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  1. 82k5 added a post in a topic Operation Repo   

    This my 1:1 truck, don't mean to hurt any feelings, but the show is fake and giving us real guys a bad rep !

  2. 82k5 added a post in a topic Using Acrylic Fingernail filler for bodywork   

    I bought some of the same sanding bits they use on my wife's nails attached to my dremel... they make quick work of the hardened material. I've been using the stuff for close to ten years.
  3. 82k5 added a post in a topic Custom Monte Carlos--'77 and '97   

    Both are real nice looking builds, personaly not into frt. wheel drive cars. But those wheels make the car, great choice of wheels.
  4. 82k5 added a post in a topic The Street Truck Community Build- Deadline December 31St At 12:00Am   

    So are the two 55's in ? Rule # 3 states 60 and newer ?
  5. 82k5 added a post in a topic Campground diorama for 57 Chevy & teardrop trailer.   

    I agree with Ron ! Did you solder the copper wire ?
  6. 82k5 added a post in a topic Couple of Mopar dioramas I've built....   

    Better luck next year Cody, what else do you have planned for the dio's ?
  7. 82k5 added a post in a topic Revell '66 Chevy Impala   

    No doubt, I thought for a minute something was wrong with my lap top !
  8. 82k5 added a post in a topic International S-Series Cab   

    Sorry if the question seems dumb, but does the kit come with steering column and seats ?
  9. 82k5 added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Las Vegas NV. Clubs ?
    Wondering about an non IPMS clubs in or near the Las Vegas area ?
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  10. 82k5 added a post in a topic box style s-10 ext. cab   

    Hey Randy when I ordered the Top Kick from you, I had asked about the GM Crew Cab Dually and a Crew Cab Top Kick and you mentioned they were in the works. Any idea as too when ?
  11. 82k5 added a post in a topic Kind of a stupid question   

    Thanks for the link to Jimnohio, your right he has great prices and some pretty cool kits.
  12. 82k5 added a post in a topic OMG this is Awesome!   

    Cool tip !
  13. 82k5 added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon   

    I agree, looks like a very cool project ! I'm also wondering about your power plant choice ?
  14. 82k5 added a post in a topic accessories   

    I like to use 1/4in. MDF board for the base and the building walls. You can try scratchbuilding windows using balsa wood and clear plastic which both can be picked at your local hobby store or try using doll house windows. For the floor, though time cosuming but the results are great; paint in on ! Mine isn't any where done but you can get an idea. http://s276.photobucket.com/albums/kk4/reposam/ Some of you tools and counters can also be scrachted.
  15. 82k5 added a post in a topic Where are the Model Trucks?   

    I'm jumping on this wagon ! I've got a few of all of the GM and Dodge P/U's that were made from the 1500 to the 3500, and I hated paying $45.00 just a few months ago for a Dodge 3500 and another $25.00 for a Dodge 2500(Snap Kits . I have plenty of cars that I have built the Galaxy and scratch built car haulers to carry said cars and only trucks to pull them. I myself like building or having the correct type of truck for the job at hand, something not right about having a trailer with 3 or 4 cars on it and a half ton hitched to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did break down two years ago and bought the 3500 Chevy's that Jada put out in diecast, but not real happy with them since they came in way too low. Nice trucks, but their not work horses ! Although two of them did get brought back out of the weeds to a standard stance and put to Work ! I do hope that if the "BIG TWO" do lend an ear to our pleas, they don't forget to make them in both 2 and 4 wheel drive versions. I'd love to see a two wheel drive version of an 82 K5 so I can duplicate my 1:1. More to the point I'm with you guys on this and hope to see more TRUCK'S not just Suv's of all brands. Oh and one last thing of subject, where's the HHR ? That would make a cool kit as well. My wife has a daily driver that once it's paid off, will have a late model V-8 transplanted into it and turned into rear wheel drive. I Think Year One did a great job making their's and inspired me to make my own.