy this sunday.
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