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  1. Nice work Mike, I will say the emblem looks off centered to me.
  2. Its always awesome to get an email about a thread from long ago. Great job Mike!
  3. My kids would hate me if I used their Legos for this. Hell 99% of them were mime anyway
  4. We have been in country for about 3 weeks. Already been to one model shop and it's not disappointing.
  5. Awesome job Casey. I love me some Studebakers
  6. What also works is Testors fabric paint. I use it then paint it to match everything else. They have blue, black, gray, and red. They may have more but I've only seen these.
  7. Do you mind if I use your design?
  8. That's awesome IRA!but one question, how does the car get off there, other than you picking it up?
  9. Gotcha. Then put me for impala and cobra. I am currently away from home so they will sit there for now.
  10. Nick, throw a Cobra 427 in under my name. I'm leaving for three weeks but it will be done. Here are some pics of it. Whats done to it is how I got it. It may take me a while with this one, no instructions.
  11. I have gone through this entire thread, and you my friend give those of us (especially myself) who haven't had the chance, money or don't think they can build a diorama, the hope that they will be able to do it. Honestly the only reason I haven't even tried yet is because I move so much right now. I think once I have my own house I will be able to build one of these. Good job!!!
  12. Made a lot of progress on the VIper. My goal was to have a chassis before I left for Yuma for 3 weeks. And I did it. Had some issues with the paint on this one. The orange you see is the third color that has been on it. Started with a burnt Orange then ran out of that before I could paint the rest. Then it went to the green on the hood, and ran out of that. Then on to HUggar Orange, got plenty of that but the green paint didnt settle all the way (painted yesterday) so now there are rough spots. So its got to take a swim. I will take care of that when I return. Might put these on here, not sure yet though.
  13. I would like to enter a Viper GTS to the build. I got pictures on my computer to post later.
  14. Its now been changed to Feb 2014
  15. Got some small details left but she's pretty much done. The trunk is a little bare, so I may add something else
  16. Honestly, the chrome comes on the trees. I would rather do it this way than BMF.
  17. Got some chrome on this. I would much rather do it this way than BMF.
  18. That looks good, I am currently working on one for the cannon ball run CPB. I am torn on the rear bumper though, not sure which one to use.
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